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Morning Sex

Erotica and Love

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and having a hard-on. Laying there with sleep still in your eyes and having a beautiful man laying next to you ready to serve. That is my idea of a “Good Morning.”

My alarm clock didn’t go off, it was Saturday. The one day I am able to sleep in. Rolling over with my arms stretched above my head I took a moment to enjoy the sunlight that filtered through my bedroom window.

Sighing to myself, I felt his outstretched hand find my bare stomach. Turning I looked over at David, giving him my morning smile. His dark hair was frumpled as he peeked up from the white goose down comforter that concealed him. His bearded shadow showing on his face as it did every morning. His dark eyes, always seeming intense.

“Good morning,” he mused as he edged closer to me. Wrapping his arm around me tighter as he pulled me closer. Kissing me with his morning breath and not complaining about mine. We laid together enjoying our lazy morning.

“I have something for you,” he teased. “Would you like to unwrap it?”

Fluttering my eyes, I playfully slapped his chest at his dirty joke.

“No, really.” Rolling over he reached for his bedside drawer and retrieved a small wrapped box. Smiling a cat-like grin he handed me the Robin egg blue package.

“Oh, my!” Gushing, I sat up in bed eager to receive the gift he placed in my hands. Removing the ribbon, I slowly unwrapped the little package, inhaling deeply I opened the box.

“It is beautiful!” I exclaimed. Brilliant little diamonds sparkled up at me.

“Do you like them?” He asked with a smile of pride that lit his face.

“Yes! I love them! Thank you!” I said, appreciating the beauty of the diamond earrings that delicately dangled from their posts.

Taking a moment I put them on and modeled them so he could see how nice they looked. Leaning over I kissed him gently as I ran my hand over his chest. Toying with the hairs that shielded his skin, our kisses became more passionate. Kicking off my black panties, I followed as he guided me on top of him. Feeling his hard erection probe at me, I moaned with desire, excitement running through me.

“I love them so much,” I whispered between the kisses that covered my mouth. Feeling his hands roam over my hot flesh he played with my nipples until they stood erect, always wanting more. He continued to massage and rub them, teasing them.

He continued to press me further down on him until I felt him enter me. Spreading my wet lips further apart, stretching, filling me with his erection. Looking into his eyes, loving the magic between us. My desire was replaced with pleasure as I rode on top of him, shifting, moaning, loving every moment. Feeling him stroke the inside of me as his thumb caressed my clit. I felt as though I could have stayed there with him forever. My thoughts pushing me over the edge, I felt myself lose control as my body shook, cumming all over him in waves of passion. Moaning, he released his climax, filling me.

“Oh, baby. Good morning.” He teased. Touching my hair he leaned over, kissing me on the forehead as we lay in bed together.

Chuckling I reached up and touched his nose with my finger. “Good morning to you, my handsome man.” I softly whispered.

We laid there together until late into the morning. Making love until we gave into another type of hunger. 

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Morning Sex
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