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My Best Friend

The House Party

My back leaned against the door of the bathroom as I let out a sigh. I never thought that I would find myself in this situation, and my head was spinning, not only from the alcohol but from the events of the previous hour.

You see, I was invited to a party by my best friend, Beth, and having been inside for almost a week straight I thought it would be good for me to get out and socialize a bit. My boyfriend had dumped me the week before sending me into the post-breakup mode of binge eating ice cream and crying to every rom-com I could find.

Going out was definitely the thing I needed, I needed to find a rebound or even just have a night of fun and get some things off my mind. I looked in the mirror, my outfit was simple but not tacky. A red lacy tank top with black skinny jeans and white high top converse. I walked out the door nodding to Beth who was adorning a black dress, and heels to match. She was always one who wanted to look her best.


The way Beth looked at me as she threw her last ping pong ball into her opponents beer cup, I could tell that the night was going to be completely different from others. She turned and smiled at me pulling me into a hug excited that she won the game and before completely away from the hug she grabbed my chin and planted a deep kiss on my lips. At first, I thought it was a mistake, but when her eyes met mine with a lustful gaze I knew I was wrong.

She grabbed my hips and turned my body towards the table, and as she did so her lips ran down my neck line. Without stopping her, she propped me up on the table. Her hands running underneath my shirt, cupping my bra. She continued sucking on my neck, I leaned my head back and for a moment I almost forgot we were in public.

“Wait.” I placed my hand on her shoulder pushing her off just for a second. “We are in public.”

Beth looked up at me with a smirk plastered on her face. “Even more the fun.” She began. “Let's give everyone a show, why don't we?”

I blinked confused for a moment. Somehow her confidence turned me on a little more and being in public didn't seem so bad.

Her hands unbuttoned my pants pulling them off while I kicked off my shoes. Bending down on her knees I saw a few people watching us in surprise and even some applauding us and cheering her on. I closed my eyes leaning my head back as her tongue rubbed over my clothed sensitive area and her hands massaging my inner thighs.

Her mouth was now sucking and nibbling on the soft part of one of my thighs as her fingers pushed the underwear out of her way, and her fingers gently rubbed my clit and occasionally brushing itself over my entrance.

“M-more, please.” My hand grabbed her hair and she looked up at me with a lustful smile before pushing two of her fingers inside of me and her tongue worked its way around my clit causing me to moan in pleasure. It wasn't long before I reached my climax and my walls tightened around Beth's fingers and I let out a heavy breath. She moved down to lick all the juices away and pulled her head back placing the underwear back in place.

And that's how I found myself in the bathroom tonight wondering how I got myself in this situation. 

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My Best Friend
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