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Lactation Fetish/Adult Nursing

What You Need to Know

So some men like the idea of seeing the woman they are with lactate, and some men even like tasting it and drinking it. I once had a request from a man to force lactation so that I can breastfeed him. Yep, this is a real fetish and a real request; that's why I'm writing about it to tell you how to do it and what else you need to know. 

The first thing you need to know is how to start. I have to also tell you that it will not happen overnight or instantly. What you will need is a breast pump and patience. If it is taking too long and you want to do something to help move it along, then you can use fenugreek. They sell it vitamin form in the pharmacy. You may also want to use flax oil or flaxseed oil to massage your breast. Don't get the oil on the nipple and massage in a round/circle motion. Also, you may want to make sure you let the oil sit on your breast for a bit before washing it off before you pump. 

Pumping doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. I found my pump on Amazon for around 30 dollars. It works well and it's a good starter pump. When you do get your pump, ease in to using it. Unless you have had kids or have breastfed before, your body isn't used to producing milk so it may take a while, so be patient. Also, if this is new to you and you have never lactated, then you may have to pump for a few minutes then stop, and increase the time every time you pump. Usually pump until it hurts, then stop and wait until it stops hurting to try it again. 

If you have a partner, you can also have them suck on your breast; this will take a while and their jaw may hurt. If you do have a partner who wants to help by sucking your breast, it maybe a good idea to use all the techniques we talked about in here. Using fenugreek, massage; sucking and pumping could help the process go faster. If you don't have a partner just use fenugreek, massage, and pumping.

If you stop pumping and massaging for a while, your lactation will stop. Then, if you just want bigger boobs, you can always just massage and work out to increase your chest size; believe me, it works. Most guys like this fetish because of the bigger boobs without surgery and fake implants. Women like the surgery because it's faster or instant. The lactation or non lactation massage can take time, but is more natural and cheaper.

There are even adult nursing relationships, and that's part of the reason for people wanting their partner to do forced lactation. In these relationships, it could be sexual or not. I believe there are even groups on the site FetLife for people who are into this type of relationship and fetish. 

There are some problems you can face by doing this. If you choose to lactate, your nipples can get chapped. No worries, though — you can get nipple cream to help. Some people can have stones form in their breast, but I don't know if this can happen in forced lactation or just in natural lactation. If you do develop stones in your boobs, there are people in the OB/GYN community that can help you get rid of them and deal with the pain that can come with these stones.

Just like with all my posts like this, I tried to give you the basics. Do more research if wanted or needed.

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Lactation Fetish/Adult Nursing
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