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Our First Experience

That Blackberry Taste

The other day while my husband and I were out vacuuming our car at a local car wash, I happened to look up and over a few cars, noticing a black girl that was sexy. She had velvet black hair, longer than her shoulder, and her breasts and ass stuck out about the same distance on each side. She was very hot and I haven’t looked at another female in years but she caught my eye.

I mentioned her to my husband who looked over and commented about the same things. It also turned him on that I made the first notice. I had not been with a black girl before, but I have heard good things about them. I have heard how kinky they can be and how vocal they can be when having sex.

We both watched her clean out her car and all the perfect positions she was bending in while cleaning. I began to get wet watching and I know that my husband was getting erect thinking about all the positions he could be putting her in inside her vehicle let alone our marital bed. While he nonchalantly stared at her, he did not notice that I had walked away and over in her direction.

I walked right up to her and began a casual conversation sine she was alone at the car wash. I complimented her on her body, and she smiled back at me and that is when the conversation took a turn for the better. I had explained to her how my husband nor I had ever been with a black girl and wanted to explore the option.

She smiled back at me and we kept the conversation going while I looked over to my husband every now and then smiling. He knew I was on the attack for a new doll to play with. I finally finished up my conversation with her and walked back over to my husband who was just finishing up cleaning out the car. He asked me how things went when I walked over to him? I told him to finish up the car so we could go home.

After stating that to him, I casually walked over to my side of the car and got inside to wait. He finished up the car quickly still looking over and noticing that sexy black girl. Before he got inside the car, he looked over and noticed her sitting inside her car like she was waiting for something. He got inside the car and started it up.

We headed back for home like I suggested and when we pulled into our driveway, my husband noticed that the black girl pulled into our driveway behind us. He looked over to me and smiled before getting out to meet her. He turned off the car and got out walking back towards hers. I watched as he introduced himself to her standing by her car and both were smiling.

I got out of the car and began walking towards the front door where they caught up with me. I unlocked the front door and we all walked inside, and I noticed that my husband couldn’t keep his eyes off her nice round plump ass. You could tell he just wanted to reach out and give it a squeeze.

I walked towards the kitchen and asked if anyone wanted something to drink and when I turned around for answers, they were in an embrace and kissing each other which was a turn on for me. I walked back over and got into the embrace as well and she turned kissing me while my husband began undoing her blouse to expose those sweet bouncy breasts of hers.

He took off her bra while she helped get mine off. There we were with our blouses off and naked breasts touching each other in our embrace. Her caramel colored breasts with black round nipples against my bikini tanned breasts with dark cherry colored nipples were a spectacular sight to see mingled with each other. My husband began taking off my sweat pants leaving me in my bikini underwear before turning to take off her shorts and leaving her in her G-string panties which really made her plump ass look nicer.

Once we were down to panties, we both worked on getting my husband out of his t-shirt and jeans, but we took it a little further by taking off his boxers so we could both see his erect penis. It was hard and throbbing for us where we both got on our knees right there in our living room and both of us began licking his shaft together where our tongues touched every so often.

He was standing there with two beautiful women licking his penis together moaning with excitement. While we licked and took turns sucking on his penis, I reached over rubbing on her vagina through those G-string panties and I could feel her getting wet through them. She then reached over to me and started taking my panties down and fingering my vagina and clitoris making me squirm a little.

I took my hands while my tongue licked his shaft, began taking down her panties, rubbing on her bald vagina and feeling her fatty lips and a clitoris that was a bit hard and wet. She moaned while I fingered her black girl vagina. Before anyone could get off, we changed up positions where my husband got on the couch and sat on the back of it while she got on her knees on the edge of the couch where I had enough room to get under her and began licking that sweet tasting black girl vagina.

She sucked on my husband’s penis while he squeezed on her caramel breasts twisting and pinching her large round black nipples. I was on the bottom tasting how sweet her blackberry juice was as it dripped down onto my face. We were all loving the situation especially me because I had never been with a black girl before and she tasted so sweet. I was grabbing and squeezing her plump round ass while burying my face into her bald vagina.

She then stood up and turned around on the couch and sat her wet vagina down on top of my husband’s hard shaft. I climbed up on the bottom part of the couch and got to lick both her vagina and his shaft as she rode him. Tasting her sweet juice on my husband’s shaft was so sexy. While I licked on both, I masturbated my own vagina and dripping juice all over my couch which will be a reminder later of what transpired here today.

Everyone was moaning and getting so wet as each of us was being satisfied. I got off first and squirting my juice onto the couch while tasting her creamy vagina while she orgasmed all over my husband’s penis which caused him to orgasm deep inside her swollen black girl vagina. It was erotic because I got to lick my husband’s cream from her berry tasting vagina.

When they stood up after their orgasm’s, my husband’s penis was covered in a white cream which I got to lick and clean up the mess. While I cleaned him up, she got down behind me on her knees and licked on my trimmed vagina cleaning up my orgasm. It was so hot and sexy of a time that we swore we would meet up again soon and have some more erotic fun.

Once we were done, we got up and put our clothes on while exchanging a kiss to each other here and there before escorting her to her car and saying good bye.

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Our First Experience
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