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One Night Stands

In and Out

If you haven't had a one night stand yet, you better sit yourself down and have a serious conversation with yourself. One night stands are just one of those things in life that everyone should experience at least once before settling down. 

Yes, you always run the risk of catching something, but that's why you should always practice safe sex. It's dirty and outright naughty, but one of the most satisfying thing you will probably ever experience, well at least one of the most satisfying things. Depending on who you are, though, there are rules that should be followed when having a one night stand.

1. Don't get their name.

If you keep quiet on names, you won't have any real connection to the person. Knowing the person name opens up a chance of searching for them on social media sites. You might even start asking friends if they know them, and if they know anything about them. 

Especially if you are living in a small town... it's most likely someone you know might know them as well, or at least a friend of a friend sort of thing.

2. Don't exchange numbers.

This rule can be avoided if you want that single person to become a friend with benefits, but if you are only planning on having a one night stand stay away from exchanging phone numbers. 

You don’t need the temptation to call them over and over again, or have them call you for a second round. You don’t want to turn into that booty call... where people think you are only good enough to sleep with, but not good enough to commit two.

3. Use protection.

Always use protection. You don't want to be catching an STI/STD, or worse, getting knocked up. I don't care if the person tells you they are clean, or that they will pull out when they are about to cum. 

This is a one night stand after all. You shouldn't trust anyone emotionally, physically, or mentally when it comes to sex, and sex alone. Using protection is the safest thing you can do!

4. Don't kiss.

Kissing is too personal, it opens up a whole range of emotions. You're better off staying far away from those emotions if you want nothing more then a quick in and out situation. 

Some people may argue with this rule, but it really comes down to your personality and if you can maintain those “feelings.” I personally just find kissing too personal so I try and stay as far away from it as possible.

5. Don't exchange a lot of personal information.

This is not a date, you don't need to talk about your likes or dislikes, don't mention about any exes or why you are having one stand in the first place. Try to keep the conversation to a bare minimum, or have none at all. You are here for nothing more than to do the “nasty.” 

Some people believe you should get to know the person before having any sexual contact, but this isn’t always needed, sometimes it’s more fun not knowing, but do feel free to express your feelings toward what you like to do in the bedroom and what you don’t enjoy. You don’t want any unexpected surprises.

6. Be honest and open.

When it comes to sex always be honest, if you don't like the position or if you are uncomfortable then stop and change things up. This is after all your one night stand and you have the power. You are the one in control which means you are in charge, so when you believe the other person should leave then they should leave. Don’t be scared to tell the person to get out, or to stop.

Always make sure you have a backup plan, this should involve a close friend who won't judge you. Make sure they know where you are going and how long you might be just in case the guy or girl you are hooking up with is crazy, you always need a backup plan just in case things go bad, and don’t forget you can always call the cops if needed. 

If things get really bad to make sure to: tell them to stop, get up and get dressed, text or call your friend, and get out as quickly as you can. If all hell breaks loose, call 911. 

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Jean-Paul Tibbo
Jean-Paul Tibbo

Jean-Paul Tibbo is an inspired writer working to reach his goals. As he continues to write about love, life, and sex for he has been spending a great deal of time working on a series of fictional novels. 

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