Me, Pam, and Molly

We met on an adult film set...

The “typewriters” sound was what alerted me when I got an email on my phone. I got the notification and given how OCD I am I always immediately check and clear those fucking red dots off of my homescreen. Whenever I saw from “Andrews” I got excited and for good reason. Why, you ask? Well because every time I got an email from this guy it meant that I was being offered anywhere from $350 to $1000 to have sex with an attractive girl ranging in ages between 18 and 24 usually. The subject line would usually have a name with a two digit number next to it that meant her age. This particular email read “Pam 24.” The body of the email would say something to the effect of “new to business, recently tested, local and wants to shoot asap.” There would be an average of 5 nude pictures in several different positions for me to base my decision to shoot with her or not on.

“Pam” was gorgeous. She had bleach blonde hair, straight. Piercing blue eyes and beautifully straight white teeth that smiled right through you if you could actually look back at her long enough without looking away from how nervous I imagine she made some men. Not me. I knew she chose to do the shoot after seeing my picture so I already knew she wanted to fuck. Besides, she was about to get paid too. That made that industry so much fun to be in. There was absolutely no need to be nervous about anything. I wasn’t anyway. I have to say that I truly loved it.

I called my producer who’d sent me the email and we discussed the details. He was an older guy probably late fifties at most, overweight and not the best looking guy by any standards. He was more like the infamous villain in the old Batman television series, Penguin, than anything else I can compare him to. He wasn’t evil though, he was one of the nicest guys I knew. That said, he did have a thing for very young women. He pretty much used me to get them to commit to shooting his very low budget amateur porn.

The way it worked was he’d troll sites like Model Mayhem for young women that he found attractive and reach out to them. He was up front about the work entailed however he only used footage from the scenes that I was in. He would always film three scenes and the parties involved would naturally assume that all of the edited footage would be showcased on his site. Not the case. The first scene was a 60 minute blowjob which was always performed on his partner, Jack. It was filmed POV style which means point of view. I’d been told by countless girls with whom I’d performed with that his dick was hard to see without laughing because of how small it was and apparently he stunk. Fucking awful. The second scene was the young woman and Penguin fucking for however long it took him to cum. That scene was basic and most of the time missionary preceded by him receiving oral sex. The only thing I heard about Penguin was that he said the most absurdly unsexy things during sex. I imagine that being the case because of how unsexy he was. I’m sure I could recite the recipe for Mexican Wedding Cookies and make it the hottest thing a woman has ever heard because I’m sexy and I have good dick. Just sayin…

Now, the third shoot. The real shoot. The only shoot starred myself. So the way it went down was Penguin would inform the potential talent of the three shoots and send them my pictures. They’d assume that that each scene of the three was with me and they’d agree. Once they arrived Jack and Penguin were there like “Hi are you ready to shoot?” At this point the girls were already there and have most likely spent their earnings in their minds so they all go through with it. Anyway now you have a decent idea of what this whole thing looks like. Back to the story story.

So as I perused the pictures of Pam posing in some very intriguing positions with very little clothing on in most of them and no clothes in the rest, I call Penguin. He greets me as usual by saying “Hey guy!” hahaha... such a scumbag! A really sweet guy though. He goes on to tell me that the “Pam shoot” is actually a Pam & other girl shoot. That means that now I have to have no strings attached sex with TWO random hot girls that are barely legally permitted to drink for double the normal rate because of all of the extra work involved... DARN! I try my hardest to react as if this was the equivalent to hearing bad news to help justify that he pay me even more money and I guess I did ok because he did. I agree to the terms and the date is set.

The day of the shoot I would usually take off from my normal work as a freelance private fitness coach and leisurely take the train from New York Penn to Trenton NJ. The shoot was typically at a 3-4 star hotel and lasted around an hour and a half start to finish. This one was a little different. I took a few clients that morning and with that and the shoot I would easily clear over $1200 for the day. Most would consider me extremely lucky given my earnings for the day and what I did to attain it.

I told the 2015 Playboy centerfold to do planks and other core exercises for an hour or so first. Then I went uptown to see my second client who would consistently ask if she could suck my dick instead of workout that day and that it was ok if I deducted a session from her package if I took her up on it. After I trained her I had a light lunch and made my way to the train. Penguin was waiting for me at the Trenton transportation center an hour and a half later when I arrived. Pam and girl two who I’ll call Pam as well were at the hotel getting hair & make up for me to destroy with sex shortly. I arrive.

It used to be surreal walking into that atmosphere but it honestly became novel to me. It was still very fucking cool though. So I walk in and the Pams are both in lingerie and crawling all over the king size bed showing one another their shoes. Penguin and Jack were sitting at the two person table mesmerized by the two girls whose combined ages didn’t equal close to one of theirs. Penguin then asks Pam, “Are you religious?” Exactly. What the actual fuck why would you ask that question in this context you bumbling idiot?! She didn’t run out of the room in tears because she was just reminded of her faith and the blasphemous and sinful act she was about to commit. She was very nonchalant in her reply “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.” I immediately knew that she had been involved in some kind of 12 step fellowship as that exact phrase was recited very often regarding many members position on spirituality. We instantly connected.

The shoot began and it was even better due to the rapport between the Pam and I. I could get into details but let’s just say that two young women and myself had an amazingly debaucherous encounter and were generously rewarded for our efforts. The scene ended and everyone began gathering their things and preparing to leave when Pam asked me how I was getting back to New York. “Train.” I replied and she immediately insisted on giving me a ride to which I accepted. The conversation was effortless for the entire ride back and we had a refreshing chemistry. We agreed that we should stay in touch, she dropped me at home and parted ways for the night.

I’ve never been one to wait to call a woman if I was interested and it never made sense to me to play those games. I called her to make plans and we did. The ice was broken to the point that it melted into water and it was now boiling. Our sexual dynamic was on another level. We engraved in an hour or so of spoiling one another with a coconut oil massage followed by a primal fuck that most only fantasize about. Our pillow talk consisted of her expressing how unfortunate it was that due to my position as a recovering addict that I couldn’t partake in some Molly together. I agreed and what a stupid fucking thing to do although I absolutely do not regret it at all.

I told her that if at some point in our time together she subtly dropped some pure MDMA into my coffee or tea that it wouldn’t be considered a relapse. She agreed of course. I did not however, run that scenario by anyone who actually had experience with recovery from addiction. Why? Simple. If I had, they might have been able to talk me out of that deranged way of thinking. Bottom line was that I wanted to use MDMA and fuck this girl & make love to this girl. I wanted to manhandle this girl into the kind of pleasure that only a man of my size and strength could while I wanted to caress her so gently that she hardly felt it... but she felt it. So yeah, that.

We made plans to attend an event at a venue in New York that had since closed. It was called “La Trapeze” and it was the most well known clubs of its kind by people in “The Life.” That’s what swingers call their lifestyle. She drove into the city a few hours prior and she got ready at my place. Of course that took almost all of those hours and I didn’t mind a bit. She looked amazing. It was as if she’d been in film or I’d recognized her from somewhere unattainable and now, there she stood... applying eyelashes as one of the finishing touches of her look for the night. She had a silver sequined mini dress that literally hung perfectly over ever part of her body like it was water trickling over each inch of her. I then announced in a very unnecessary way that I was getting a shower as I exaggerated my movement while placing my mug of ginger tea on the kitchen counter. I was instructing her passively to drug me. Not a word was spoken about it but it was very clear to her that she should commence to lacing my tea the moment the bathroom door shut. I heard the clanking of a spoon against the inner walls of that dark green mug sharply. The details are so clear because this was a very meaningful happening. To clarify, meaningful does not necessarily equate to positivity and it most certain did not.

I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself. Pam was sitting on the edge of my bed and her expression suggested that we just begin our night right then and there. I turn my back to her and pick up my mug of tea and guzzle its contents. I get dressed and I tell her to call a car. It arrives and we make our way out of my building. The cold air hits my skin and the temperature change triggers a flood of euphoria. My whole body feels like it’s cumming and I just want to protect her so gently. Our eyes meet and we kiss lazily as we are driven to the venue. My skin is warm yet damp and it’s all so fucking sexy. I put my hand between her legs and I press two fingers into her glistening wet pussy and she sighs into my face and licks my mouth so softly. The car stops and we glide to the address of the party. We arrive and the mood is an elevated yet calm mixture of danger and safety but we have one another to look after and we both just feel an immense amount of infatuation. I’d never see her in that way again but that night we were madly in love and our relationship was perfect. We spent the remainder of the weekend enthralled in each other’s lust and fulfilled fantasy after fantasy. I don’t even know how much of it was real given how distorted my reality was because of the MDMA. After the weekend we lost touch in a way... there’s more to the story but these are supposed to be short, right?

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