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Morning Sex Benefits

Morning sex benefits include reduced stress, a boost in your immune system, and a great start to your day.

Sex is the essence which keeps every species alive. However, the physical and emotional pleasure we derive from it makes it good for much more than procreation. Luckily, these pleasures come hand in hand with health benefits. When was the last time you and your partner indulged in a sexual encounter at the break of the dawn? If you haven’t lately, the benefits of morning sex will surely motivate you to set the alarm a little early once in a while. Sex in general has many physical and physiological benefits, and morning sex adds a whole new dimension to the impact on your physical and mental health.


For all those healthy couples who love taking a run together, you can skip it altogether and go for a steamy morning sex session instead. Sexual intercourse in the morning has proved to be the best calorie burner. Scientists have found that engaging in an hour of sex before starting your day can burn as many calories as a 30 minute jog, and depending on how rigorous your session is you can end up burning up to 250 calories. While all sex burns calories, morning sex jump starts your metabolism for the day, so it keeps you burning more throughout the day.

Increases Your Immune System

Your immune system is a crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle, and your IgA is an aspect of the immune system that is directly related to the number of antibodies you produce. Scientists have found that morning sex increases your IgA levels, making it easier for you to fight infection and illness. Better than taking your vitamins!

Cures Morning Sickness

While this benefit might not apply to everyone, it's a great tip to know when the time comes. Morning sickness may be the bane of every pregnant woman's existence, but researchers at the State University of New York at Albany have found that swallowing sperms first thing in the morning can ease nausea and vomiting. It is said that the mildly sweet and salty taste of sperm decrease these feelings. Just make sure you return the favor; Easing her morning sickness doesn't mean she shouldn't have a good time, too.

Photo via Tumblr user Unicorns and Boobs

Increased Flexibility

Starting your day with stretching has been known to increase your flexibility overall. Imagine stretching in the morning with a whole bunch of mundane exercises. Now imagine stretching in the morning with a whole new bunch of sex positions. Which is more enticing? Morning sex is a great way to loosen up those muscles after a good sleep. Trying out new positions is essential to reap this benefit, so don’t forget to add those Kama Sutra positions into the mix.

Stress Relief

With the chaos of day to day life, mornings are often the only time a person can be fresh and energetic. What better way to start your day off on a positive note than with morning sex? Sex releases oxytocin, which in turn releases endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. This means you get out of bed feeling stress free and happy. This euphoric feeling can last for hours, meaning that if you anticipate a stressful day, morning sex can start you off on the right foot and guard against negative emotions later in the day.

Feelings of Intimacy

The feeling of being loved and pampered first thing in the morning can not only make your day and burn calories, it can increase your intimacy with your partner. We're often not at our best in the mornings. We're unkempt and have morning breath, we haven't showered or fixed our hear. To have sex in such a vulnerable situation can strengthen your relationship. You also both know that your partner is giving up that last little bit of sleep to satisfy you sexually before heading off to work, letting you appreciate each other that much more. Be sure to take a few minutes to cuddle before getting back to your lives. This extra moments are vital to the psychological connection between you and your partner, and in the morning they're that much more essential to boosting your intimacy levels. Morning sex can also relieve any stress that not having sex at night has put on your relationship. In a world where we lead such busy lives and the boss is just a text message away, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and just want to fall asleep once dinner is over and the dishes are done. However, this doesn't make for a very physically satisfying relationship. Make up for lost intimate time by indulging your erotic instincts before work instead of after.

Photo via Tumblr user Larsen Sotelo

Physical Appearance

Sex releases chemicals that boost levels of oestrogen, which is known for giving skin and hair a boost in tone and texture. Like the boost it gives your metabolism, this is most effective in the morning, when your circulation is just starting to increase for the day. Therefore, while you may not start out looking your best for morning sex, regularly indulging in it can keep you glowing. It can also be used as a persuasive measure; Tell her that she can save on beauty products if only she were willing to wake up to sex instead of the alarm clock once in a while.

Lasting Longer

Scientists have found that men have higher levels of testosterone in the morning. This means that there is a very large chance that you will last longer during morning sex than you would at any other point during the day. This is also because there is less on your mind, so you can lose yourself in the ecstasy rather than being distracted by the mundane details of everyday life. For this reason, it is also the time of day that women are more likely to orgasm, so chances are pretty high that morning sex can be some of the best sex you have as a couple.

Waking Up Happy

Sex makes people happy. To share a private moment first thing in the morning is indeed a privilege. So make most out of your gift of waking up next to each other and make yourself and your day happier. The psychological and physical benefits of morning sex outweigh those of sex at any other time of day. Even if you aren't a morning person, it's worth biting the bullet and waking up a half hour early (after all, you should both need less time than normal). Whether you warn your partner or spontaneously wake them up with a sensuous surprise is up to you.

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Morning Sex Benefits
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