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My New Toy

Even with a Butterfly

I woke up so horny and aroused this morning, but my husband was gone to take care of some business and I didn’t have anyone to play with. So, I thought that I might take the opportunity to play by myself since it has been about a week since the last time. I have a very high sex drive when I know that I shouldn’t, but I can’t help that. My husband plays a big role in my libido stimulation.

I look for every opportunity to play or be played with. It is in my nature to be sexy and alluring for my husband or any man for that matter. I just can’t seem to get enough sexual pleasure and my husband says that I drain him too much, so he buys me toys to keep me company. Now, don’t let him fool you, he likes to watch me as much as he can because I love to be watched and sometimes even told what to do.

Well, I went to my toy closet—yes, I said closet because I have so many things to play with my husband had to build an extra closet to keep everything organized. I practically have my own adult store of toys. I went inside my closet and picked out a toy to play with but got a little frustrated because I didn’t know what I wanted to play with. Yesterday, I played with my anal beads, with my husband of course, and today I was not sure what to play with.

I have everything in my closet alphabetized and in order of sizes. I finally chose my favorite little bug, my butterfly vibrator. It has leg straps that hold it in place if you are up walking around. I have even worn it out of the house and walking around the mall. It is so nice to have an orgasm in the elevator at the mall that every man who looks at me afterwards sees the glow on my face. With gadgets like these, you never know what is under a woman’s skirt nowadays.

So, I climbed up onto my captain's bed and didn’t have to pull any panties off because I never sleep with any, nor do I wear them half the time anyway. I like quick and easy access and so does my husband. There have been some fun times out in public where panties should not be worn. Don’t get me started on the laundry room at a motel we stayed at by the beach. The ice machine will never be the same.

I keep getting distracted, but anyway, I got on my bed and laid back with my favorite magazine next to me and put the straps around my thighs and placed that cute little bug right over my clitoris. They were very happy to see each other. My clitoris jumped when it touched her. I turned it on to low first so that I could wake her up in a nice way and not shock the hell out of her right from the start.

It was a low vibration that made my clitoris tingle and jump around. I let it wake her up for a few minutes and then I turned it up on high which stimulates her good and gets her wet fast. I laid back and began reading my magazine while my clitoris was getting her daily stimulation. It was almost like taking my clitoris to her own day spa because she gets all the attention.

I had been reading my magazine for about fifteen minutes when the first climax began. It was an intense one that made me grab the sheets at my sides and then the flooding began. Sometimes I wonder if I could get electrocuted by these things as wet as I get. Well, by the time that one was done, my husband came home, and he knew what I was doing because it was a daily ritual with me. My clitoris must have her stimulation every morning.

He walked into the room while I was relaxing and he spotted my little butterfly and was happy to see me taking care of my needs, and my clitoris. He came and sat next to me on the bed and told me he had a present for me. I kind of knew about what it might be, but he loves surprising me, so I let him have his fun too. I smiled at him and happily asked him what it was? He told me I had to close my eyes while he got it out of the bag, so I did, but impatiently.

When he told me that I could open my eyes, what I saw made me very happy that I had another orgasm. He loves to watch me have orgasms because he then knows that I am being satisfied in one form or another. I looked at what was in his hands and saw the dildo of my dreams. It was about eight inches long, and had a little butterfly attached to stimulate my clitoris while it is inside me. The best part about it was that it was my favorite color, purple.

It looked so delicious and he wanted me to try it out. So, I took the butterfly vibrator that I had on off and laid it on the side of me and reached for the dildo in his hands. I grabbed it and put it to my lips giving it a big kiss before rubbing it up and down between my wet vaginal lips. I got it so wet from my previous orgasms that I couldn’t wait to feel it inside of me.

My husband sat there and watched as I slid it down my lips and right into my fleshy pink hole. Once it was all the way in, I could feel the little butterfly tickle my clitoris. Oh my god, it felt so good. I pushed it in and out while every touch of the butterfly stimulated my clitoris and tickled it. I wanted my husband to partake in my little experience, so I lifted my night shirt and showed him my plump rose-colored nipples.

He leaned over and kissed them both before playing with them as I penetrated my vagina with the new dildo he bought me. I started squirming and gyrating my hips because it felt so good. Watching my husband suck on my nipples and squeeze my breasts was very intense as I played. I wanted to orgasm on my new dildo but wanted more attention, so I told my husband to go get me another dildo which he went to the closet and got one.

He brought it back over to the bed and handed it to me, but I refused it. I wanted him to use it on me. He knew where I wanted it and I lifted my ass up off the bed so that he could push it inside my brown puckered orifice. As I pumped my pink, wet vagina, my husband slowly pumped my poop hole.

He could tell when I was ready to go because I would gyrate and then everything would go tense for a minute before the explosion of a lifetime. I let the floodgates open and his whole hand got creamed on along with the dildo pumping my ass. It was so intense and then everything in me went limp as a noodle because it drained me this time. My husband kept going because he knew I loved to feel the after effects like the sensitivity of my clitoris.

When it was all done, he leaned over and kissed my lips before sticking my new vagina drenched dildo into my mouth to clean off. I just love the taste of my juices, too.

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Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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