Loner's Retreat: Angelina & Julie, Part 2

Erotic Short Stories

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Julie Anderson didn't recognize herself in the mirror anymore. Her mousy brown straight hair was up to her lower back now, and her grey eyes looked haunted and hollow with the dark circles underneath her eyes. Haunted was an understatement now that she wiped away the condensation off the bathroom mirror and winced at her appearance. It was the ultimate consequence of tossing and turning all night long for a week straight. 

The nightmares were getting worse and the pills her doctor prescribed her weren't doing it for her anymore. She'd have to get her hands on something else that would put her mind at ease.

"You're up early today. Are we heading into town?" Julie asked her girlfriend Angie, who was currently fogging up every glass surface in the room with the steam coming from her hot shower. When Angie didn't answer, Julie sighed, kicking herself for causing more tension between them last night. Now Angie chose to give her the silent treatment and it was one of her most annoying choices of punishment. Julie usually ignored it, which drove her crazy, but she wasn't in the mood today. She needed some affection to bring her out of her funky attitude and she wanted it from Angie. The woman was her ride or die, which was why she brought them here for a vacation. Julie wanted Angie to stay her ride or die; she figured a few weeks away from their daily lives would give them the relaxation they needed to keep this relationship going. After all, it had been the only healthy relationship Angie had ever been in and Julie didn't want to mess it up for her. 

"I was thinking we go flea market shopping. I know you like to find vintage stuff there," Julie mentioned, trying to get back into her girlfriend's good graces as she wiped her mouth after brushing her teeth. Angie still wasn't answering, and it was bringing Julie back into her bad mood. Clearly the woman was still in there; Julie could see the naked silhouette even with all the steam fogging up the shower doors. 

"Ignoring me will only make things worse, Angie," she continued in frustration and decided to undress herself, so she'd meet her in the shower. As soon as she waved away all the steam, her eyes widened when she saw who'd really been hogging all the hot water this morning. Her eyes traced the flexing muscles of his back, which was covered with tattoos, as the water streamed down his naked body, all the way down to those powerful and toned thighs and calves. 

"Miguel, what the hell are you doing in my shower?" Julie asked as she swallowed hard when he turned to face her. He used the same piercing hazel eyes he and his twin sister shared and his forearms to trap her into the corner of the shower, greeting her with his usual wolfish grin. 

"I came to visit my sister," Miguel Garcia answered, who of course was Angie's twin brother. He'd always been a thorn in her back ever since she met him in boot camp back when they served in the same marine unit together. He'd made it far enough in the United States Marine Corps to be granted the title of Sergeant, when Julie barely made it to Corporal due to the fucked up knee injury she received jumping out of a burning building in Panama. She'd landed in a pile of garbage right outside of the drug-infested five-story building, saving a little girl's life in the process. She'd been proud of herself, praised for her bravery at the hospital they kept her in for two weeks until they fucked her over. 

Of course, Angie didn't know about Julie's Marine Corp background, and how she had already met her twin brother before she even met her. Julie didn't like to talk about her short-lived Marine life. She wanted to leave all the trauma she had endured during those couple of months behind her. Julie's nightmares were proof enough that she wasn't doing a very good job at doing so. 

"She's not here," Julie replied, covering up her breasts as she crossed her arms over them. Miguel didn't intimidate her as much as he thought he did. The only thing that stopped her from giving him one good kick in the balls was the fact that he was keeping her Marine background a secret from Angie. 

Along with a few other secrets she didn't want Angie to know about. Julie knew it would only break her heart and that was the last thing she wanted to do.

"Obviously. I saw her this morning before you woke up. Said she'd be back some time in the afternoon," Miguel informed her, still not making any attempt at backing away from her. He hated her, Julie knew that much. She just wished she knew why

"Great. Mind not crowding my personal space then?" 

"Sure. If you stop pretending you love my sister." Miguel argued, keeping his gaze steady on her, daring her to challenge him. 

"Would I have asked you to pick out an engagement ring with me if I didn't love her?" Julie countered reasonably. It costed her more than what she had in her savings, but Angie was worth it. She'd stuck by her this long, she deserved that ring and anything else her heart desired. 

"People will do anything to keep their guilt from showing." Miguel replied stiffly, finally backing away and out of the shower. Julie took her usual ten minute shower and Miguel was still in the bathroom when she exited, now shaving the scruff off of his handsome face. Flashbacks of their time together in the shooting range practicing, laughing, fucking in the General's office when he wasn't there, flooded her mind until she found herself behind him, staring at him through the mirror as she reached for a clean towel underneath the sink. 

Miguel rinsed the shaving cream off his face just as he turned to look down at her. He was two feet taller than her and she could tell he never missed a day at the gym. She hated that he was hotter now that he had filled out and made it that much harder for her to ignore him.

Julie also noticed Miguel's hatred for her had slowly began to fade since he came back from his second tour in the Middle East. She could see it in his eyes as she caught a glimpse of the brave and righteous man she trained side by side with in the military, but she also noted how he was licking his lips while keeping his eyes on her face, and never below it. He was still a gentleman, even when she wanted to strangle him so bad, it made her want to kiss that damn grin off his face.  

"Stop looking at me like I'm your last meal," Julie insisted, trying to hide her smile, as she wrapped a towel around herself before she stepped into her room and began to find some clothes to wear for the day.

"You used to enjoy it when I looked at you that way." Miguel mentioned, as he stepped into the room shortly after, sporting some white boxer-briefs. Her cheeks burned when he caught her looking down at his outlined bulge. Memories of it pounding inside of her until her nails made his back bleed in desperation flashed across her mind and she quickly set them aside to drop her towel and get dressed. She wasn't afraid of changing in front of him, since she'd done it often back when they were... friendly. It was a bad habit of hers and she needed to stop being so comfortable around a man who clearly wanted to sabotage her new relationship. 

"Miguel, what are you really doing here? We were supposed to go to your place for Thanksgiving next week." 

"Change of plans, sweetheart," Miguel answered, grinning from ear to ear as he collapsed onto our bed and began to put some sun-tan lotion on.

"Change of plans? And don't call me sweetheart. I can still kick your ass anytime, anywhere," Julie warned him and he responded with a chuckle and snort full of disbelief. 

"I convinced Angie we should have Thanksgiving here. She agreed since she didn't want to pretend to like my cooking again," he added as he pulled out some deodorant from a duffel bag in the corner of the room and put some on. 

"She didn't mention anything to me."

"I wonder why," Miguel continued to annoy her with that smug smile of his and she mumbled a stream full of curses underneath her breath as she continued to get dressed. She decided on a convenient pair of white shorts and a white bikini top. The weather had cooled down a bit since the storm but the temperature was starting to pick up again and she didn't want to find herself having to shower fifty times a day again. After she put on some deodorant and put her hair up in a messy bun, she grabbed her room key and her phone and placed them into her back pockets before reaching for the doorknob.

"Did she tell you Dad is getting re-married in April?" Miguel asked her, stopping her in her tracks with the random words. 

"Uh, no. She didn't. When did she find out?" 

"A couple of days ago. He's been trying to reach her to invite her." 

"Fuck, no wonder she's been so sensitive lately. Now I feel like shit," Julie cursed, reaching for her phone to send her girl a quick text. 

"I don't think that's the only reason why she's been in a mood lately," Miguel said as he stood beside her, now fully dressed in some board shorts and beach sandals, leaving his broad chest conveniently bare for her and other women to drool over.

"Don't," Julie warned him, pointing a finger at his chest, which he grabbed before it made any contact and kissed her hand instead. The tender gesture made her heart skip a few beats but she ignored it. The wrong person was making her pulse race lately and that was only going to bring them all unnecessary trouble. 

"Julie, you can't marry my sister and still keep all this shit from her. Marriage doesn't work that way." 

"Are you the marriage expert now?" Julie argued, and Miguel sighed in utter frustration.

"All I'm saying is we all know how you handle things that aren't temporary. And marriage is far from it." he added, then proceeded to open the door for her, allowing her to exit the room first as he pulled his duffel bag over his shoulder.

"Look, what happened between us was a mistake. You said so yourself. So don't act like you're the victim here," Julie reminded him and gave her a look that she could only describe as giving her a warning of the chaos he was about to cause. Miguel was just as dramatic as his sister was.

When he pulled her back into the room and pushed her up against the closed door, Julie raised her chin at him, waiting for his temper to simmer down before she did anything. His furious gaze held hers as she pushed him away, but it only made him hold onto her tighter. 

This was the game that caused their relationship to crumble. He pushed, she pushed, until they both gave out and ended up too exhausted to fight for anything. She swore she'd never play this game again, but Angie had been pushing harder than she ever had and it was starting to give Julie second thoughts about giving her that ring. 

And right now, so was Miguel and the hard dick that was begging her to bring it out of his shorts. She flipped her switch then, erasing the moral compass she'd been trying to hold on to since she was discharged from the Marines for her injuries and tugged Miguel's pants and boxers down until they pooled at his feet. 

"Lock the door." She barked the order and when he followed through, she got on her knees in front of him and wet her lips before she took him into her mouth. The source of his pleasure was in her hands now. He was at her mercy and Julie had forgotten how much she loved it when he came for her hard enough to do whatever she asked of him. 

Her tongue flicked and swirled over his tip and down his engorged shaft, sucking him in deep into her mouth until she felt his balls tighten in her hand. She brought him in and out of her mouth slowly, torturing him until she felt his thighs quiver.

"Fuck, Julie. I missed you," Miguel said, his voice cracking as he ran his fingers down her cheek. Julie looked up at him then, letting him see how much she was enjoying having him in her mouth and it was all it took for him to clench his backside and start fucking her mouth faster as he spilled into her sporatically. The warm liquid slid down her throat as she sucked every drop out of him and she moaned, letting the vibration stimulate him further, causing him to grow hard again. 

But Julie wanted him to stay hard all day, as a reminder of who he was messing with.

"I can't wait to make you pay for this fucking hard on," Miguel said, and it only made Julie smirk as she watched him pull his briefs and his shorts up to his waist.

"What happened in this room, stays in this room, got it?" Julie reminded him and he nodded, opening the door behind him.

"You coming?" 

"Always," Julie teased as she headed into the bathroom to rinse her mouth out and smirked when she heard Miguel laugh before he slammed the door closed.

Angie didn't come back to the retreat until well after three in the afternoon, but judging from the four shopping bags she came into the main living area with, Julie could see why. 

"Had fun spending all that librarian money?" Julie teased her girlfriend as she placed the bags down and smiled as she collapsed onto the sofa beside her. Julie had fallen asleep reading one of Angie's books and only woke up when Angie had sent her a text telling her she was on her way home. 

"I'm starving. Is Dylan in? I wanted to ask him if he was in the mood to make some turtle soup," Angie asked, as she looked towards the open kitchen a couple of feet away.

"He's out on the boat with Dolly and Lucia for another hour or so," she answered and when Angie's face palled at her words, Julie reached for her but Angie pulled away and stood up, reaching for her bags. "Hey, what's wrong? Are you still mad at me?" Julie asked, remembering she had some serious sucking up to do. Especially after what she did with Miguel. Which should've never happened. He had a habit of making her do stupid things. 

"No. Not at all. I'm going to put the bags in the room," Angie replied, avoiding looking at her as she began to pick up her bags.

"You can't stay mad at me for not wanting to share certain things with you," Julie reminded her and the angry words seemed to gain her girlfriend's attention long enough for her to send her a pipping hot glare full of fury.

"Fine. Keep your fucking secrets. I don't care anymore," Angie, her sweet and kind librarian cursed as she marched away from her and slammed the door to their room closed. Julie stood there for a moment, processing this new attitude Angie was trying out and decided she wasn't going to let it pass. She headed in the direction of their room and opened the door, slamming it behind her.

"Why didn't you tell me about your dad getting re-married?" Julie started with that question, just in case it was the reason why Angie was acting out of character. Angie shook her head as she pulled her dress up and over head and began to take off all of her jewelry, placing it into the jewelry box on her side of the dresser.

"You're one to talk about anyone not telling anyone anything," Angie fired back and Julie rolled her eyes and walked over to her to look at her in the eye. 

"Are you going to the wedding?" 

"Of course I'm not going to that wedding." 

"He's still your dad, Angie," Julie said and reached to tuck a curl behind her ear. Angie seemed to calm down a bit when she looked at her, then sighed.

"Doesn't mean I have to support his bad decisions." 

"Getting married is a bad decision?"

"No. Leaving my mother for that... that side chick of his is. He won't find a better woman than her," Angie admitted as she leaned her back against the wall and placed her head in her hands. Julie pulled her in for a hug and held her close, kissing the top of her head as she rubbed her bare back in slow soothing circles. 

"Baby, he's gotta learn that the hard way. Being mad about it wont make anything better," Julie mentioned and Angie nodded as she wrapped her arms around her and returned her hug. 

"You look nice in those shorts," Angie complimented, while Julie grinned and pulled away to kiss her pouty girlfriend. 

"Thank you. Mind taking them off? They're kind of tight on me," Julie teased with a sharp grin, which only made Angie laugh as she nodded and dipped her hands down the back of her shorts, gripping her ass. Julie groaned and pulled her in for another kiss. They landed on top of their bed, with Angie on top, pulling her shorts down as Julie pulled on the strings that were keeping her bikini top up and her perky breasts covered. Julie licked her swollen lips as Angie began to kiss her way down and in between her legs. She licked her twice before she shoved two fingers inside of her and used her thumb to massage her clit, keeping the rhythm steady, and Julie's back arching. When Angie hovered over her aching nub and flicked her tongue rapidly, Julie felt she was about to lose it if she didn't come soon. Angie knew her body well enough to increase the pace and when she did, Julie came hard and fast. 

Angie took her wet fingers and placed them into her mouth slowly, as she climbed on top of Julie then kissed her hungrily. Julie groaned into her mouth when Angie began to grind into her. Julie smacked her ass before she turned Angie on her side and lifted her leg up so she could straddle it, positioning herself right against her clit. Angie's moans grew with every slow roll of Julie's hips as she rode her. The sound of their wet folds rubbing together always made Julie hot and now was no exception. The bed started to shake as Julie moved faster, oscillating her hips as Angie whimpered. Julie reached to pinch one of her nipples hard, tugging and twisting as she made her girlfriend come next. 

"Harder, baby. Come harder for me," Julie ordered as she continued to ride her, reaching down to open her folds more so their clits could gain more stimulation. Angie cried out her name when she came again, squirting a small river of come against her own. Julie licked her lips before she climbed off of her and pulled at her thighs, so her mouth could close in on her soaking wet mound. 

Angie pulled at her hair when her body rode the waves of her second orgasm and Julie started to eat her out. She licked the juices that were still flowing first, then moved on to her clit, sucking and flicking at it until Angie came again for the third time. 

"I missed you too, Jules." Angie mentioned, catching her breath as Julie smiled and sat on her girlfriend's lap when she sat up. 

"I love you, you know that right?" Julie asked, staring into her hazel eyes as she nodded. The weird look she had in her eyes earlier was back but Julie didn't push this time. 

There'd be plenty of time to play that game later.

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