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Midnight Wishes

The Curious Desires of a Virgin Heart

You know what I want … That unexplainable feeling of being embraced by you. That naughty sensation of you removing my clothes layer by layer. I like it when you do it. You save my underwear for last. I always feel like a princess when I am around you. You treat me like one. I wonder how it would feel? Placing your hand down there and touching me directly. I only get wet because of you. Even when I do it myself, I only feel it when I’m thinking about you. Your collarbone is the first part of your body that I fell in love with. Your navel, your stomach, your muscles, I have fallen in love with you once again. It scares me. No, that is not right. Rather, it really excites me. Do whatever you want to me until morning. The entrance to my palace is unlocked … I want to just close my eyes. And, I will see you in my dreams. 

I bare myself to you, my all. My most vulnerable moment, and in my embarrassment, I see your face. You are as flushed as the setting sun. Your gaze never meets mine. I know you feel that same nervousness as me. Is this right? Neither of us knows what we are doing. I want you. Do you want me? Your steady lips guiding their way down my slender frame. I can tell that you shook off your uneasiness. You were bold. Confident. Honest. I close my eyes and picture everything that I am feeling. You grab my face. “Open your eyes,” you tell me, “I want you to watch. I want you to witness everything that I am about to do to you.” Arousal and curiosity get the best of me. “Let us seal this moment with a contract” you say to me. I get confused, “A contract?” “Like this,” he begins writing some words across my breasts with his fingertip. I fix my gaze on you. You poke my nipple as if you were finishing your sentence with a period. “And now, for your signature,” you say. How am I suppose to sign? You forcefully grab my face and interlock your tongue with mine. You release me as I gasp for air. You bend down and whisper “Not yet” in my ear. 

Your words tickle my brain. You gave me a few minutes—just long enough for my body to calm down. I was blushing again. You flash me a wink, “Your lips will be on the dotted-line. Now with this contract, you are mine.” Fantasies were racing through my head. This foreplay was unbearable and cruelty teasing. My childhood friend, now caressing my naked body, has become a man. Then all at once, that tingling sensation I get from your fingers running up my inner right thigh and stopping right at my palace’s doors. You begin talking, “I love you. I can see only you”. I close my eyes while you continue, “So just for tonight, this is the only time that I will hurt you. Just hold on a bit. I am never going to give you a painful feeling again. Neither for your heart, nor for your body.” I clench your shoulders tight as you come close to me. Your body now resting firmly on top of mine. “Just for this moment—” I let out a whimper; you bury your head into the pillow that I was laying on. “—be wounded by me.” My back was automatically arching as I feel myself reaching my limit. My mind was screaming! I am not a virgin anymore … This was everything that I dreamed of. All of my hidden desires finally coming true. The real me, my truest form. Sexual tension is roaring through my veins. We lay there on the bed, look at each other completely nude and extremely vulnerable. “Women change because of sex. Every time I hold you, I make you even more beautiful. Is that my sin…?” Your words softly float through my core and melt my soul. Are we going to continue this wild curiosity that we have started? My heart is racing; my palms are sweating. This is no ordinary Harlequin romance, these are the desires of a virgin heart.

Robyn Welborne
Robyn Welborne

I am an aspiring creative writer who is currently working for my double Associate’s Degree in English. My writing has no limits and no filter. Anything and everything from all genres; if I think about it, then I will write it down. Enjoy!

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