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My Sexual Experience

A Brief History

After suggestions I should write next about my sexual experiences, here it goes. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I started around age 18 with my first serious girlfriend, who eventually became my wife. This covered my first 20 years, roughly. We didn’t do much outside the bedroom sexually but we did join a naked photography site. This involved taking naked pictures outdoors with a specific item or location in the background. This is written about in "Naked Outdoor Photography, Part One" and "Part Two." This did lead to one or two sex sessions outdoors, but we usually went home.

With the next lady, we usually stuck to hands and fingers as we spent time in a car or snatching moments on her settee. We lived a long way apart, so time together was limited. We did have a great first time after meeting up in her car, parked in a castle car park while it snowed outside. We got so carried away she had to remove her clothes completely at the end to rearrange them to get dressed again. We did have a few moments on a beach once involving a bikini and a tongue—quite a few moments, in fact.

The next lady was far more restrained, though we were having sex within an hour of meeting in person for the first time. Although we had chatted online and through text, this was another long-distance relationship, but lasted a while due to visits every other week.

The next was longer-term and involved returning to the naked dare site; a few more times the picture sessions led to sex sessions in the car or a couple of times in a field. We filmed ourselves doing naked walks for the site as well, daring each other to walk further from clothes in order to make better films. We also tried to outdo each other with the pictures we would pose for and the locations. Usually, sex was home-based and was fairly normal.

My present girlfriend has led to many new possibilities but hasn’t succumbed to the naked dare site as of yet. She is much younger than me so I need to up my game. As she is a lot thinner and more flexible then all previous partners, many new things are possible in bed. Many new angles are possible than before as there aren’t large bellies or bottoms getting in the way.

I have to be more flexible to maintain and fully use the new angles we use. Some are planned while some we just see what happens. I am sure we aren’t inventing anything, but some are new to us. Also, because I am much bigger than her, normal sex isn’t possible because I can’t fit between her legs for missionary position. In fact, in the five months we have been having full sex, we have only tried that way a couple of times.

We used to talk about our fantasies with each other before we became a couple. We have gradually taken part in all of them and are coming up with some new ones. In fact, just before writing this, we watched porn together for the first time; indeed, it’s the first time I have watched porn with anyone else.

We enjoy foreplay as much as the full sex experience. I love performing oral sex on her for as long as she will let me. It’s the best experience I have ever had licking a woman and can’t get enough. I hope to carry on and do more and more for as long as my body allows. Hopefully learning a few new tricks on the way.

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My Sexual Experience
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