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Kelsie's 21st Birthday Present

What She Gave Up for Her Birthday

In a few days it would be Kelsie’s birthday and she was very excited to be turning 21 years old. You would assume because she would be able to drink alcohol, but that is not the reason why. She was becoming a young woman who was living on her own from her parents and single. Her last boyfriend left because she was still a virgin and didn’t want to give it up to just anyone. He treated her like crap, and she refused to reward him for his behavior.

They were always fighting, and he was cheating on her because she would never have sex with him. She loved her virgin lifestyle and wanted it to be special for her and the guy as well. She kept her distance from most guys because that is all they wanted from her when they found out her cherry had never been popped.

She worked as a waitress at a little diner off the interstate and made pretty good money. She took care of herself and always wore clothing that was conservative and not sleazy. Kelsie was not that kind of girl and never put herself in those type of situations. She remained celibate and enjoyed life to its fullest. Most of her girl friends were jealous because they wished that they had not given it up until it was with someone special.

Kelsie was more into living life and taking care of herself and her bills than worrying about having sexual relations with someone. She cherished her virginity, but it was getting harder to live with that temptation. She received a lot of attention from guys, but she knew what they wanted, and it wasn’t happening.

Now, that she is turning 21 years old, she is currently rethinking her strategy with her virginity. She has heard everyone talk about sex and their experiences with it and thought about how she could have sex and remain a virgin. It was all about having anal sex. That way she could experience it and not lose her virginity if it is with the wrong guy.

Kelsie has a curvaceous body with a tight little waist and a huge plump ass. Anyone would just love to have anal sex with her because it shows by the way every man she comes around must pat or smack her ass. It just hangs out there for everyone to see and touch.

She began making plans for how she was going to do this and thought about who with. Kelsie knew someone that they hang out with all the time and could tell he has a crush on her. She really thought about it and decided that he would be the one she would ask.

The next day, when she was hanging out with her friends, that certain guy came around and she excused herself from the group to speak with him alone. As they walked off together, Kelsie began asking him questions about his sex life? He was a bit taken by her questions and asked her if she was seriously wanting to know?

She spoke up and stated, “Yes,” as they continued to walk. He began telling her how he had only been with one girl and only one time when he was a teenager. He was not that experienced, and Kelsie felt much better knowing that. She then began telling him what she wanted for her birthday and he smiled at her because he had never tried that, but it sounded fun.

They both laughed about it and then agreed to honor her request. They set a place to meet up and then go back to her place for the fun evening they were about to have. Her birthday was in a few days and now she had something to look forward to. It would be a birthday to remember for Kelsie.

After their conversation, they both agreed on a time and place to meet for her birthday. Once that was done, they casually walked back over to the group and hung out. Now Kelsie had something to think about all the way up to her birthday and it was causing her some anxiety.

As soon as it got late, they all dispersed and went to their respective homes for the night. Kelsie said goodbye to everyone and then headed home. She just had to wait a few days before experiencing sex for the first time. She did not know what to feel or even how it was going to feel, but she waited with anticipation.

A few days had come and gone and now it was Kelsie’s birthday and she met up with all her friends to celebrate. They met up early because some of them had to work later that day and didn’t want to miss spending her birthday with her.

After the festivities of her birthday with her friends, they all went their separate ways. Kelsie knew that she had to keep an eye out on the time so that she could meet up with her other special friend. She hung around downtown for a few hours before meeting up with her friend. She was very excited to see him and have her first experience.

It was finally time for her to meet up with him and she headed over to their meeting spot. When she arrived, he was already there waiting on her with excitement himself. She walked up and gave him a huge hug and kiss on the cheek and thanked him for agreeing to do this. He told her it was no problem and that he hopes she enjoys it?

They climbed back into their cars and he followed her back to her place. When they arrived, he met her at the steps and they both went inside. They walked into her kitchen for a drink before the festivities and they shared a casual conversation.

Once the conversation was over with, they both headed for the bedroom. Kelsie was now 21 years old and still a virgin, so she had no knowledge of what to do. He had only had one sexual experience in his life, so he was still a novice as well.

Once they reached the bedroom, he slowly began taking her clothing off kissing her along the way. She took the hint and began taking his clothing off. At the point that they were both naked he took her in an embrace holding and caressing her to make her more relaxed.

He finally turned her around and bent her over the bed where half her body lay over the bed until he placed his hand on the back of her head forcing her to lay her head on the bed. Her butt was high in the air and open for anyone to see. It turned him on to stand there and see her brown puckered hole so open and waiting.

He knelt behind her ad used his hand to spread her cheeks open wide to get a better look at that brown hole. She was feeling a bit aroused feeling his hands grabbing her butt and she could also feel his hot breath on her puckered hole as his mouth got closer to it.

He got his face closer to that hole and began taking his tongue and licking it nice ad wet. He could see her pucker it even more as he teased it with his tongue. He pushed it inside her tight little hole a few times to loosen it up for him and all the while listening to Kelsie moan out in pleasure. It was very erotic for him.

It was now time to take the virginity of that tight brown puckered hole and give Kelsie her sexual experience. He stood up behind her and his erect penis in his hand began sliding it up and down her pretty slit getting it nice and lubricated before pushing it against her brown hole. Kelsie was now excited and ready having been teased enough.

He began pushing it in slowly as his hands held her butt cheeks open so not to pull skin in with it. Kelsie took a big deep breath as she began to relax from her butt muscles being stretched with his cock going inside. She felt it slide deeper in and then the pop as it passed her sphincter muscle and she let out a loud moan of ecstasy.

He was now inside her and deeply. He grabbed her butt cheeks firmer with his hands as he began to pump inside her slowly until she was more relaxed. Kelsie could not help but moan out louder as she could feel every nerve in her anus roar like a lion as they were being stimulated by his hard penis.

Kelsie was enjoying every minute of his cock being inside her brown puckered hole. She was becoming more vocal to let him know how much she liked it. The more excited she got, the more he pumped inside her. It was thrilling and arousing for both.

She did not know how sexy and intense anal sex could be and to know that she is still a virgin keeps in her mind. She was loving every inch of his hard cock and right then is when she made the determination that she will only have anal sex for awhile until she finds the right guy to give her virginity to.

He kept pumping her anus until he could feel himself ready to explode and that’s when he felt her squeeze against him as she came to orgasm making it very wet down around his testicles. Just the warmth of her juices on him was enough to make him ejaculate inside her anus.

Kelsie felt every throb of his hard cock as it sent semen deep inside her anal region. It felt so good to her ad for her first time having an orgasm, it sent shivers down throughout her body. She was in love with anal sex and he would be her partner for as long as he liked.

Once they were done, they both collapsed into each other’s arms and both took a few deep breaths to show how much they enjoyed their orgasm together. Kelsie then looked at him and with every ounce of strength she had left for the moment, told him thank you, and he reciprocated it back to her as well.

That is how Kelsie experienced anal sex for the first time. She remained a virgin for another three years until meeting the man who is now her husband. He was able to share and partake in her wholeness of being a virgin.

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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