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Lover's Crest: Part Four

This story is a continuation from 'Promise To Be Tender.'

"Mac? Mac, I love this room. I love our room. I love this place. This property is quite special, and it should have a special name, really."

We were lying in the large bed, holding each other, and her statement made me realize I hadn't told her the name.

"It has a very special name, Kris." I held her closer, my still hard-as-steel dick making sure it was present and accounted for. I stayed on the subject.

"The name is 'Lover's Crest'."

Her whole face smiled. It was beautiful, but, of course, I'm biased. I had gone completely asshole over appetite for Kris. She said the name quietly, then repeated it, smiling and rolling back and forth in the big bed, laughing.

"Lover's Crest... Lover's Crest! " She laughed some more, then stopped, looking at me, her expression all at once soft, sweet, serious and silly.
My heart hammered, and the pressure to completely have her throbbed between my legs, visible to her.

"Mac, make love to me," said Kris.

It all fell away right then; the fears, the pretext, the what-ifs; I was suddenly above her, my mouth firm and demanding on hers, then soft and tender. Her legs opened beneath me, and I angled myself so that the bottom of the length of my penis lay on the ample moisture of her vulva. I slowly moved my hips up and down, not entering her, but sliding up and down, rubbing the soft, silken interior of the lips, and allowing the head of my dick to stroke across and bump on her clit repeatedly.

Kris and I locked eyes, and I kept moving slowly and deliberately within those exterior velvet folds around her vaginal entrance. Kris' hips rocked in compact thrusts in rhythm with me. She held my shoulders, never taking her eyes from mine, and climaxed, crying out and calling my name, then climaxed again. As she began to have a third orgasm, more powerful than the previous two, I pulled back and entered her, bearing down into the firmness of her vaginal grip. Kris peaked, and I felt her orgasm, the wondrous muscles inside her body bringing brilliant pressure around me. She was crying out, her body moving instinctively, claiming a series of climaxes as I continued to love her deeply, completely. I lowered my upper body, putting my hands in hers, spreading them away from her above her head as only my hips continued to move, and I kissed her moaning, crying lips. I put my head down next to hers, but with my face in her beautiful hair, then kissed her neck.

I slowed, delaying my own release, then stopped, still fully hard within her. I lifted my face and kissed her, and she was breathless, crying, delirious. I brought her arms down, and wrapped my own around them, the fullness of my body on hers, and in hers. I started to once again move only my hips, going in gentle circles, then longer movements in and out. Kris raised her legs more, and wrapped them around me, causing me be to be deeper yet in her, swallowed in the delight of her, and I never wanted us to end.

Kris was crying.

"I love you, Mac." Her voice was raspy, passionate, and quiet in my ear.

"Oh, Kris! Oh, Kris, I love you." I sobbed as I came deep inside of her, holding her tightly, and the pain from my past that had kept my heart, mind, body, and soul from loving another woman was gone. It was gone.

The peace and love of Kris had healed me, and I showered her face with my tears and kisses, tasting the salt of her own on my lips.
We stayed wrapped in our lover's embrace; smiling, laughing, and crying.

Soon, sleep came over us as we lay there, belonging fully to one another, spending the first night in our new home... Lover's Crest.

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Lover's Crest: Part Four
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