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'May I Kiss Your Feet?' (Part Two)

First time foot cookie discovers the eroticism of feet.

It was clear from the look that Marcus gave me that he was surprised I was now willing to let him kiss my feet since I had initially been negative. He asked if I was able to take a break. It was my turn to be surprised.

"You want to kiss my feet NOW? Here?"

He nodded as he said, "Yes, please," and I impulsively rationalized that it couldn't take any longer than a restroom break, and nodded my head.

I asked if he was going to have his friends wait, and he shook his head as he walked out to the car where they waited, all of them still laughing because he had asked to kiss my feet. He said something to them, and they all stopped laughing, now staring, actually gawking at me. He pointed firmly in the direction of the street, and they pulled away, craning their heads around as Marcus returned to the store.

"Thank you, Miss Lara," he said after reentering.

Conflicting thoughts and emotions surged up, and I pushed them away. He asked if there was a place that I could lie down somewhat. There were about 24 cases of Gatorade in the long storage of the other building, and many of us had taken a few minutes in there to rest, and some had used it for "other purposes." Having my feet kissed was somewhere on the spectrum...

I grabbed the signs to hang on the doors letting customers know the store was closed while I used the restroom and locked one door, and then the other from the outside. I took a deep breath, and we got to the storage and entered without a single customer driving onto the property.

I grabbed one of the station jackets, folding it to use like a pillow, then sat down, unsure what to do. Marcus said, "You only need to have your shoes and socks off," but when I started to take off the first shoe, he said, "Let me," then told me to lie back.

He was shaking as he took the first shoe from my foot, and then the sock, setting them aside and rubbing the bottom of my foot against his cheek. An odd sound came out of him, and he removed the other shoe and sock more quickly, then rubbed his face hard against the soles of my feet.

It felt good. Really good. He set my feet down and began to take off his pants.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

His response, and the bulge in his briefs, were my first real indicator that this was more than a simple caress.

"I just don't, um, I don't want to get anything on my jeans..."

He spoke as he pulled them off and cast them onto a box, then immediately took my closest foot up to his face, inhaling as he opened his mouth at the arch, simultaneously sucking and working his tongue there. I was unprepared for a jolt of pure pleasure that surged through me, especially between my legs, and my breathing changed, becoming more shallow as he mouthed my foot with a sensuality that had me panting and squirming. His eyes remained closed for most of it, fluttering once or twice in obvious ecstasy.

My own hips strained and danced around a little, and I knew my panties were wet. I tried to stay quiet, hearing my own little whimpers as he licked and sucked.

When he got to my small toe, he opened his eyes and looked into mine, then snaked his tongue between that toe and the next one, moving it back and forth, licking and touching thoroughly before taking the wee toe in and sucking it. Then the next toe, too, taking his time dragging the surface of his tongue in the sensitive area, then flicking the underside at the most tender spot.

I reached for him as I climaxed, crying loudly in a snarl, and his eyes flashed. He loved watching, obviously, briefly stopping with a slight smile to see my reaction.

It was the most powerful feeling ever; all because he was touching my feet.

Continued in part three...

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'May I Kiss Your Feet?' (Part Two)
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