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Michael, My Client

Miracle in a Mercedes

My shoes are rubbing the back of my feet raw. I'm still keeping my wits about me, though I barely got any sleep last night. Walking this strip is never safe, and in our line of work, you can't let your guard down.

The cover of darkness is making me look more appealing than I am. My make up could barely cover the purplish blue circles under my eyes, or the red mark on my cheek from last night's client. 

I light a cigarette off my girl's lighter, and we huddle together to share warmth. A whistle from a passing car puts my mind and body into action.

"Hey, honey..." The car slows and I keep on. "You want some company tonight?" 

His car slides up to the curb, and I lean my arms inside. He's barely 25, maybe. The interior of his Mercedes is well maintained. I put on my best smile. This boy's got paper.

He shoots me a devilish grin and says," I don't know, baby. How much you cost?" He thinks he's being flirty and I refrain my eye roll.

"Depends on what you want, babe." I put on my best sexy act. I'm not much older than him so I still have some of my body left. I flash as much of my chest as I can to give him a show of what he's purchasing.

He licks his lips and I see him flush with temptation. His face turns stern and he authoritatively says, "Get in." 

Without hesitation, we're on our way to his choice of destination. I'm actually excited about this client. He's very good looking and young. A breath of fresh air from my clients of late. I turn toward him and slide my fingers up and down his arm seductively.

He glances over at me and we make eye contact. His eyes are a bright blue. A sudden flash of the ocean goes through my mind. 

He deeply says, "Come here," and I'm in his lap while he's speeding down the street. My heart is racing from adrenaline. I can feel his chest thumping from under his shirt. I kiss his neck and lick at his ear. He lets out a low moan, and his velvety voice gets me wet.

I move my hands under his shirt, and his free hand grabs my chin and my mouth is on his. I drink him in deeply. He smells so good. He breaks away swiftly to get his eyes back on the road.

He puts his mouth to my ear and says, "Right now." 

My eyes widen and a laugh nearly escapes my lips as I reach for his pants. I straddle him and get his pants open to slip a condom on. Moving my panties over under my skirt, I slide him inside me.

We both let out a moan, and I go to work at what I'm good at. I'm breathing heavily and honestly surprised we're still speeding down the road. I actually cum for the first time in a long time, and he lets out that silky moan I've grown to like in our short time together.

I go to move off of him and his hand grips my thigh. 

Between breaths, he says, "Whoa, we're not done yet. I still have a lot of street still, and you're so wet and surprisingly tight that I'm not done with you yet." 

He's still inside me and we kiss deep. I replace the condom quickly and he's hard again, which gets me wetter. I'm liking this boy more than I should. 

We go at it a few more times, and the next time is even better than the last. Sweat is dripping down my chest, and he cums for the third time. He laughs the sweetest laugh I've ever heard  and kisses me. His grip on my thigh loosens and I know we're done. I move to my side of the car, and he adjusts himself. 

After I catch my breath, I put my clothes back into place. I roll down the window and the sweat on my body starts to dry. I need a shower. He's my first client of the night, and after that, he'll be my only one. I recognize the strip and he pulls up to the corner. I go to get out, and he grabs my wrist. I turn toward him as he places a money clip stuffed with hundreds into my hand. He closes my fist around the money and kisses the top of my hand. 

He grins up at me, still holding my hand and says, "That was as amazing as you are." He drops my hand and says, "One more thing." 

He pulls out a card from his wallet. "This is my number. Call me." I stuff the card into my shirt along with the money I haven't counted and he cups my chin for one last kiss.

I get out of his car and he speeds away. I walk to the building in front of me and lean against the wall. I pull the card out of my shirt and read it.

Michael Jones, CEO, Jones Corp.

My mouth drops open. He's the son of the richest man in the city. I'm shell shocked and still euphoric. My heart jumps as I pull out my phone on my way to my apartment.

"Hey, Mr. Jones. Thanks for the amazing night. <3"

I don't usually do this. All my walls and rules have come crumbling down. My phone dings.

"Hey, beautiful. Thanks for your number. I'll find you again soon."

I smile. I should be weirded out or freaked, but I'm not. I've honestly never felt so comfortable about a client in my life. I lock up my apartment and wash the night off of me. I can still smell him on my clothes as I toss them in the wash and lay down for the morning.

It's been a few days since Mr. CEO himself told me to get in his Mercedes. The money he put in my hand has kept me off the streets since. I couldn't believe that he gave me $3,000 for a couple hours of my time, and the best sex of my life.

I round the corner to go pick up a coffee from a local shop, and run into a familiar scent. I quickly apologize and look up. Those blue eyes meet mine and for the first time, I'm blushing. 

He says, "Hello again, beautiful."

I tuck my hair behind my ear embarrassed, but remember I'm wearing a new modest outfit, thankfully. Courtesy of his generosity.

I reply, "Hey you. How have you been?" 

He smiles down at me before replying, "I'm very well, actually, thanks to our little get together the other night." He laughs and says, "Hey, you want to get some coffee?" I look at him surprised. I've never been asked to do anything non sexual in a very long time.

I reply, "That sounds great. I was just on my way to my favorite shop if you'd like to join me." 

He intertwines my hand with his and we fall into step together.

Coffee goes so well I start to get a little confused. Not scared, just confused. He's just recently inherited his father's company and he's 25, a year younger than me. He doesn't pry me for information about myself, and I'm so relieved. This guy is way to good for me, and halfway through the coffee "date" my fight or flight sense kicks in. I push it to the back of my mind because my gut is telling me everything's okay.

We finish our coffees, and we exit out the back of the coffeehouse to the alleyway. He leads me to a desolate part of the alley and my heart starts racing. I know what we're doing and I want it so bad.

He pushes me up against the brick building, and pulls my panties down. He pockets them, I wrap my legs around his hips, and he takes me right there. Every thrust makes me writhe in pleasure. His lips push hard against mine. I cum twice before he does, and I place my feet back on the ground, straightening my skirt. 

He holds my hand as we walk toward the street. 

He asks, "What's your name? No fake name either, I want your real name." His eyes glance over at me as we walk and I pause for a minute before I answer.

"Elizabeth Marshal." I swallow. I haven't said that name in so long it sounds foreign. A name that belonged to a girl with a nice family, a happy family. A girl who grew up on the beach in a big, beautiful house, to two amazing parents. A girl who watched her mother fight for her life, but eventually succumb to an illness that no 5k or donations could cure. A girl who left at 17-years-old as her father drank himself into poverty and starvation. That girl seemed far away.

My thoughts jump back to the present as we stop in front of his beautiful, black Mercedes. I look inside and the interior is even more amazing in the daylight.

Michael breaks the silence, "Well, Elizabeth Marshal. Would you like to come home with me?" 

I turn to look at him. I feel like I should snap back at what sounds like an insulting question. Every attitude inside me wants to retort with disdain. Asking me to come home with him like I'm an abandoned puppy that needs to be rescued, but I don't. I let out a breath I didn't realize I'd been holding. 

I reply, "For now." 

He opens the door for me and I get inside. I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm curious to see where this unknown part of my life leads. After all, what do I have to lose?

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Michael, My Client
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