Loner's Retreat: Angelina & Julie, Part 3

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Her lips, their fullness, how her tongue felt flicking at her nub underneath the water, her smile, the way her blue eyes pulled you into her orbit refusing to let you go until she was done with youIt was all Angelina could think about for the past two days she wondered how she was going to keep it together during her birthday party tonight. Lucia and Dylan had planned the entire thing, complete with Dolly's favorite meal and dessert, even her favorite cocktails. Nothing she brought with her to the retreat seemed appropriate enough for the event and Angie sighed in frustration as she sat on the floor of their walk-in closet.

"Ang, are you ready?" her brother Miguel yelled the question from the other side of her door and Angie frowned. She was far from ready, but the skin tight purple dress Jules brought with her for a fun night out stood out to her, as it hung perfectly in her line of vision. Jules had yet to wear it since they had opposite work schedules back home but she was sure she wouldn't mind if she borrowed it. 

"Almost! Give me five minutes!" 

Angelina quickly stood up from her place on the floor and grabbed the dress. She decided not to wear the bra since the dress was backless but she did keep the black lace panties. Grabbing a pair of black stilettos, she looked at herself in the mirror one last time before she headed out of the room. The black eyeliner framed her hazel eyes in a smokey effect, enhancing the pools of gold and green, making her look as exotic as her makeup skills allowed her to. After she slipped on the heels, she turned off all the lights in the room, and closed her door. 

Most of the housemates were already in the main living area, except for Dolly. Cass was helping Jonas set up the bar and the music, while Dylan and Santana were busy with dinner in the kitchen. Miguel and Julie were sitting as far apart from each other as they could by the bar, which was nothing new to Angie. Her brother and her girlfriend never really hit it off. She'd ask why but she knew neither of them would talk. They were both equally stubborn and secretive, which got on her nerves on a regular basis. 

"Angie? Is that you?" Lucia's question captured Angie's attention, and everyone else's as well. Different pairs of eyes settled on her and she suddenly felt self-conscious about her choice of wardrobe for the night.

"Uh, yeah. Everybody's staring..." Angie swallowed hard as she greeted everyone with a small wave and a quick smile. Lucia chuckled in response and pulled her to the side by her arm. Her friend looked stunning as usual, in her little black dress and fire-engine red heels, with a perfectly shaped black-winged cat-eye and red lipstick. Lucia chose to wear her hair sleek and straight tonight and it framed her heart-shaped face beautifully. 

"That's because they're in the presence of a Goddess in the making." Lucia teased with a wink and Angie smiled at the thought. If someone like Lucia Johnson, the resilient beauty men and women everywhere fell head-over-heels for gave her that compliment, she had to consider the possibility that it was true. 

"Thank you. And you look stunning as always. Who's heart are you breaking tonight?" Angie teased back, Lucia grinning as her gaze slipped slightly over to Cass, who in return couldn't keep his eyes off her. Angie knew those two would get together eventually. Their chemistry was off the charts and it was obvious to anyone with half a brain. 

She just hoped no one would notice the shame Angie's been wearing like a latex suit since her incident with Dolly. 

"You look like you just killed someone's puppy. What's wrong?" her friend asked her and she wished she could unload this secret to her but she could be putting Dolly in a tough position with Lucia. They were still business partners after all and Dolly seemed like she still wasn't over her, romantically speaking anyway.

Every scenario in which Angie told someone the truth, she came out losing. For now, she'd just have to keep her secret to herself.

"Things are a bit rocky between me and Jules right now. With everyone actually. I haven't spoken to my Dad in a year..." Angie settled for another burden she could get off her chest. 

"Your brother mentioned something about him getting re-married. I got an invite to the wedding of the century." Lucia mentioned, rolling her eyes at her brother's exaggeration. Angie laughed and shook her head. Leave it to her brother to make a big deal out of nothing. It was a trait they both shared, but he had it the worst.

"Tell me how it goes." 

"You're not going? Not that I'm surprised but, you and your Dad were inseparable," Lucia reminded her and although it was true Angie and her Dad used to have a strong bond, it completely shattered when the reasoning behind the divorce finally came out.

"Let's not get depressed with the details. Where's the birthday girl?" Angie asked, purely out of curiosity and an ache in the pit of her stomach that craved to be relieved by only the birthday girl herself. 

"She should be here soon. She was getting ready on her boat, you know she never leaves that thing," Lucia answered with the wave of her hand just as Cass joined her and reached to kiss Angie's hand. 

"Sono circondato da donne bellissime. I'm a lucky man to be surrounded by all these beautiful women. I almost didn't recognize you, Angelina," Cass complimented and it made her cheeks burn in embarrassment. Angie has a decent appearance, not much to look at in the looks department with her unruly curly hair and disproportionate ass and breasts. Julie didn't mind her having more ass than full breasts but it definitely bothered Angie from time to time. She wished she had all the right curves like Lucia did.

"You don't look so bad yourself, Cass. I'm sure Lucia would agree, right?" Angie teased, causing Lucia to grin brightly as she looked up at the tall, dark and handsome Italian rich man standing next to her. When the cat fell out of the bag about who Cass really was, Angie wasn't sure what Lucia's future with him would be since Cass' was still in line to be the heir of the Romano empire in Venice. For now, it looked like Cass was comfortable being right where he was, at Lucia's side. 

"He's okay. I've seen better." Lucia joked and kissed his cheek when he feigned sadness. 

After another thirty minutes passed by, the clapping started as Dolly finally joined her own birthday party. Angie felt her throat go dry as she stared at the blonde bombshell wearing a strapless blue cocktail dress, silver heels and a smile that made Angie catch her breath. 

"You're drooling all over your dress." Miguel's words in her ear made Angie snap out of her trance and turn to glare at him. Julie was too busy chatting with the others to pay any attention to them, which Angie was glad for. 

"She's gorgeous. Anyone can see that," Angie defended herself, but her brother rolled her eyes as he chuckled and took another tequila shot right off the bar. 

"Happy birthday girl. How young are you?" Julie asked, while she took another sip of her cocktail and Dolly approached Angie and her brother to say Hello

"Twenty-eight. Here's to another year of pure shit," Dolly answered sarcastically, grabbing a shot from the bar, along with Miguel and the others as they hollered, raising the small glass cup up in the air before they drank from it. Angie wasn't much of a drinker, but she sure felt like she'd need the entire bottle of Tequila to get through this party. 

Dinner went by quickly, and the party resumed as the karaoke music took over and the very tipsy duo that was Dylan and Miguel started to sing ridiculous boy band songs in front of everyone. Angie couldn't hold back her laughter as she made her way to the bathroom and the sound of her brother's awful singing voice echoed throughout the house. Reaching for the doorknob, she stopped when she felt hands cover her own in the dimly lit hallway. Judging from the fresh-scented perfume and the well-groomed fingernails covering her own, it wasn't Jules behind her. Someone very dangerous to her libido was standing right behind her, while her girlfriend sat just a few feet away and Angie couldn't remember how to breathe. 

"I lost my favorite pair of earrings. Help me find them?" Dolly's voice was loud enough for the others to hear but none of them replied, letting them know they were too preoccupied with karaoke to notice the meaning behind Dolly's suggestive words. 

"Sure," Angie replied, swallowing hard as she followed Dolly further into the hallway, where the french doors lead to the courtyard in the middle of the beach house. There was a big fountain in the center of the outdoor space, surrounded by smaller benches for people to sit on and statues for people to admire. The lights out here weren't as bright as the one's inside but they were still visible from inside. Dolly pulled her attention and her hand and lead her to the other side of the courtyard, where the gym and the indoor pool was. It was darker there, hidden behind the big fountain and pillars holding up the balcony's above them. Once Angie's back hit the pillar behind her and she let Dolly pull down the straps of her dress to let her breasts spill out, she bit her lip with anticipation and fear. She was too turned on to think straight and too afraid of getting caught to move. Dolly sensed her uneasiness and started with a heated tongue kiss, allowing it to calm her nerves long enough to enjoy it. 

"I've been waiting all night to do this," Dolly said, as her lips pulled away from hers and kissed all the way down to her exposed breasts. She took the hard nipples into her mouth, one by one, teasing them with her tongue and her teeth, adding to the ache pooling between Angelina's legs. 

"Fuck me, please," Angie begged quietly as Dolly continued to tease her breasts, and her thoughts began to quiet down and lust took over. Dolly looked up at her, hunger filling her sky-blue eyes as she hiked up her dress and tore at the lace panties, giving her full access to her wet opening. Angie held her breath as Dolly slipped two fingers inside of her and massaged her, circling and rubbing until Angie's hips joined them in rhythm. Dolly tipped her chin up, making her look at her and held her gaze while her fingers flicked and teased at her. Angie continued to look into her eyes while she finger-fucked her and licked her lips when Dolly slipped her fingers out of her, then used her juices to place them over her nipples. When Dolly licked Angie's wetness off of her nipples, Angie's pounding ache of desire boiling inside of her made her push Dolly down onto the nearest bench. She wasted no time with more foreplay and pushed Dolly's dress up to her waist. She found Dolly's beautifully bare opening, already glistening with her own nectar and brought her legs up over her shoulders as she got on her knees and buried her tongue inside of Dolly. Angie's moan vibrated against Dolly's wet walls, and it caused Dolly to tighten her thighs around her. She parted her legs further, to give her the access she needed, then flicked the tip of her tongue furiously over Dolly's clit. Dolly's back arched as she bit her bottom lip and kept gasping with every ping of stimulation Angie was giving her. She wiggled her tongue rapidly inside of her, dipping in as deep as her tongue could go until she felt Dolly's walls contract and pull at her. Angie slipped her own fingers inside of herself as she brought Dolly into an orgasm, unable to withstand waiting for her release any longer. 

But when Dolly sat up and snatched her hand out from between her thighs, Angie almost whimpered from the frustration. 

"Don't come. Not yet," Dolly ordered as she caught her breath and rested her forehead against hers, lingering there for what seemed like forever. 

"I need to...." Angie argued as she panted heavily, but Dolly shook her head, and smiled mischievously at her. 

"Wait for it," Dolly insisted as she brought Angie up to sit next to her, then waited a few minutes before she drove three fingers into her hard, causing Angie to gasp loudly into the night while her fingers rubbed at her clit in quick circles. Angie spilled all over her fingers as she came harder than she ever had before, her mind chasing all doubts and fears right out of her body with the finger induced sex-high, but Dolly fixed that problem with her skillful tongue, licking any excess right off her hand and Angie's wet folds. 

"What are we doing?" Angie asked the woman who just gave her a mind-blowing orgasm that made her want to repeat it over and over again. It was a loaded question, with no good answer. Angie knew exactly what she was doing and felt even worse than she did two days ago. Not only because she was fucking someone else, but because she wanted to continue doing it.  

"Filling the empty spaces inside of us. Isn't that what we're all here for?" 

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