Love Lost but Found

A glimpse into the love of Kelsey and Allen.

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Kelsey had been feeling low for a few years now. Ten years ago, she couldn't stop thinking about one guy that had her affections. His name was Allen. She claimed he stole her heart, and now she was back in his life. Or so she thought...

Kelsey Jones knew one thing...that her love life was in shambles. Her current boyfriend Derek was just not fulfilling her. So, she did what any woman would do in her situation. Since she couldn't show Derek how to touch her, she went to find love elsewhere. And that's when she met back up with Allen.

Allen was a typical forty-something male who married who he thought was the love of his life. He's always going to love his wife, according to the wedding vows, but he wasn't in love with her anymore. He got a hold of Kelsey one day on FacetHook, a networking website where you meet new people or find old ones.

Kelsey heard a ding go off on her computer. She saw that Allen Smith messaged her with “Hi.”

“What in the hell...what's he trying now? I left him alone like his wife asked me to.” She typed into the instant message “Hi.” She waited a few minutes for his reply.

“How are you?” Allen asked her as if he didn't know she knew she hurt him a long time ago.

“I'm fine. Taking it easy and not overworking myself. My depression has gotten worse over the years.”

“Was it me?”

“No. Not you. A long story. I think it would be best if we meet up. I missed you terribly.”

“Ok. Are you busy tomorrow?”

“No. I'm at home all day.”


She gave him her address and he put a thumbs up sign in reply. “I can't wait to see you. But, I want to take it slow with you. Maybe buy me dinner first?”

“I can do that. But I haven't gotten any in a few years.”



“Ah.” She slowly realized that he may have thought of her as a booty call or one night stand. “So, what time will you be over in the morning?”

“Not too early. It takes me an hour to come from where I live to you.”


“The county above your county.”

“Interesting. Ok. Talk to you tomorrow, then.”

“Ok. Good night.”

* * * * * *

The next morning, Kelsey woke up four hours later. It was 7:30 and she turned on her phone just to see if Allen had messaged her. He didn't, so she texted him “Good morning.”

It wasn't but seconds later that Kelsey got a reply back from him. “Hi! Give me your address again. I'm in your county.”

She gave him her address again. “Wow! Already?”

“I want to see you.”

“I want to see you, too. I am still in bed.”

“Can I nap and cuddle with you?”

“Yes. Let me know when you get here.”

“Will do.”

About an hour later, Kelsey was in the bathroom when Allen popped up. “Hey, I'm here.” She quickly typed back “Give me a minute” and headed out of the bathroom.

She rushed down the stairs, dressed in a thin white t-shirt and tight cotton capri pants. She opened the door, and there was Allen, standing there and holding a bag of something to eat and had a smile on his face. “Hi!”

“Hi to you!” She stepped back to allow him to come in and she shut the door. Not wasting any more time, she wrapped her arms around him. Suddenly, she felt the same feelings she had for him years ago.

They headed up the steps to the dining room and immediately Kelsey had her arms back around him. He moved his hands slowly to her sides, gasping slightly at the way she felt against his hands. He moved his hands to the small of her back and down to her butt, rubbing it.

Kelsey grinned and looked up at Allen. He leaned down and she leaned up, kissing each other slowly. She pulled away and gasped. “Oh my God!” she said, once their lips parted.

Allen smiled. “Yea. That was incredible.”

She then took his hand and led him into the bedroom. “You said you wanted to nap and cuddle with me. So, let's do that.”

“Yea. Your breakfast can wait.”

She didn't reply, as she started up kissing him again. They quickly parted lips and she grabbed two more pillows for him to put his head on and she got into bed. He followed her after he took off his jeans. He climbed into bed next to her and held her close to him. She sighed happily and they meshed lips again.

Four different positions and they finally had gotten done what she was waiting for, for years. She put her arms back around him and said in his ear “This feels right.” He didn't answer as he went back to kissing her. They then decided it was time for a second round. They went back to kissing and Allen stroked his member, preparing himself and then got her into position.

Suddenly, they heard voices and someone knocked on the door. “Just a minute,” Kelsey said hurriedly, as she scrambled to get the blanket over her and Allen. “Ok. Come in.”

The door opened and there stood Michelle. She had a confused look on her face. “I... Hi, Kelsey.”

“Hey.” She bit her lower lip, to keep from laughing hysterically.

“So, I'm gonna use the bathroom and then me and Terry are gonna hit a few puffs.”

“Ok. Oh! Michelle... Terry... this is Allen. Allen, these are two of my roommates. I have a total of five roommates altogether.”

“Wow,” was the only thing Allen said back. He then added, “Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” Michelle looked at Kelsey with a small grin and shut the door. Kelsey and Allen giggled.

“They weren't expecting you to have company?”

“Oh, I told them. They just don't pay attention.” She then smirked. “So, where were we?”

“Face your back towards me.” They ended up in that position alone until the door opened again, and in came Jocelyn, another one of Kelsey's roommates. Kelsey scrambled for the blanket again.

“Oh!! I didn't know you were still in bed, Kelsey.”

“Uh, yeah. But not sleeping.” Allen emerged from the blanket and waved at Jocelyn.

“Oh, wow! Oh, um, sorry. I will leave you two alone, then.”

Kelsey just nodded and Jocelyn shut the door. Once they got done their second round, Kelsey and Allen headed out to the dining room to become more social. Kelsey introduced Allen to Jocelyn. “I knew Allen since 2001. He was after me, but I couldn't give him the time of day because I was with someone else at the time.”

“Still are,” Allen added, “but just a different man.” He looked at Kelsey. “Where're the other two roommates?”

“Rachel is at work and Donna is with her.”

“Ah. That thing called work.” A little later, Allen said that he had to leave at 1. Kelsey didn't want to ask why. He said to her “I'm heading to the bed and nap.”

“Ok,” Kelsey said, and allowed him to go in alone. Once she knew he wasn't coming back out, she headed into the bedroom, seeing him laying down on the bed. She took off her shirt and pants and got into bed with him, snuggling her breasts against his back.

He slowly turned around and looked at her for a quick second. He then smiled and turned back around, his back to her. When he knew she wasn't gonna leave, he turned around and looked at her again. He then turned his whole body to face her. She leaned closer to his lips and they stayed that way for a few seconds.

Finally, Kelsey couldn't just let him go, without having sex one more time. “Third time's a charm, they say,” she said to Allen.

He laughed. “Yes. They do.” He got them both completely naked, tossing his shirt off. Kelsey finally managed to bring her hands up to the back of his head, holding his face close to hers. They kissed once more and then she moved her hands along his strong arms. They got done what needed to be done and he then looked at the time while they cuddled. “I gotta go. It's almost one.”

She frowned, coz she wasn't done with him. But there was time for more fooling around another day. She had some insecurities and was afraid that he wouldn't ever come back. In the back of her mind, that wasn't the case, but she had been burnt so bad in past relationships through the years that they didn't talk, that Allen had no idea what Kelsey had put up with.

They went outside to his truck and Kelsey came right up behind him. He sat down in the truck and she leaned over and kissed his lips again. He kissed her back and then she whispered these words to him: “I love you.”

Allen frowned at that. He didn't expect it to happen that quickly. But she wanted to tell him that for years. He couldn't say it back. Not right away.

Kelsey frowned right back. “Well, it's true. Did we just have sex or did we make love?”

Allen said “We made love. Sure.”

“Well, then? We made LOVE, then I LOVE YOU!”

He sighed. “I just had split with the wife. I don't live with her anymore, you know.”

“No. I didn't know that. I thought that's why you had to leave at one.”

“No. I just need to get home.”

“Ok. That's fine.” Before she could run back to him, she turned around, Jocelyn following close behind her. The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful. Except that Kelsey had gotten so depressed because he left, that she didn't want to go to sleep.

There was one thing that upset Kelsey the most: the text he sent that said “He still loved her,” meaning his wife. But he explained to her that he still loved her, but not like that way, anymore. Kelsey began to feel a little better.

* * * * * *

The next morning, Kelsey found herself sleeping next to Rachel. She groaned as she got up for the day. She had a really horrible night. Her hair looked like a nest egg.

Kelsey text Allen “Hi” and about an hour later he replied back to her, texting her “Hi.”

She then started having a conversation with him. When he did not answer her right away, she started to wonder if she said something that he felt was uncomfortable or he couldn't answer what she said, because he didn't know what to say.

Eventually, Allen texted her back with “Wow.”

“Yea. Wow. I really got hurt in the past. I want to keep you up to speed on what's been going on since you and I stopped talking.” She then said “But not on text. It has to be a phone call.” He said he would call later.

Sooner or later, Kelsey knew she could catch him. She could.

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