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My Dom from Hell

This was not what I wanted.

I heard a lot of horror stories in the past of S/D relationships, or I heard some juicy ones from some of my girlfriends over wine. I have always loved the BDSM life style for most of my late teen and early adult life. I won’t say I am a hardcore expert, but I have been around the block a few times while looking deeper into the kinky sex world. BDSM is a huge world. It has so many different meanings for so many people. In this day of age, there is a fetish for everything and someone out there that shares the same interests. You've just got to know where to look to find the right person.

I have always been a dominant person, inside and out of the bedroom. It was just my personality to be the one in control. Most of my submissive partners were mostly males who had no problem giving me full control over them. With this responsibility, I had looked into how to be good at being the dom. I knew that I had the trust and safety of my partner in my hands. I did not want to abuse or scare them away. For years testing the waters and dabbling in new things, we only live once right? Might as well try it once to see if I like it.

Anyway, this year I had a Dom from hell which has left me wondering if I am even cut out to be a switch. If you do not know what that is, it is someone who has no problem taking on either role. Well one night with my girlfriends, I told them I always wanted to try to have a guy dominate me, to allow them to have control over me. Well with a little encouragement, I sought out a guy I had been friends with online, that I knew for a few years over chatting once and awhile. I knew he was real since he just lived up the road from me. I always bailed on our plans, so that’s why I hadn’t met him in the two years I knew him.

So, after a bad night of dealing with a backyard skunk yuck, I knew I needed to go have a drink and unwind. He offered to go with me to a bar that was just around the corner from us. I agreed because we were so close to home, and I would be safe since I knew the bartenders. It was a great chance to finally meet him and talk face-to-face.

We had a great time with chatting and hanging out, even though he was 39 and I was 24, he and I clicked pretty well. The chat of BDSM did pop up, and he told me that he was an active Dom, which perked my interest. This was what I was looking for, I told him how I was wanting to try being submissive for once and talked about my do’s and don’ts. We chatted about what we like and what we would never try, we called it a night with a kiss, and we both went home with plans for later in the week.

These plans never had any talk about sex. I was coming over to watch Star Wars since I had never seen it (I know I need to see it LOL). Well I guess he had other ideas because next thing I know I am naked and he is having his fun.

So many things he had done wrong and ignored everything I told him the other day and while he made my clit swell in pain, he didn’t seem to listen. I felt as though sandpaper was being rubbed over my clit while he used a vibrator he had and pushed it so hard on me that it felt painful. What most guys do not understand is that the clit is a bundle of nerves. You do not want to over do it, because it can be come painful and swell.

I bucked my hips away, and he held them open and told me to stop so he could keep up his assault on my clit. When he finally left my poor clit alone, he started biting my inner thigh. Not the love bites, the harder bites that can be painful. It was just a hot flash of pain. I closed my eyes and just allowed it because maybe I was just over reacting—until he bit the hood of my vagina with the same force and I yelped. Still trying to keep good faith, I did not stop him, until he got to below my ribs, the belly area, and started biting. Tears came to my eyes. It felt like he was trying to rip the flesh from my skin. I asked him if he could bite less hard. He nodded but when he did it again, I shoved at him.

He had tried to enter me after I shoved him, but he noticed I was too dry to do so. He flopped down and I figured I knew what he wanted. Tossing my hair back, I started to give him a blow job, felt his hands tangle in my hair. Next thing I know, it was just a hard shove. I gagged. When he let go, I came up for air. I told him that I have a bad gag reflex and that deep throating isn’t easy for me. The back of my throat hurt, but I tried again. And again, he did the same thing, this time rougher. I couldn’t hold it back. Tossing myself back, I puked. After cleaning myself up, I was met with a pinwheel being pushed so hard into me it cut me all over. The intercourse was boring, not anything fun even if he was blessed in size.

It was the worst time of my life. When you are a Dom, you are not supposed to abuse and ignore the sub. People get it in their heads that they can do anything they want. Rules and guidelines set are there for a reason. As harsh as you are you, you have to be just as gentle.

For now, I will stay in my Dom role. My Dom from hell has turned me away from wanting to try the switch life. I still have scars from that whole thing, something I am not too thrilled about.

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My Dom from Hell
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