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One Night Stand

The First One Night Stand

One night stand... You see the title and think, "Oh, this is just a classic story about a classic one night stand." However, it's not. This piece is about a girl's one night stand... for the first time. She had just broken up with her boyfriend of many years. She went out with her best friend and ended up going home with this guy she had met and talked to for about 10 minutes at the bar.

She had never done this before. It seemed wild and something she felt she needed in her life after everything that had happened. She went for it. On the way to the guy's place, they kissed in the car. The kiss made her hot and wanting more. She hadn't felt this way in a while.

They finally got to his place. (Keep in mind, she had never done this.) They were accompanied by her best friend and his best friend. After playing some beer pong she hopped in the bathroom and the guy followed her it there! She didn't know what to do! She was so nervous. This might be a good time to mention that her ex-boyfriend was her first. As in, the first guy she had made love to.

So being in the bathroom, about to make love, was intense for her. She was pretty intoxicated also. However, it happened! He was rough, simple, and fast... LOL. She kept thinking to herself, "WOW, this is what I was missing out on?" She was not impressed. She got herself together and told her best friend that they needed to go.

She left and finally got home. The next morning she woke up and just didn't know how to feel. She didn't know if she should feel guilty, bad, upset, fine, or even satisfied.

Should women feel this way? Do men feel this way? Is there a difference? Just wasn't sure if there is a certain way a female should feel compared to how men feel. Either way, she was not happy and it just never happened again... LOL.

I ask should women feel this way because you never really hear about one night stands from a female's point of view. Do we have one night stands and feel guilty? Do we bloat to our friends that we had a great time the night before and it’s never happening again? I believe that from a female's point of view, we tend to put more emotion into sex than men. Not saying all women do this but a majority of women do. Maybe this explains why you rarely hear about a women’s experience.

Some men feel guilty, I would actually say very few men feel guilty. I’ve talked to some men that the only reason they felt guilty was because they thought the woman didn’t exactly deserve that. A no call, one and done type of night. I find this weird and slightly hypocritical because if they knew they didn’t deserve it then why did they go through with it in the first place.

I guess that is what makes a difference. Men see it as just an act to make both parties feel good and women see it as something that involves emotions. However, it would be the other way around in any given circumstance.

Now, as for the girl this story was initially about, she woke up and felt guilty, but not for the guy, for herself. She knew she didn’t want that to happen. She acted on impulse and acted out because she was mad at herself and her ex. She quickly learned, to put herself first and to always listen to herself.

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One Night Stand
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