Lovers Weekend Away - 5

The Pool

We were hot from our romp on the balcony and we decide to find the pool. We put on our swim suits and a shirt and head to the elevator. We find the pool but the sign on the door says closed. With disappointment you grab the handle to shake it.....the door pops open. We look at each other in excitement.

We walk's dark, really dark. We throw our towels on a chair and take off our shirts. Holding hands for orientation we climb into the pool. You pull me close to you. My legs wrap around your waist and arms around your neck...lips around your lips, I still haven’t gotten enough. You pull the strings holding my suit on, it falls off into the water. As it floats off me, you grab it and throw it to the chair holding our towels. I slide out of my bottoms and you kick yours off, too, tossing them to the side.

Just then we hear the door crack open and a stream of light from the hall fills the space. You wrap around me to cover me up. As we scramble to the side of the pool a couple peeks around the corner. We stop in our's the couple that was watching us on the balcony. They are holding a bottle of wine. They ask if it's possible to join us for a swim.

"They're a cute couple... probably in their late 20's with rock hard bodies. "I'm in if you're in," I whisper to you, winking. "That is, if you don't mind sharing me a little." Looking at you, I wondered if you realized they were a lesbian couple. From across the atrium, I had assumed the person with the buzzed haircut was a man but now that I see her up close I can see that she's a very beautiful woman. Guess you'll figure it out when she takes her shirt off, I giggle to myself.

"You're welcome to join us but I have to warn you, we're naked in here," you whispered loudly across the pool so they could hear you. 

"Oh we know... we've been watching you two all evening," A woman’s voice whispers in a soft, sweet voice. I see your head snap around, you look at me with wide, excited eyes. As a smile spreads across your face I know that you figured out it was a lesbian couple. "Dibs" you mutter under your breath and I let out a giggle, unable to hold back. 

The girls slid into the deep end of the pool and swam over to us in the shallow end. The girl with the buzz cut grabbed me around the waist, pulling me away from you, and set me on the edge of the pool. Putting my knees over her shoulders, she buried her tongue deep in my pussy. "Guess I'm cuter," I say, winking at you before laying back on the side of the pool and enjoying myself. 

The blonde girl led you to the top step. As soon as you sat down she started swallowing your throbbing cock. The more I watched you getting sucked while I was getting sucked, the more turned on I got. Waves of pleasure flowed from my toes to my fingertips as an orgasm bubbled up from deep down. I cried out and squirted all over her face. Now I need to be fucked, I think to myself. 

I get up, grab your hand and pull. "Sorry honey, I need some," I say to the blonde as she backs away from your cock. I lead you over to a lounge chair, the kind that lays flat on both ends. I climb on top of you and guide your cock into my dripping, pulsing pussy. I ride you hard and fast for a minute before the girls decide to come join us. 

The buzz cut climbed on top of you and lowered her pussy onto your waiting mouth. As she rode your face the blonde pulled a chair up next to us. She grabbed your hand guiding it up her thigh until your fingertips were right at her pussy. You pinched her nub and forced your thumb quickly in and out. I played with the blonde's nipples with one hand and the buzz cut's with the other hand, taking turns nibbling on their nipples, too.

You grunt, starting a chain reaction which makes me feel pleasure waves begin to build again, deep inside. The buzz cut riding your face bucks harder and lets out little gasps of pleasure. The blonde riding your fingers starts to grunt. Sounds like we're all on the edge when finally the orgasm escapes me. I moan loudly, adding to the chorus of gasps, moans and cries of pleasure as we all erupt, cuming. 

Just as quickly as they had joined us they were leaving us. On the way out the door the buzz cut yelled... "Hey, our boyfriends are going to be here tomorrow if you wanna do it again."  We look at each other in surprise as the door swings shut and we crack up laughing. 

With you still inside of me I lay down on top of you. My lips find yours and I can taste the buzz cut girl on your tongue. Nibbling on your ear I whisper, "You want to take this upstairs?"

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Jen’s Curious

I’m a closet nympho who works out her built up sexual aggression by writing erotica short stories & collections about fantasies. Let me tickle your mind for a minute. 

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