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Love, Lust, and Lies Chapter 4


As the week went on, Cassie became more and more nervous and doubtful. Her over active brain began forming hundreds of possible reasons why Andrew hadn't given her a definite answer there and then. The main reason which was winning out was that she had caught him so off guard that he hadn't known how to react, maybe he hadn't thought anything more of their acquaintance and so Cassie's sudden revelation knocked him for six? Round and round these thoughts went, one minute she was sure, the next she was doubtful again, it was tiring! One thing was for certain, when Saturday came around again, the butterflies in her stomach were having a full on rave, making her feel a little sick as she drove to the gym.

Strangely when she pulled into the car park, Andrew's car was already there. She wasn't there any later than usual and normally he was a while after her. "That's odd," she thought and this did nothing to calm her nerves any. She walked into the gym with wobbly legs, he wasn't on the mats which she was actually relieved about as she went to begin her stretches and warm up. She had decided it was best for him to approach her now, she didn't want to appear desperate after all. Though she certainly was desperate for an answer!

She was part way through her stretching routine when a familiar voice greeted her, she looked up and there he was, sat next to her smiling that relaxed smile as though he certainly wasn't worrying all week. 

"Hi," she said back. "How are things?"

"Good thank you, I think we need to talk don't we?"

"Umm yeah, I guess you've thought about what I said last week?" Cassie replied nervously, her stomach in knots.

"Of course, I've given it a lot of thought! It was very flattering" her heart started to sink, so here was the rejection then.

He went on "But you have to understand there are two things I'm concerned about, one I'm much older than you and two, I'm married."

It felt as though Cassie's stomach had fallen out, married? What! She had been so sure he wasn't, he didn't wear a ring after all.

"Oh, I didn't realise you were married! Sorry" she said, blushing and feeling so foolish. He was obviously letting her down gently then.

"Yes I am and she trains here too."

Bang another massive revelation that sent Cassie reeling, "She trains here! oh God, I've made a massive fool of myself" she thought. 

"I didn't realise that, I mean, I don't care about the age thing but obviously you're married so you can't, that's fine, I'm sorry" she was blabbering on now and felt stupid.

"It's not that I can't, or won't, its just that you need to know the score" he replied evenly. "You have to understand what I can and can't offer, that's all."

Now she really was reeling, so he was suggesting he did want to pursue something with her... but what was that if he was married? Could she be the other woman? A mistress?

"Maybe we should talk about this away from the gym, as I said my wife trains here and lots of people know me so it isn't safe, do you have a mobile number?" he enquired.

"Oh, umm, yes of course. How should I... "

"Write it down for me and you can pass me it when no ones looking, then I will call you in the week."

Cassie was in a strange kind of trance as she went to her locker, ripped some paper out of her diary and wrote her number down. Her hands were shaking and adrenaline was coursing through her veins, she had no real idea what she was doing, he was married for goodness sake! But for some reason she couldn't entertain the idea of stopping, he had a magnetic pull on her, she had to see where it went.

He was still on the mats when she went back in, the small piece of paper folded neatly in her palm, out of sight of anyone else. She sat back down and looked around, suddenly it felt like the gym was overcrowded and that all eyes were on them. Which one was his wife? After all she had no idea who she was, what if she saw? 

"Do you have it?" Andrew broke her out of her reverie.

"Yes but how should I pass it to you?"

Andrew picked up a kettlebell from behind him and put it between them, "Put it underneath there in a moment, then I'll pick it up."

Cassie did as she was told, sliding the paper under the kettlebell quickly before anyone could see, a few moments later, Andrew picked the kettlebell up and then the paper, which she just noticed him slip into his jacket pocket. He shot her a stunning, cheeky smile and she melted again, "I'll call on Monday night when I'm away from home."

"Ok, great," she smiled back, wanting to voice how excited she was but unable to frame the words, it had all happened so quickly.

"I'm looking forward to it," he replied.

Chapter 5 coming soon.

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Love, Lust, and Lies Chapter 4
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