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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Nothing in life is free.

Free stood at the bus stop and watched as her colleagues drove by in their foreign cars on the way to their luxury condos.

“Pizza tonight?”

She just rolled her eyes as she replied.

“Would love it!”

Free knew exactly what her problem was and it just offered her pizza as dinner for the third time this month. She loved her boyfriend. He was a great father figure to her six-year-old son, but she knew with her brains and beauty she could have easily bagged one of the old geezers she entertains almost every night of the week.

“How was work?” Keith asked.

“Oh same ole same ole. Not too much excitement occurs down at the cleaners you know,” Free lied as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

She could barely stand to look him in the face and lie more or less kiss him with the same lips some geriatric perv just licked all over.

“Mommy!” Caleb came calling from the living room.

“Hey big boy. I missed you," Free said giving her son a big squeeze.

“Pizza on its way?”she asked peeling off her clothes.

“Yeah yeah yeah it is but did you plan on showering tonight?”

Free just laughed. “What kind of question is that? Of course I am.”

“Well uh uh... look I have another gig this Sunday and with my cut I'll be able to get it turned back on!”

“The.Water.Is.Off?” Free asked trying to contain her anger.

"Keith I gave you.. .where is my half of the water bill Keith?" she asked with one hand on her hip and the other out waiting for her $32.

“I don't have it,” he mumbled.

“WHAT THE FUCK! What the fuck do you mean you don't have it KEITH?!”

“Well I needed to replace my sticks for this upcoming gig Free. You remember how the last ones-”

Free cut him off.

“You're pathetic.” She scoops up Caleb and storms out the door. If it was physically possible you would be able to see the red in her face, Free was so angry. She walked the three blocks over to her sister's.

Knock, knock, knock

“Hey Auntie's Caleb!” Winnie squealed reaching for her cherub faced nephew.

“What's up? Why you look mad at the world?" She asked.

“Can Caleb and I stay here for a few days? Just until I get paid... I need to get the water turned back on..." she said in a low and embarrassing tone.

“WHAT- you know what. That's fine Free. Stay as long as you'd like.”

She put Caleb down and walked over to her sister turning her around to face her.

“I know you love Keith, Free but you and Caleb, you guys can't keep living like this. Just two months ago he had your car reposs-”

“I KNOW," Free shouted. “I know.”

“Okay so what are you going to do Free? Know better do better right? He's a fucking bum. You were doing so much better before this dick came along”

“Well I love that dick Winnie and he loves me. And Caleb. He just does some dick ass shit at times. We all make mistakes!”

“Mistakes are not choices that leave your girlfriend and son without running water Free! You can't be that much in love with the dick right?”

“Come on Caleb let's go. Tell Auntie Winnie bye-bye”

“You're leaving? You would rather take your son back to a sorry ass and that dry apartment!"

Free slammed the door on their way out.


“Heeeeyyyyyy,” Keith said relieved to see the pair back in the small apartment. “I'm so sorry baby I promise I'll-”

“I spoke to Geoff down at the cleaners and he is going to let me pick up a few extra shifts this week… starting tonight.” Free lied. “I'll just need you to watch Caleb for a bit.”

“Restrooms?” Free asked the gas station attendant as she made her way in front of the line.

She followed the direction of the young guy's hand until she saw the fading words that read Ladies. She pulled the tiny black dress from her handbag and threw her heels to the floor.

“Shit!” Free said realizing her jeans and sweatshirt won't fit into her bag. She wrapped the garments together and hid them under the sink. She quickly shook away the thought of her having to get better at this.

“First and last time,” she said to herself staring into the peeling mirror. She jumped back as her phone began to vibrate on the sink. She was so not ready for this but she needed this.

“Hello Daddy,” Free said trying her best to sound sexy and inviting.

“I'm out front of the Radisson Baby Girl I don't see you,” Mr.Goldberg said sounding a little frustrated. She had stood him up before but tonight she made the call. She grabbed the mini bottle from her purse and took a swig as she explained to the silver hair gentleman that she was just about 30 seconds away.

Free made her way out of the gas station and down the sidewalk as quickly as she could in six inch heels.

She could see the senior man standing in the lobby growing impatient.

“Why the hell did I say 30 seconds?” she said fanning herself to cool down.

“Well there you are, and call me Mark, none of that Mr. Goldberg tonight.”

Free froze as she felt Mark's hand squeeze her bottom. She felt an overwhelming need to reach for her mini bottle of Patron again.

“Right through here dear,” Mark motioned as they stepped out the elevator into the Presidential Suite.

Free had been employed by the Loving You agency for over eight months now and was content with the relationships she had with her clients. She had never once crossed the line from friend to lover. She was always upfront and honest about just how far she was willing to go. Intimacy on a sexual level is not allowed. She had repeated these words so many times it was practically imbedded in her brain. She knew James only kept her on the payroll because she helped him from time to time with their college courses. The other girls brought in real money while Free barely made her weekly quota.

“Would you like a drink?” Mark asked shuffling his way over to the wet bar.

"YES!" Free shouted a little too enthusiastic.

Mark handed her the drink and sat down beside her. They had spent countless hours together at many public events but this was their first one on one session. The conversation flowed and the two were laughing and talking like any other time. Free had almost forgotten why she was there, but Mark, Mark didn't. He turned towards her and starts to slide his hand up her barely-there dress. Free cringed. She had been with Keith and Keith only since the death of Caleb's dad. But she was doing this for Keith and Caleb she reminded herself as Mark parted her thighs with his hands.

“Oh you're smooth down there," he whispered. "I always knew it.”

Free closed her eyes and tried to go to another place completely. She couldn't get there fast enough as the gentleman in suit and tie was now finger fucking her on the sofa of the Presidential Suite.

“Loosen up a little bit will ya?” Mark said as he began to trace her nipple with his tongue. Free stared at the bar wondering just how much did she drink and how much was going to be enough to make this night be a distant memory.

“Stand up!” the man said as he loosened his tie. She stood up as the man pulled her thongs down to her knees.

“Now turn around and bend over!” he commanded.

Free slowly turned looking into the mirror that now faced her. She bent over the sofa stretching her long thin body as far as it would take her.

“Oh my gawd it's beautiful!” the old man said sounding almost teary eyed. He began to caress her round brown ass as she just watched his face of amazement in the mirror. She had not seen anyone look at her like this in so long. If he could make her ass Mrs.Goldberg's tonight he definitely would. She started to slowly grind her hips in a slight but tight circle.

“There you go Baby Girl,” Mark said sounding so pleased she had finally showed up to the party.

“Shake that thing for Daddy.”

Free almost felt embarrassed as she felt herself growing moist. She slid her hand around her ass inserting one, then the second finger into her hole. She watched in the mirror as Mark grabbed himself in excitement. She crawled up to the back of the sofa and lifted her dress over her head. Free wore nothing but a sensual smile and her six inch heels. She motioned for Mark to come and get what he was paying for. He dropped to his knees and began to slowly tongue kiss her toes making his way up to her thighs. Putting his hands behind both of her knees Mark gave a firm push exposing Free and all her dripping wet smoothness. She reached down and guided Mark his tongue thrusting into her like an erected penis. She held on to the man's grey hairs and began to ride his face like a horse. She enjoyed the sounds they made as he licked and sucked all over her never giving care to the loads of cum that squirted into his face and mouth. Free was cumming like she never came before. One right after the other she began to scream out in pure ecstasy. It was as if she couldn't stop and Mark didn't seem to mind the wave of a mess at all.

“Let's take this into the bedroom shall we?” he suggested as he reached out for her hand. Free stole a look back in the mirror to watch her ass jiggle as she walked away. She smiled at the sight that waved goodbye to her fidelity to Keith. Too late to turn back now she thought as Mark's pale white hands motioned for her to move towards the bed. Mark walked over and grabbed her by the face forcing his tongue into her mouth. She fought the feeling of not returning the same and opened her mouth as their tongues began to caress one another. Just then she heard the door open and close behind him.

“Uh, Free this is my business partner Jacob. Jacob this is Free and she is anything but.” The gentleman shared in a laugh as Free's mind raced to process what was in front of her.

“Say hello Free don't be rude.”

“H-h-hello Jacob.”

The two men turned to one another and shared a smile. “Shall we?" Mark asked fondling Free's breast. She lifted her hand to swat him away.

“Don't be foolish Free. You are in a room with over 82 BILLION dollars. You make what? Maybe $60k a year?” he teased. “I wish!” Free thought to herself.

“What did you have in mind Mr.Goldberg?” Free asked reluctantly.

“Give me what you gave in there but take it up a notch for me and my partner here." He walked over to her and aggressively forced her legs apart. He grabbed her by the face. “It's showtime honey.” 

Free caught a glimpse of Jacob already getting undressed. He walked over and began to suck on her breast teasing and biting her nipple as he went along. Mark stroke her hair stealing deep hard kisses when he could. Jacob stood Free to her feet observing every inch of her body. Mark took a step back to allow Jacob to view what he had already tasted. Both men walked over to the naked Free still standing fierce but fearful in her 6 inch heels. They each took a breast in their mouth as they hand wrestled for first place into her pussy. Jacob won. He grabbed Free by the waist pulling her in tighter and closer to his naked milky body. She could feel his dick already at attention. He rubbed on her clit making his way into wetness. The room was silent other than the sounds her moistness made up against the strange man's hand. She looked straight ahead into the mirror that gave her a front row view of what she signed up for.

“Hello Mr. Goldberg it's Free, Free Jamison.”

“Hi Free is it Thursday already?”

“No no Mr.Goldberg it's only Tuesday. I was wondering if you had any parties to attend this week I would definitely be available."

“Oh oh well thank you Free but nothing on the calendar for the next couple of weeks my dear."

Free was desperate “How about a private event?” she asked regretting the words as they came out of her mouth.

Mark on the other hand was excited. “Well I can always use some private time Free.”

“Okay, great,” she said nervously.

“And just what is it you're looking for?”

Free drew a blank. She wasn't sure of how this part of the business worked and Mark was aware of that.

“Listen you show up things hit off between us I will make you a very very happy woman. Maybe something we can make a part of our -”

“No," Free interrupted. "I - I'm sorry Mr.Goldberg but this will be my first and last time. I have a son, school books, bills... I'm sorry I know I'm not supposed to be discussing this with you."

“No no you're perfectly alright. I understand. I wasn't always a billionaire Free. Look I help you to make enough tonight that you can go back to your regular dates and never have to do this again. You stood me up once before but it's something about you Free. We'll meet at the Radisson—say 9. And Free. If you stand me up again I'll have to report you to James this time”

She agreed and now here she stood staring in the mirror watching as not just one but two men caressed and licked all over body. She took in the image before her. Both men on their knees one tongue fucking her ass the other catching any juices he can from the front. She grabbed them both by the back of heads slowly grinding her pussy and ass into each gentleman's mouth. She looked so powerful, so in control. The sight alone was turning her on and she could see the excitement of her new adventure as it squirted across Jacobs lips.

“Enough! Get on the bed!” Jacob demanded. Free turns to head to the California King size bed and Jacob grabs her arm.

“Nah nah not you not just yet.”

Just then she sees Mark finally out of his monkey suit and stripped down to his undershirt and socks lying across the bed.

She reaches down to remove her heels.

“Keep those on," Jacob demanded.

Free climbed into the bed and crawled over to Mark giving Jacob a show of her creamy ass.

“Come give Daddy some of that sweet black pussy”

Free straddled Mark and for a moment her wetness was so intense she could barely feel him inside of her but she played the part. Grinding and moaning she watch the mirror as the seasoned gentleman fondled her breast and caressed her ass. She sees Jacob making his way into the party. He climbed into the bed and with slow passionate kisses to her back he lowered her closer to Mark making her ass available for him. He squatted behind the pair. Mark reaches around her derriere and spread her cheeks. Jacob entered her easing inch by inch into her ass. Free felt the double penetration and her body responded with a tingling down her spine. She spread her legs a little wider over the older of the two men making it an easy entry for their new partner.

“YES! YES! YES!" Free found herself shouting. She grinded harder on Mark as Jacob thrusted his dick in and out of her ass. He grabbed a hold of her breast and began to pound her ass. He could tell she wasn't a virgin back there but she felt so warm and tight almost as if it was made just for him. Free was so caught up in her double pleasure she never noticed a third gentleman entered the room. He walked around to the edge of the bed lifted her head by her hair and poured his erected penis into her mouth. He held the back of head so tight she could barely breathe. She managed to free one of her hands and grabbed the mystery guys dick. She allowed a wad of spit to fall from between her lips onto his dick. She drew him in as close to the threesome as she could as she began to sucking his dick.

The cute bun that once sat atop Free's head was now a matted mess of sweat and Lord only knows what else. She pulled the strange man's dick from her mouth and stole a glance at the mirror. It was the sexiest most intense thing she had ever been a part of. She loved seeing the men envelope her body, their lust over her was making her want to be the star of this show. She liked the way she looked and the feeling, well the feeling was fucking amazing. She moved her sweaty wet hair from her face and began to jerk off the unknown man as she continued to ride the senior and take the anal pounding from Jacob. She could feel the man in her rear, literally, expanding she knew he was about to burst.

He shouted as he jerked his wad on to her back. Smacking her ass he dismounted from the bed and headed straight for the shower.

“Come sit on Daddy's face!" Mark commanded. She slid off of the man almost concerned with the mess she had left on him below. Her thighs wore soaked with pussy juices as now Jacobs cum ran down her back and ass. Mark again did not seem to be bothered by the mess. She felt the old man would likely drown underneath her but she had a feeling he would not mind. He placed his tongue on her clit and guided Free's hip to fuck his face again. She leaned over just enough to place her entire treasure into his mouth. Not to be left out the unknown man began to rub his dick across her lips and in and out of her mouth as she moaned in pleasure from the oral loving she was receiving from the man underneath her. She gently fondled his balls as he now begins to fuck her face to a rhythm she can't catch. He grabbed her by the back of her head and stroked. Deep and hard. She felt him remove one hand as he began to climax into her mouth. He placed his finger on to her chin and motioned for her to close and swallow, she obeyed. The man slid out of the bedroom as sleek as he walked in. Just like that they were back to where they first began. She looked down at the man she was squatted over his eyes were still closed as he enjoyed her sweet nectar. She stole another look into the mirror assuming this will be one of the final images. Just then she heard the door open. Expecting to see the unknown man return she looked behind her- KEITH!

“No No No why is Keith there? How is Keith there?" Trinity's writing professor barked as flipped through the remaining pages.

She just shrugged her shoulders.

“You don't know? YOU DON'T KNOW?! You are on the trail to one the best short stories you've written all semester and Keith walks in? Do you not see how this is going in the wrong direction? You are a very bright, no extremely intelligent young lady Trinity. Your imagination is wild. I could probably not come up with this type of smut my first year in college but the you always lose me somewhere in the middle of your stories. We will meet again next week Trinity this time keep the sex lose the loser boyfriend okay.”

Trinity managed a smile and left the desk.

“Oh and Trinity leave the story. I'll mull over it see where we went left okay.”

“Thank you so much for your help again this week Mr. Bryan," she said as she exited the classroom.

Bryan waited for the door to slam shut as he got up dick rock hard and throbbing. Trinity was an excellent story writer.

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