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My Masturbation Experience

How intense is yours?

One thing that I love doing is masturbating. I am married (for the third time) and still love masturbating. I have been masturbating since the age of 14 and have done it everyday since. Sometimes I masturbate two or three times a day. I just can’t get enough. I used to call myself a masturbation nympho.

I would lay back on my bed or couch, after taking my clothing off of course, and play with my plump and perky 42 DD breasts. I love pulling and twisting my mauve colored nipples. Giggling, my breasts by the nipples feels so good. Just grabbing and squeezing my breasts is a turn on and arouses me enough to feel the juices begin to flow between my now swollen pink vaginal lips.

Gliding my hands from there on down my body and over my firm thighs, I would slide them gently and softly back up between those thighs and rub over the outside of my hairy mound. I could feel the heat coming from my hot box. While rubbing over my mound, I slip a finger in between the lips to feel how wet she really is.

She is so wet that it feels silky as my finger slides over my swollen clitoris which makes my body shudder with intense sensitivity. I can feel my juices begin to flow so much that it trickles down between my ass cheeks and over my brown puckered hole.

Squeezing every muscle down below makes a squishy sound because by now everything is so wet and soaked. I love to use my hands and fingers to hold my lips open and seeing my swollen and excited clitoris as my fingertips roll back and forth over it.

Once I have moved myself to extreme excitement and arousal, then I push two fingers inside that sweet tasting vaginal opening of mine. As my fingers push their way inside, I can feel how tight she is and I feel the quivering she is doing inside from being turned on so much. It is just so arousing to feel her juices run down over my fingers and hand as I pump those fingers deep inside and out.

The best way to entice that orgasm to become very strong and intense is to tease her slowly instead of pumping her hard and fast. It can be extremely intoxicating when pushing another finger inside my anus and slowly pumping both holes and pleasuring that G-spot from both sides.

Feeling juices dripping and flowing from everywhere and listening to her make music with squishy sounds is what I desire to hear. It is sweet music when done correctly and at a pace that excites you the most, bringing that orgasm slowly to a head and feeling my body tense a little more as it draws closer.

Then, when I have teased her so much and for so long, she is ready to erupt and every part of my body, even my mind, begins to tingle, notifying me that she is coming. Deeper and slower, I pump my holes until my ears begin to ring and the tingling intensifies. She is coming, and I am ready for her explosion.

As I moan a little louder showing my excitement, I can feel her eruption begin. It is like the floodgates have opened wide and everything in my being is being released and flowing out of my vaginal hole. Her juices gush hard and fast, almost causing me to black out as my hand and everything underneath me become soaked.

I can feel the flood emerge from within me as my whole-body shudders and quivers as she reaches that apex moment. Then, everything becomes numb and I cannot feel my fingers and hand rubbing on my drenched mound. They say an orgasm releases stress—well, I think it releases everything.

My husband has watched and felt me orgasm with his hand, mouth, and cock and he absolutely loves being soaked by his wife. Sometimes he just wants to watch me orgasm because it is so intense to watch and feel. Have you had any orgasms just like mine? I bet you have, and you know what I’m talking about and experiencing. When was your last real orgasm?

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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My Masturbation Experience
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