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My Fruit Loops!


Take A Journey Deep Into Your Imagination....

So there I was laying in bed all lotioned up, looking and smelling good while enjoying a bowl of fruit loops. You came into the bedroom looking for something, noticing that I had some fruit loops. You laid on the bed and started asking for some. I told you no because these were my fruit loops that I bought. This pissed you off but I didn’t care, I was going to enjoy my fruit loops, watch a little TV, and then go to sleep. I had work in the morning and I was tired. You started undressing right in front of me, setting a wildfire through my body. I always loved to watch you undress, especially when it was slow and seductive just like this. You smirked at me because you knew that I liked it, I started to feel myself get moist. I had just gotten out of the shower and I was not trying to get back in after making a mess. I got up to go into the living room before it was too late but just as I was walked by, you threw me onto the bed and jumped on top of me. You looked at me with those dark brown eyes asking, "Oh, so you ain’t gone share ya lil funky ass fruit loops?" I was so turned on and before I could answer, you started to suck on my neck, making my pussy wet. "Yeah, I got something for that ass," you added.

I should have just given you some, but at this point I was glad that I hadn't. I’m really glad I didn’t have on any clothes because my panties would have been soaked. I looked up at you, biting my bottom lip and slow winding under your body. This turned you on a lot so you slid right down to my pussy. You bit my thighs, making me moan and getting me ready. I ran my fingers through your curls as you licked on my pussy with passion. I started letting out soft moans while you sucked on my pussy so softly. "Mmmmm get it daddy," I moaned out. You started speeding up your pace, slurping all of my pussy juices. My sweet nectar was flowing in your mouth like a tidal wave and the more it flowed, the more you slurped it up. I was wet as fuck, laying there rocking my hips as you put your fingers inside of me and up for kisses. We began tongue kissing while you were fingering me. I could feel myself about to squirt and my body started shaking. I began to gush out all over your fingers. You pulled your fingers out of my pussy and looked at my cream before licking it.

"Gimme some," I softly moaned, looking at you seductively. You looked at me contemplating whether you wanted to give me some or not.

"Nah this is my cream," you responded. I got up as fast as I could, but not fast enough because you had already sucked my cream off your fingers. In a rage, I grabbed you by your neck and pushed you against the wall, bending down, sucking your dick while still holding a tight grip on your neck. Your breathing got heavier as I could feel you swallow. Feeling you swallow was such a turn on so I sped my pace up. Making you swallow even more, I knew you were going to cum soon, so I went even faster. You started to shake and cum in my mouth. Your warm, creamy cum ran down the back of my throat.

I let my grip of your neck go and you picked me up, putting me against the wall. I bit my bottom lip and you licked my lips up to my nose, getting extra kinky with it just how I like. You began to fuck me standing up so I put my arms around you, holding on for this very bumpy ride. You took me off of the wall, spreading my legs even further apart you began fucking me like crazy, making me dig my nails into your back. You put me on the edge of the bed while fucking the shit out of me, making me moan so loud. You put your right hand on my heart listening to it beat while clenching my right leg with your left hand. Speeding up your pace, you gave me so much passion, but I was ready to finish with some back shots. I kicked you off of me, hopping up and pinning you against the wall. I turned around while still looking at you, spread my cheeks and you rubbed your dick up and down, down and up, sticking it in my pussy.

You grabbed my waist, giving me those daddy long strokes just how I like, making my pussy wet as fuck. You smacked my ass to make it jiggle on your dick. You did it again, making me moan out as you sped up your strokes. "Pull my hair daddy," I moaned out. You pulled my hair, bringing me closer to my climax. I knew you knew that by the way you kept pulling my hair. "Daddy, I’m cumming!" I yelled. 

"Cum for me baby," you responded. You sped up your strokes while pulling my hair. This made me cream all over your dick. You bent me over while pulling your dick out, jacking off and nutting all over my ass. "The next time I ask for some damn fruit loops, I suggest you give what the fuck I asked for," you said with authority. 

"Yes daddy," I responded sweetly, although slightly pissed on the inside because I had to take another shower. "Are you going to help me clean up daddy?" I asked. You smiled while walking over to me, taking me into the shower for another round! 

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My Fruit Loops!
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