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Lesbian Sex Q&A

Lesbian A’s for Your Lesbian Sex Q’s

An accurate image of my teenage dreams.

A muggy Florida night on a candle-lit porch accompanied by my straight-married-roommates and a heavily rolled spliff is what sparked (no pun intended) this conversation... Every single person on this planet has questions that need answers. Many do not ask because they think their questions are dumb, insignificant, or just plain rude. The following is a Q&A with my beautiful Fiancé Adreana and our roommates Evelyn & Martin:

Question #1: (This one I have heard numerous times by men whom I gently denied) “What’s the difference between a plastic (silicone) dick and a real one? You’re still getting fucked!”

Answer #1: To begin with, a Lesbian who enjoys penetration is still a Lesbian. Period. Fingers, toys, or tongue entering the vaginal canal is penetration and our vaginas do very much enjoy the sensation. The important part to remember is that the “plastic dick” we strap-on and use to fuck each other with does not change what-so-ever. It is not alive, it does not flinch, it does not excrete fluids (unless you buy one that can). When the other person has orgasmed and it’s time to switch positions we can do so with a click of a button or pull of a strap. We do not want a sweaty, hairy, guy with balls and an unpredictable dick inside of us (hence the fact that we identify as Lesbian and have same sex partnerships). Hell, before I finally came to the realization that I was 100 percent a Lesbian, I silently wished that my boyfriends or fuck buddies had a pair of tits and a wet, juicy, pussy for me to inhale every single time our bodies hit the sheets. I was not in it for their dangly flesh or their hairy chests I just wanted the sensation of another persons touch and the feeling of being penetrated while I re-played Lesbian Porn in my head until I could manage to cum. 

It’s the sensation we want, not what you think should be attached to the other side.

Question #2: When did you decide that you no longer wanted to have sex with men?

Answer #2: Everyone is different. Some where born knowing and exercised their way of life how they seemed fit ever since they could tell a boy and girl apart. Others always knew but did not understand why or they feared the consequences (in my case). I knew that I was attracted to girls since Elementary games of “house” and the many “sleepovers” that were had at mine or another friends home. The monumental “ah-ha” moment for me was Middle School locker rooms. A place filled with foul smells, hormones, and awkward teens scurrying to somehow be unseen getting dressed in a room filled with other awkward teens also doing the exact same thing. What an environment for self-realization. Anyhow, there was a girl in my gym class whom was (considered at the time) lucky because she was aloud to wear thongs and always had dainty, tween, Victoria Secret like bras in every color imaginable. While the other girls goo’d and gaw’d at the lace and colors I was taken away by her body and how delicate everything looked on and off of her. I would offer her quarters for the vending machine and awkwardly with a pounding heart watch her bend over to retrieve her beverage and pray that no one saw me take a cheap glance. That is as far as I would let myself go; weak prepubescent preteen stuff. I could of gone farther and by all means I wanted to but growing in a Catholic household in a tiny hick town that beat the shit out of anything that didn’t walk and talk as God intended left me with little to no room for actual self acceptance. I just always felt like I was doing something wrong. The many sad relationships and drunken one-night-stands to come 10+ years after was enough to make me throw in the straight towel and finally walk the rainbow I have covered up with clouds my entire life.

Question #3: Why do girls have kids then decide to be a lesbian or bi?

Answer #3: Why do you always eat at McDonald’s then one day decide to have Chick-Fil-A instead? You want variety. Maybe they have always been into the same sex but for whatever reason never went 100 percent with it. Maybe they got tired of dick and want to explore their options. Maybe she had a side chick the whole time or has secretly been fucking her best-friend!

We don’t know why people do what they do just because we are categorized on the same shelf!

Question #4: (This is a statement that I have heard too many times and it is disgusting every single time) “You just haven’t had the right dick yet!”

Answer #4: Um... WHAT?! When I hear those words my brain fizzles like a Mentos thrown into a glass of Coca-Cola. I HAVE had good dick, and I’m not referring to the “PLASTIC” ones. I was in a nice relationship for a short amount of time and the sex was completely amazing. The problem? I wished he had a vagina, breasts, ass, and smelled like warm vanilla or honeysuckle. I wanted a girlfriend, not a boyfriend but I settled because... I did not want to be alone. So, yes I have had a few “right” dicks and a lot of “wrong” ones. 

They have been in every size, color, and package.


We chatted about this topic for about 30 minutes then eventually conversation branched off into a slew of other subjects. We all added in some questions and commentary we have over-heard, been asked, or have asked ourselves. Evelyn told us her bi-curious escapades as Martin sat with eyes wide open and mouth agape. Adreana and I started to discuss our Dildo options. The encounter with them was very informative and weirdly enough bonded our friendship even more so than before... 

My name is Mariah. I am a 23-year-old, white and black, Floridian Lesbian. Adreana and I have been together for a little over a year now and plan to one day adopt and start a family of our own. If you have a question you would like answered (Lesbian Life related or not) open up and email me at: [email protected] you may just inspire me to write some more (especially since this is the first thing that I have written in eight years)!

(None of this was created nor written to offend anyone and it is sad that I have to mention it but everyone acts like pansies over everything now a days.)

Source(s): Marijuana induced clarity and a bunch of young adults sitting at a round glass table talking about Lesbians.

P.S. If you have read this far I love you, seriously, you are amazing.

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Lesbian Sex Q&A
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