Naughty Arousal

One of my sexual adventures.

Since my last breakup, I have become a little bit promiscuous. Crazier than I was in college because as an adult, I know my body and what I like. Every sexual exploit is better than the last. I don't regret what I am doing. I am loving every minute of it. It's true what they say, the best way to get over a guy is to get under another one. It makes me feel so sexy to know that I have four guys who all want to fuck me. I am hanging out with a different one each night. I feel special and am busy all the time.

It's much more complicated than it sounds. One is my best friend. One I want a relationship with. One wants to be my boyfriend. And one is just a great fuck and friend. This article deals with the one with whom I want as more and the one that wants me. I won't go into our relationship, it would bore you and drive you crazy. I will only tell you how he drives me crazy in bed. Our sexual chemistry is incredible. I find him really sexy because when I look at him, I think of how he makes my toes curl and how he makes me moan. I don't see the man anyone else sees.

I am a switch, put simply I like to be in control during sex and to let you have your way. I enjoy sensual play: massage, feathers, light touch, kissing, biting, sucking, scratching, hair pulling, spanking. I enjoy blindfolds and being surprised.

The guy who wants to date me we will call Kevin. He is laid back and so much fun to hang out. I know you will wonder later, so let me explain why I cannot date him: he has rage issues and doesn’t know how to handle being upset. That being said, he is a great friend and we have amazing sex. He is the only man I have fucked who has made me cum multiple times. Think of the most incredible feeling ever, and this is better. He has brought me to multiple orgasms. I cannot yet do this on my own. I need his dick to get me there. I think he is able to do this because he is a dedicated pussy eater. He is happy to stay down there for as long as I like. He enjoys it and I have to tell you that is the most incredible thing. It makes the sex so much better. I get off on foreplay, not penetration, so being eaten out is important. The first time, he ate me out for at least 20 minutes and I could tell I was getting close to cumming. Prior to this, I had only cum once, with one man. I told him I wanted to fuck him. After 5 minutes of penetration, I came. Kevin thought I got bored of him eating me out. I explained I wanted to feel him in me as I came. That night he made me cum 17 more times – Wow. We were both covered in sweat and exhausted. Since then, he has made me cum 10 times in one night, a few times in another. Our sex has reached another level.

Let's call my crush Aaron. When we have sex, one minute I am holding Aaron down. The next he has rolled on top of me and has secured my hands so I can't move them. He chokes me. He fucks me so hard. He pulls my hair. He loves kissing me and licking me. He kisses me all down my neck and on my breasts. I feel him everywhere and get tingly. My nipples are hard. I don't understand why I enjoy being held down or choked. No one has ever taken control so well. He plays both parts. He enjoys it as much as I do. I love watching him squirm. I know I could fuck him forever, and never get bored. He is as wild as me. He is as kinky and freaky as I am. I love texting him dirty things and revel when he gets off to it. Just fantasizing about what I want to do with and to him get me excited all day long. When we went two weeks without sex, he was all over me the next time he saw me. Hmmm, yum. I can't wait to think of more naughty things to do with him.

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