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Lesson 1

In Brazil

Lets Have Fun

The Journey Begins

Episode 1

“Do you ever like spanking a girl hard?"


"Do you ever like to choke a girl?"


"Do you like to slap her in the face with your cock? Tell her she is a 'Putona' (whore)?

This is about four years ago, I have been sexually active for about 11 years, I have had dozens of sexual partners. I have had few relationships that last over six months... maybe I get bored, she does or the chemistry dies out. I am now in Brazil, traveling and am overwhelmed with the open sexuality that this country exudes. Are more countries like this? Have I been missing out on kinky sexual habits because I am not pushing the boundaries enough? There is this confidence amongst the Brazilians. Comfortable with public displays of affection, the fire and courage to be confrontational.

We are lying there in my bed, in my apartment near the beaches of Copacabana, post sex. We are both sweaty, chatting and cuddling when she starts asking these questions. Her name is Isabella, a 24-year-old actress from Southern Brazil, we met in a club a couple nights earlier, and agreed to meet another day for a date. We drank beers, had normal conversations, and returned to my apartment for a nightcap. Isabella is 5'7", beautifully tanned olive skin, enormous breasts that she accentuates with her clothing. As she lies there out of breath, Her tits heave as she takes deep breaths. She has a juicy ass in traditional Brazilian fashion, a healthy stomach and large lips. I remembered from the previous night that she has a transcendent skill for kissing.

As we lie there chatting, we talk about our experience together. Our first moments together were a rush of emotion, she gave an unbelievable blowjob, and I went down on her until she demanded I enter her. She was loud, clenching, scratching, moaning. We started missionary, until we moved straight to DoggyStyle, which is both her and my favourite position. It was overall a great first time... But nothing I would brag about.

After this discussion ends we both become a bit frisky again, we start kissing, touching, rubbing fingers over each other's bodies and the kissing becomes more passionate. The heat of the Brazilian night kisses our skin and we perspire and our skin looks golden. I go down on her again, with renewed vigour, this time while I lick her swelling clit, I insert a finger inside her wet pussy. Slow pushing a finger deeper as I put more pressure on her clit with my tongue. He body pushes against my face, asking for more. Her body clenches, flexing as she moans deeply. She calls out my name, as I insert a second finger inside her, she is growing so wet. As I hear her moan louder and more encouragingly I stop, I sit on her tits and put my cock in her mouth and tell her to play with herself. She loves this as I tell her what to do, she smiles at me as cute as possible while my cock is in her mouth. I put my hands in her hair, pulling her hair as she moans, looking at me with eyes of naughtiness. I pull it out, slap her on the cheeks with it and call her, "Meu Putona" ("my whore"). With this she moans even louder, and asks me to fuck my Putona. I ask her if she deserves it, does she deserve my cock? 

She responds with a deep “Yes.” My mind is racing by now, trying to quickly calculate what she wants, needs and how far I can push this.

I climb on top of her and tease her with the head of my cock, slowly entering her wet pussy, making her beg for more. I stick my fingers in her mouth and ask, "Does my Putona want more?" The look she gives me is enough, at this moment I think my cock has never been harder, I have never been more turned on. As I continue deeper inside her, she is as wet as springtime, gasping and moaning my name every time I enter her harder and faster. I pull my cock out and climb back beside her mouth, before i can ask she hungrily takes my cock back in her mouth. She wanted to taste her juices on my cock as much as i wanted to watch her do it.

I turn her over, she keeps asking me to fuck the Putona harder. She begins talking so fast in Portuguese that I can't understand her, this turns me on even more. I grab her hair, pull on it and push my cock as deep as possible. She moans every time and I spank her juicy ass asking if she wants it, "Mais forte?" I squeeze her big cheeks, she presses her hands against the wall. I play with her clit while pushing deeper and harder inside her. By now I need her to cum, I'm sweating on her back, her pussy is driving me crazy as it clenches on my cock and she screams for it harder. I continue entering her, my balls slapping against her ass. I feel her shaking and moaning uncontrollably, she can barely audibly moan my name. This came at a perfect moment, she is now begging me to cum inside her. I feel her push against me, like she is trying to take me all inside her. I relinquish control and explode inside her Brazilian pussy. We slowly continue pressing against each other, ensuring all my cum empties inside her.

As soon as I finish... I get that guilt that I think all men suffer from... Did I go to far? Did she feel abused or too dominated? I ask her this honestly and she laughs. "You were too polite and innocent... Be naughtier next time."

I am blown away, this is the dirtiest I have ever been. At this moment I decide I need to dedicate myself to understanding more about women, sex and what they like and want. Not only that, I need to find out what I like and want. This is now my primary focus and interest

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Lesson 1
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