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Mom Steals Boyfriend

Stephanie Wylde Is a Naughty Momma!

Stephanie gives her daughter sex advice she doesn't use herself.

This is a classic scene from the "My Friend's Hot Mom" archive at Naughty America. I hadn't heard of Stephanie Wylde but I'll always remember her after this scene as it was a lot different the other "My Friend's Hot Mom" episodes. It's a pretty retro scene as it's old from way back in 2005 (that's over a decade!)

It stood out because it was pretty different; basically Stephanie has a daughter called Veronica who is friends with Jack Venice who she has feelings for. So the friend is actually a female which makes this scene distinctly different. Stephanie's daughter wants to take things to the next level with Jack and talks with her Mom to get some advice. 

Ignorance Is Bliss

Oh if you only knew what your mother is going to do next.

Stephanie seems like your typical, caring mother and gives that good nurturing advice. She checks that Jack feels the same way and that her daughter knows that sex isn't the right way to get someone to like you.

Advice from the Right Parent?

Her mom is pretty encouraging and advises her like any nurturing mother would do. This is pretty good stuff because what she does next is pretty bad but makes for good erotica. Stephanie sends her out to meet Jack and hands her a condom stating she has it on her "just in case."

Her daughter gives her a hug and thanks her for being so supportive which make what she does next twice as bad.

Going Wylde with Venice!

Stephanie turns from caring mother to cock hungry slut when she meets her daughter's potential boyfriend.

The acting is really good and it's a shame the daughter is unaccredited in the scene. After Stephanie gives her daughter the condom, Veronica goes out to seek Jack. Her daughter gives her a hug before she leaves which helps build to that "Oh no" moment when Stephanie and Jack finally meet. Stephanie puts her feet up with something to read expecting a quiet night when Jack turns up at the door. 

All Is Fair in Love and War...

Stephanie is like a deer trapped in headlights with Jack.

Stephanie goes as "giddy" as a school girl when she meets Veronica's pal Jack. She can see why she likes him and flirts with him with the secret he doesn't know. Jack lets Veronica's mother know that he feels the same way about her daughter. Yet at this moment that's the last thing Stephanie cares about. She is mesmerised by muscle bound Jack and is trying to build an alibi for what she does next.

Everybody does it, just nobody talks about it.

Glamorous Stephanie is about to sample young Jack.

It's great acting, Jack Venice is as cool as always and he does a good job as the young jock. I'm also impressed how Stephanie's acting changes from caring mom to ruthless cougar. It's really good stuff from her and makes for a good scene if you can find it. Stephanie's character makes sure that Jack hasn't informed Veronica of his feelings. Once she's confirmed this she sets up her own liaison with Jack who's is at first reluctant but can't resist her charms. 

A Daughter Scorned

Stephanie pounces on the hunky Jack.

It's a good sex scene between the mature Wylde and the younger Venice. Stephanie's natural body is a nice change from all the plastic work a lot of pornstars get done. It's also set up well with the acting where Stephanie is preparing her daughter for her own tryst with Jack but instead steals the encounter. There are a couple of good one liners in there as well when Stephanie remarks "I hope I didn't just give Veronica my last condom!"

What's even hotter is that Stephanie doesn't even get Jack to use a condom and he hits it bareback; great action.

It's a good scene but it might be a bit dated for some; you will still find it at Naughty America but I got it for free at

Check it out, I rate it 4 out of 5 and would like to see more of Stephanie Wylde. Jack Venice is a good actor and performer too and I think women will appreciate his presence.

4 out of 5.

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Mom Steals Boyfriend
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