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Nicole's Thanksgiving Stuffing!

Nicole Aniston gives it to her boyfriend's son.

Nicole Aniston is very photogenic!

My Dad's Hot Girlfriend is a classic series from Naughty America and produces some absolute gems in terms of scenes. They seem to be following suit with Brazzers getting additional actors involved to make it all more believable. Personally, I think this is great but not everyone can follow suit as it normally means larger costs that other companies can't afford. Still it's good for the companies who can afford it and will make fans coming back for more. The above scene is available at Naughty America, but I managed to pick it up at Whore Stepmom for free.

Turkey anyone?

Nicole is having a tough time cooking for her boyfriend's family on Thanksgiving.

This scene stars the popular porn star Nicole Aniston as the stated 'dad's girlfriend.' I never realised how popular she was until I had a look at the Naughty America website and seen how many scenes she's done. The San Diego native is 31-years-old with 34D-23-38 curves. I've never watched someone who seems so good at sex; everything seemed so natural with her on camera. She's a decent actress too and a vegan which makes her that much more like-able. Being vegan is highlighted in this scene too as she is supposedly bad at cooking here. Her co-star is the good looking Chad White who carries on screen with him a certain charisma. He does just as good in the acting department as well as the performance scene. There's additional actors as well who play Nicole's actual boyfriend and Chad's brother. The scenario is a Thanksgiving dinner Nicole is preparing for her boyfriend's family. There's a certain amount of animosity from Nicole's boyfriend's sons who seem to dislike the fact she has replaced their mother. 

'I thought it was it's penis.'

Nicole thought the Turkey's neck was it's penis.

Chad's brother is really ripping insults into Nicole's dinner as she literally dumps the contents of a can as one of the servings. Nicole's boyfriend asks his sons to please go easy on her but they continue to criticize. Chad's brother is especially vocal comparing Nicole to his mother stating at least she could make a dinner. It appears he could be right as Nicole asks her boyfriend for help with the turkey. All the guys follow her into the kitchen to find that the turkey hasn't even been cooked. Chad's brother goes crazy stating that Nicole even left the neck in there. Nicole states that she thought it was the Turkey's penis. It's great stuff and good acting from the four people involved. I am hoping that everyone follows suit with this type of production of a scene. Havoc ensues and Chad's brother seems to be the worst as he has driven many miles for a thanks giving dinner. Nicole's boyfriend says they can get pizza before she storms off upset.

Smooth Operator

Chad works his magic on Nicole.

Chad's brother demands that he do something to salvage 'Thanksgiving' as it appears to be ruined. Chad deviously uses this as an excuse to corner his dad's girlfriend while his father and brother go and drink beer. The scene cuts to a bedroom where Nicole is upset and Chad comes to console her. She tells him sorry and that his dad just wasn't helping. Chad works on seducing Nicole saying "what do you see in my dad anyway?"

Nicole explains that he offers security, comfort and someone she can rely on. Chad twists it round on her and says, "oh so money, I mean what do you do for fun?"

Nicole is hesitant but eventually agrees with Chad that his father can be quite "boring" at times.  

'So much bigger than your Dad...'

Nicole is literally talked into bed.

After agreeing that his father can be quite boring it comes up that maybe that they should have a little fun. Chad reasons that his dad and brother will be drunk and asleep by now so the two have times. The two start smooching and Chad adds, "that he didn't give a fuck about the turkey."

Nicole is just really natural in what she does and it looks good on camera. The two fall to the bed and automatically she wraps her legs round Chad which is pretty hot. It might be a bit slow for someone who likes their sex on screen aggressive but it's good stuff.

Young Calf

Chad goes in for the kill...

After the smooching stops, Chad goes down on Nicole's pretty pussy which looks delicious that most guys would. Although, they do that annoying thing where they stick her legs up like a pretzel, it's still decent footage. The action really starts though when Nicole starts blowing Chad while in the nude. She's so good to look at Chad can't help taking his hand and sticking it in the crevice of her arse. Most of the action is in cowgirl which is a refreshing change as Nicole grinds Chads cock while smooching him again. Chad can't help himself grabbing Nicole's tit with one hand and pushing her lower back into his crotch. It's great action and there's definitely a mutual attraction between the two. This is a great scene, if you can see it then you should enjoy it. I give it five out of five just great casting and production values; well worth your time.

5 out of 5

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Nicole's Thanksgiving Stuffing!
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