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Once Was Broken — Ch. 3

Chapter 3: The Holiday

Victoria was heading back to her home town, she couldn't wait to relax after the long week. Her and Jonathon hadn't seen each other since Wednesday morning.  She understood how busy his schedule was, and how important it had become to him.  Patience is the key to his heart, she thought to herself.  Besides, he was already involved in so many life battles, that she respected his wishes.  They had spoken everyday since, causal conversations over the phone.  Victoria arrived to her mother's home in the country, unpacked her VS duffel bag and changed out of her work uniform, into the baggy tees and cheer shorts she had forgotten for the evenings spent in the hotel room.  She appreciated all that her family had done for her after the separation from her husband, and her drug addiction she was still recovering.  As she grabbed her coffee mug to pour hot tea, her mother asked how the training had gone while sneaking behind Victoria in the kitchen.  

"Good!, I mean minus the fact I'm sitting on my ass for eight hours, but yeah it's good."  

"And Jonathon?" her mother brought that up knowing how distraught Victoria had been weeks ago when he vanished from her, after explaining how things wouldn't work between the two. 

"Well, he stopped by a few times while I was away."

 She shuddered as all the emotions she began to feel for him resurfaced.  

"How did it go?" Lynn asked. 

 Victoria knew better to exploit any information about her feelings when it came to relationships.  She hated expressing any type of emotions because her mother was never the best with giving advice, but still helped to ease Victoria's mind.  In the past, Victoria had days she can remember running to her mother when upset about a man.  Lynn would listen to Victoria hysterically crying, and once seeing her daughter so upset this way, she instantly disliked the man she had been dating.  Once Victoria knew her mother did not approve of the behavior, she would then vanish from that relationship.  She felt if her mother wasn't happy, there would be no way she could continue with that person.  She told her mother everything was fine, finished her tea, and decided to call it a night.  

Cinco de Mayo was the following day, Victoria had never celebrated holidays except for Christmas.  Her best friend, Lily wanted to follow up on some thrift store shopping.  Lily was in need of redecorating her bedroom, since she moved back home from Virginia due to personal reasons.  The girls lived near the beach, so they were looking for seashells, old birch wood, bottles that held secrets that no other human could imagine.  Victoria hadn't told Lily about Jonathon and the hotel.  After the episode when Victoria and him decided to go separate ways, she ran to Lily for comfort.  Lily felt Victoria needed to relax, especially after the brutal marriage she was just in.  They rounded their way to the check out clerk as Victoria mentioned grabbing a few drinks before Lily had to be at work.  

"Margaritas?'' Victoria asked.  

As Lily shouted "hell yeah!" inside the thrift store.  

The girls laughed to the parking lot together and off to their next destination.  El's was their towns well known Mexican restaurant.  Chips and guacamole flooded their table as they waited for their drinks.  Victoria's birthday was coming up soon in July, they discussed possible birthday celebration themes.  Lily thought the girls would have much more fun with a 90s themed party.  Anywhere from the fashion, music, rave gear, to the over sized red sunnies Kurt Cobain wore on the red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards in 1993.  They saluted with their drinks to the outrageous party of the summer, and concluded their outing with the check.  Jonathon was on her mind the entire afternoon.  He mentioned he was going out that evening with a few of his longtime friends.  It was perfect, due to the fact the girls already planned to meet up again after Lily got off work.  Victoria trusted him only after a few weeks of speaking with each other.  She knew he was different from the rest of the men she had encountered, she knew he wasn't looking for attention from any one else.  It was now 10 PM, Lily asked Victoria to go to a house party with her.  So she made way to Lily's house and grabbed all the beer they could find in the garage refrigerator, for their evening of festivities.  

The party they were both attending wasn't much of one when they arrived.  They focused on the long table on the back porch.  They were ready to play against anyone who was willing, in an ultimate game of beer pong.  Ten games undefeated, they put the losers to rest and settled on bar hopping.  No word from Jonathon in the past couple hours.  

"He's fine," she said to herself as she scrolled through their past text messages. 

 Lily and Victoria ran their small town, everyone knew of them and enjoyed their presence.  Always the joyful two, they shot a few games of pool as the alcohol now started to fill their veins.  Closing time was no less than twenty minutes away, so they paid their tabs and headed on back to Lily's home.  You would think you bought two tickets to your favorite concert while in a car with them.  The girls sung to every song, out loud for the entire neighborhood to hear.  A missed call from Jonathon appeared on Victoria's phone screen, probably because of the loud music the girls were singing their hearts to.  She picked up her phone and redialed Jonathon's number.  


"Hey I'm leaving the bar now and coming to your house!" Jonathon was shouting through the phone.  

"What? Dude your drunk, you are not driving almost an hour to come see me!"  

"I want to come see you!" he explained.  

She thought he was just being funny, she knew he wouldn't dare make the trip, especially while under the influence.  

"Send me your address, I'm on my way!"  

Victoria sent over Lily's address, not knowing if he was indeed serious or not.  

"See you soon."  

As her drunken state turned sober, it had been now forty-five minutes since she heard from Jonathon.  

"Gosh, I hope he's okay," she called him to only get his voicemail.  

She tried again and this time he answered, "hey I will be there in fifteen minutes, be ready!"  

She kissed Lily goodnight on her forehead and headed to the door to see Jonathon's car lights sitting outside in the drive way.  

"Do you want me to drive?" Victoria asked.  

"Yes please!" as he shifted his body over the middle console to plunge himself into the passenger seat.  

"What were you thinking!" Victoria shouted while trying not to laugh at how perfect he was.  

"I needed to see you," he slurred to get his thoughts together.  

"Well you could have died, or really hurt yourself and possibly another!"  Victoria was now trying to be serious.  Jonathon laughed and placed his hand on the inside of her thighs.  

"Just get us to where we need to go please."  

Making their way up to Victoria's mothers home, they stumbled out of the car trying to reach the driveway.  Snickering through the halls, they opened her bedroom door, jumping to her bed to get each piece of clothing they had on, off!  The bed she owned wasn't the greatest, so Jonathon flew to the floor while taking her down with him.  Before she could even lay her head down, he was pulling at her legs to bring her closer.  He pushed inside her, she fell back softly onto the tile ground, the cold floor made her arch her body giving him further access inside her. The energy between them heated Victoria's soul in way she has never imagined.  She wrapped her legs around him tightly as she climaxed.  Letting go of all her past, she remembered what it was like to feel again. 

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Once Was Broken — Ch. 3
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