Abigail Jensen
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One Night

A Story About Revenge Sex

It was a snowy Friday night in December. I had worked all day and was looking to blow off some steam. Drinking with friends seemed like a solid idea. Since I had just lost most of my friends due to a tough break up, drinking with a previous Tinder hookup and his friends was the next best thing. I had just moved into a new house, so I decided to be the host. I did my best to throw on some makeup and whip the house into shape. 

Matt arrived with a bunch of friends in tow. He introduced me to everyone but I was too overwhelmed to remember everyone's names. We all made small talk and then transitioned downstairs to listen to some music and play beer pong. Matt and his buddies took over the table. They make fun of the music selection. I was embarrassed, but pretended not to be. While they started the game, this girl he brought, Lisa, and I shared a bottle of Cîroc. We made fun of the boys and talked about music. Matt took a break from the game and came up to the two of us. He threw his arm around Lisa and kissed her on the cheek. Then he had the nerve to reach out and fist-bump me. I am in awe at this point. Matt and I had sex three days prior. Is this his girlfriend and he failed to mention it to me on Wednesday? Is he just a player and doesn't think this is weird? I pretended everything was fine and returned the fist bump. He went back to the game while Lisa and I continued to talk. We followed each other on social media and showed each other memes. One of Matt's buddies—I think his name was Jacob—had the balls to grab my phone and start shuffling through my playlist. Apparently, the beers were hitting Matt, because he came stumbling back over to Lisa and me. He grabbed her by the waist and announced to the group that they are now in a relationship. The effects of the Cîroc and the anger had set in. I felt disrespected. I would have at least liked a warning that he was kind of seeing someone else, as well as the fact that she was going to be at my house wanting to be BFFs with me. The boys' beer pong game wrapped up as I was contemplating my situation. 

Lisa grabbed my hand, then demanded to play the winner of the boy's game; of course she wanted me to be her partner. I agreed to be her partner. We grabbed some beers and reset the table. The game commenced and the boys took a lead right away. In an effort to distract the boys when it's their turn to throw, she lifted up her shirt and showed off her cleavage in her slinky bra. I was feelin' risky, so I joined her in flashing the boys on the next throw. Regardless of our flashing, they still made the shots, so we stepped things up. On the next throw, we kissed. The kissing then turned to the exchanging of tongues and the grabbing of one another's breasts. Both boys made the shot, which ended the game. They hooped and hollered. I was not sure if they were celebrating the victory or the free show. 

Since the game was done, we gravitated towards the bar. Matt and the guys were exchanging stories about high school and making fun of one another. Jacob marched over to me. He made a proposition. We were going to be partners for the next game of beer pong, and if we won then I had to sleep with him. I agreed to his deal. I was kinda drunk, he was good-looking, and had been making me laugh all night. The game started and Jacob was all smiles until we started losing. We kept drinking, and the sexual tension built. He started to get frustrated and it was adorable. We ended up losing and now I was the one smiling! Not because I didn't want to sleep with him, but because he looked so defeated. It was flattering. Jacob looked at me like a puppy with his tail between his legs. "You still wanna do it?" he asked me. I told him yes, and he lit up! His friends were totally confused when we started kicking everyone out. Jacob still hadn't stopped smiling. He lost the game but was still getting the prize. His friends hadn't figured out that he was staying at my house until he slammed the door behind them. 

We snuck upstairs and our clothes fell off. The world around us melted away. We transitioned from getting our bodies tangled together to talking about life. We were so consumed in one another that we didn't realize how loud we were being. I glanced at my phone and saw a bunch of texts from my roommates. "Damn girl, get it! But could you keep it down?" I share walls with roommates on both sides and had just moved in a few weeks prior, so I felt terrible. Jacob and I decided to relocate to his house. Luckily the couple hours of sex was enough time for me to sober up and drive. So I apologized to my roommates via text and got ready to head to Jacob's. 

At this point it was 3AM and the snow had finally stopped. Jacob pulled out a cigarette as we walked to my car. He grabbed me by the hand and got down on one knee, then asked me to marry him, using the cigarette as a ring. I laughed and let him know what a weirdo he is. Had we known each other longer and if he had an actual ring it probably would have been a perfect proposal. My neighborhood was completely silent and the fresh snowfall was untouched. It was an unbelievably peaceful night for a college town. We brushed my car off and hopped in. Jacob directed me to his house with some music in the background. "One Night" by Lil Yachty came on and he turned the volume up. We both belted the lyrics. The irony was unreal. We were in the process of a one night stand while singing about a one night stand. As the song ended, Jacob turned the music down and looked at me very seriously. Then he asked my name. I was in shock. We had spent hours together exploring one another's bodies and having very personal conversations about our lives. I answered, "My name is Abby." He played it cool, like he knew my name all along, but was just testing me. We made it across town to his place and parked. That's when he informed me that he still lived with his parents. I would normally be more turned off by this, but he had already been so open and vulnerable with me that I decided to let it slide. He unlocked the front door and we crept inside. Unfortunately, we woke the dogs up and they started howling. As my luck would have it, the barking woke up his dad. So, at 4AM, I was shaking his dad's hand in the hallway with four dogs barking in the background. He was pleasant, minus the fact he was in his underwear.

 So we fled to Jacob's room, which happened to be right across from his parents' room. I dropped my clothes as soon as the door closed. What more did I have to lose? Jacob and I picked up right were we left off. Doing one position, then talking, then another position, and then a different talking point. This continued for a few hours. We stopped to take a break and talk, then ended up passing out in the spots we were talking in. No blankets or pillows on the bed. Just us passed out, like the life had been drained from us. 

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One Night
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