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Ocean's Queer World

A Pinch of Pleasure

This is a story of a man named Ocean and a rather crazy person who is both strong and beautiful as the sea. Years ago, I discovered I was the Queerest person in the universe, just extraordinary. So for gays or depending on what type of person you are, you have two V-cards. I lost my first V-card being a top with my first boyfriend and it was nuts! So we met at this park originally and eventually after three months I was ready, so one day we planned to try it. For some reason, this was the first time we saw each other naked, so I made him strip first of course and when I laid eyes on him, my mouth dropped and I just got my life just looking at his body. That's when this magical thing called hormones surged all through my body and I could feel every ounce of it flourishing through my every limb. 

That's when it was my turn to take off my clothes, and of course, knowing me I was thinking to my self like, "What in the hell... is this happening?" 

So that's when we kissed and he was an amazing kisser all I know was holding him and making out felt like a spark as if it were the 4th of July. Then we started to "do it" as they say in a generation. We went on for two hours straight, which was crazy and I barely believed I lasted those two rounds. But that relationship didn't last long after a few months I found out he was cheating on me.

Of course, when I confronted him he lied to my face. So weeks went by and I let him think I forgot, and when he got good and comfortable and I beat the hell out of him. I mean that was the hugest fight between us. After I kicked him out I had to do a bit of self-reflection. I was angry and hurt but I had to forgive him to set myself free. But that's never easy, I wanted him to burn in hell for what he did to me, sometimes you just don't want to be spiritual. 

So one weekend I treated myself so that evening I rolled me a joint after a couple pulls I felt that I jumped out my body, then these colors were appearing. I'm gonna flat out say it I was high as hell. As I took another pull from my joint I began to see vibrant colors, stars, and mythical creatures. I mounted a Pegasuses, a winged horse and fly across the heavens. When I landed I brushed the soft hair of the winged horse as we stood on a hilltop. When I turned around I saw a bunch of satyrs dancing around a fire.

I walked over and joined the satyrs around the celestial fire and danced. Just when a man showed up with bottles of wine and other drinks. I drank the most colorful and strongest of wine with a man who appeared to be Dionysus the God of Wine. A larger satyr appeared and took my hand and we danced and sang among the stars with Pan, the God of the wild. After I rested up from dancing and I looked to the sea and saw the ocean light up. So I ran towards it and dived in the sea and swam in the ocean of stars with mermaids. The shimmering ocean flourished through me, as I felt all the weight lift off my shoulders. I was as light as a feather as I swam in the oceans of space and time.

Eventually, I dozed off into a deep sleep, where I couldn't hear a thing, I guess you could say I was dead to the world. When I awoke I picked out the most exclusive of outfits that I designed myself. It was a Blue and purple jumpsuit that dazzled like a thousand stars. Then I dyed my hair Blue and got a fresh cut. So then I linked up with my friends and we headed to the club, when I got there I saw so many good looking people I didn't know what to do with myself.

 Then this guy with dark skin and grey eyes offered to buy me and friends drinks. That's when we split up and I joined the guy at the bar, and just when I was about to shoot my shot this light skin guy with hazel eyes and blonde hair walked up next to him and called him "babe." I think to myself "well, then shit, he got a man." That's when he and his boyfriend grabbed my hands and I followed them to a back room where all three of us shared an exotic cannabis joint. Before I knew it I was taking shots of Hennessy back to back. Both the guys began to make out while I danced on the table in my own world.

That's when they both walked up to me and began to kiss me. At that moment I was feeling and seeing too many colors and magical surges at the time and that's when I had my first threesome. Which was how I lost my second V-card I couldn't even complain about being a verse that night. As we rubbed against each other that magical surge came back times ten and I felt like something exploded inside me. When I awoke we were knocked out in the back room and as I turned around they were asleep, so I got up and realized the club was closed and it was four AM. When I tried to leave the front door was locked, so I ran to the back and climbed out of the window and called an Uber. 

When I was the car the Uber driver kept trying to flirt with me and I just couldn't deal with it at that moment I was hungover I didn't have the energy to argue so I just dozed off until I got home. When I got home the Uber driver had the nerve to ask me for a $20 tip. I told him " I'll give you a $5 tip because I don't like your face." He laughed and pulled off, and I headed into my condo. I started to walk up the stairs and fell. All I could do was laugh as lit as I was. I climbed up the stairs to my bed and fell onto the mattress.

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Ocean's Queer World
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