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Lovers Weekend Away - 2

The Next Morning

As the first little stream of sunlight seeps through the curtains we lay in bed naked, legs intertwined, me half laying on you with my head on your chest. I think about last night, the train ride, the all night love making session... the things we did to each other and I burrow into your chest smiling, enjoying your warmth as the crisp morning air surrounds me.

Last night was so much fun... and yet I still haven't gotten enough of you. I rub my wrists seeing a little bit of red rug burn on them from pulling against the ties you used.... they are a little bit sore, but it was worth it. I've never had someone tie me up before, the feeling of having no control, of surrendering completely was amazing.

The way you dove in, lapping up my pussy, churned my insides like I’ve never felt before.... the toys you brought to please me... I've never experienced anything like that, it was amazing. You're so uninhibited, so different in the bedroom than what I'm used to. Since last night was all about pleasing me, this morning is going to be all about pleasing you.

Thinking about all the ways you touched me, kissed me, caressed me... it makes my insides flutter and I grind my pussy into your leg as my sex drive finishes waking up. Mmmm. Morning sex, when all the little nerve endings are just waking up... it’s the best time for wrestling around between the sheets.

You reach over and call room service to bring us some breakfast... waffles with whipped cream on the side. You put your arms around me and your leg wraps me in tight... “Good morning,” you say squeezing me tight. Looking at the marks on my wrists you say, “You know... you wouldn't have these marks on your wrists or the marks on your ass if you had behaved.”

“I know, but it's much more fun when I misbehave,” I reply giggling.

I reach under the covers and find your morning wood standing at full attention like a military salute. “Well hello friend, I bet your sore this morning after that workout last night,” I say as I gently stroke your engorged cock, playing with the sticky precum seeping out your head.

“Not yet,” you say as you pull me up so I'm on top of you laying skin to skin. Just as your cock is sneaking between my legs there's a knock at the door... room service.

I hop up, grab your shirt off the chair and throw it on buttoning a couple buttons to cover me as I open the door. As they wheel in the cart I notice that when you ordered the whipped cream on the side they deliver it to you with the whole can. Smiling, I think to myself... that's going to come in handy. I tip the bellhop and grab the can walking him to the door.

I shake the can for a minute then spray out a line around each breast and a little dollop on each nipple. I pull the sheets down exposing your naked body. You try to protest and grab at the sheet, but I'm too fast and before you get a grip, the sheet is on the floor and you are exposed.

Starting at your chest I spray a little line of whipped cream, I run it down your stomach and end with a ring around your fabulous throbbing cock. Dropping the can on the floor I climb on top of you, on all fours, above you, so I'm not actually touching you, I'm over you.

Smiling I give you a little kiss before I start licking the whipped cream off of your chest. I inch forward until my breasts almost touch your face. You hungrily suck the whipped cream off my nipples and lick it off of each tit burying your face, nuzzling deep between my breasts.

I inch down your body slowly licking off the whipped cream, stopping every few inches to kiss you with the sweet taste in my mouth. I inch down to your cock and admire it for a minute before I gently wrap my fingers around it and begin licking the base. I lick all the way around the base of your shaft as I pump my hand quickly up and down spreading your precum until your cock is covered. I flick my tongue on your head and take you fully into my mouth sucking intently as I pump up and down. You let out a moan when you feel your cock hit the back of my throat.

I stop and lay on my back next to you motioning for you to come to me. You comply rolling on top of me and the head of your cock slides into my pussy. You thrust into me deeply and feel my walls squeezing your shaft tightly as you pull out and thrust again, your head hits my cervix and I let out a moan. You thrust again, my walls squeeze you almost painfully. I pull you out and aim you up to my tits.

"I'd like a pearl necklace..." I whisper squeezing my breasts around your sticky but slick cock. Slowly at first, you slide your cock between my tits, pull back and thrust again this time hitting my chin with the head of your cock. I pinch my nipples and lick the head of your cock when you thrust, tasting a salty but sweet mixture of our juices.

You pick up speed and intensify your thrusts as my tits envelop your cock. When your head hits my lips I give it a quick suck and a flick of the tongue before you pull back for the next thrust. You moan out thrusting faster and faster until finally an orgasm starts to build deep inside you.

Unable to hold back any longer, you cry out as hot cum shoots up your shaft, onto my lips, into my mouth. You keep thrusting back and forth and the last streams of cum shoot all over my tits. I wipe the little bit off that hit my chin and lick my finger before rubbing the rest of your cum all over my chest. 

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Lovers Weekend Away - 2
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