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Kadie's Fantasies (4)

Part Four

(No sex in this chapter—just backstory and stuff. Short chapter.)

Kadie felt her stomach rumble as she left the room, and she decided to look for a kitchen. She didn't know where she was going, but she knew she smelled a delicious aroma coming from the left of the stairs. Kadie made her way, following the smell and ignoring the fact that her appearance was still strewn from her... punishment. She eventually found the source of the smell and stopped at the entrance of a huge kitchen... full of girls. There were so many of them. Kadie expected four or five, but there were at least double that number in here. All of them were attractive in some way, shape, or form. At least, they were to Kadie.

When she walked in, all of the chatter and laughter stopped. Everyone looked up and, suddenly, Kadie felt self-conscious. Yeah, I'm pretty. I know that much. It's what used to feed me, she thought before standing straight. It didn't matter who they were. She hated feeling like that. After all, a self-conscious girl wasn't what scared off her parents.

"Hi!" one person announced, allowing the nine others to start whispering.

"Oooh, look at those legs. I wonder what she did to get those." Run from cops and thugs every night.

"Her hair is gorgeous, but a little messy, don't you think?"

"Oh my, her arms are so toned."

"She's very pretty."

Mind you, these whispers weren't bad ones, but they made Kadie glare nonetheless. "Come on!" A pretty woman stepped forward. She seemed young and pretty yet aged with stress. "You must be the new girl. I'm Megan." She grinned down at her from her tall height, and she couldn't help but smile.

"Kadie," she said, extending her hand. Megan disregarded her hand and hugged her, almost spilling wine on the back of Kadie's shirt.

"Well, Kadie, let's continue our celebration!" She led Kadie to a stool next to the gigantic kitchen island and raised her glass. "A toast!" she began, grinning at everyone. "To freedom! May all of you feel this way one day and learn what true freedom is." She smiled in pure bliss and downed her glass as everyone gave a collective "cheers."

One "cheers!" stood out to Kadie. It was a sloppy drunk one that she had gotten to know the night she was arrested. She peeled around the arm of another girl and saw Anna drinking a huge bottle of Smirnoff vodka. She giggled halfway through, and Kadie rolled her eyes, walking to Anna's stool. She leaned back so far that she almost fell, but Kadie put a hand on her back and leaned her forward. "Kadie!" she yelled happily, placing a kiss on her cheek.

"Hey, Anna. How many have you had?" She asked that question out of habit. On the street, girls had to look out for each other like that.

"One or two." Anna tried putting up fingers and Kadie frowned, thinking about how long before she could get the truth from her. "Bottles." Oh, that explained it.

"Come on," she said. "That's enough for today. We have to get you to bed, you day-drinker."

"Shhh," Anna slurred. "I heard you got punished today. On your first day." She was trying to whisper, but it was more of a yell. "What did you do to get that? Ooh, you're gonna be in so much trouble if you keep it up." Anna giggled and Kadie rolled her eyes again, putting Anna's arm around herself and helping her to her feet. Thank goodness the rooms they were staying in were on the same floor as the kitchen. Neither Kadie nor Anna could do stairs right now. Kadie was feeling rather sore from her punishment. And Anna... well, Kadie wasn't sure if Anna could see more than two feet in front of her. When they were a safe distance away, Anna inhaled and said, "You smell like sex." Kadie led Anna to the nice room with the letter A on it and walked in to see a neat, clean room.

She seemed so organized except for one desktop, where there was a mess. "Okay, lie down," Kadie said before dumping her on the ready-made bed. Kadie walked around and looked at the desktop where a pretty wooden K resided. It was full of glue and red glitter with some bejeweled bits that made it very pretty.

"That's for you," Anna slurred getting under her covers. "I thought you might want one for your door." She smiled and Kadie felt her heart tighten.

"Thank you so much," Kadie said, picking up the glittered letter and shaking off the excess glitter. "This means a lot to me, you know, and—" she heard snoring and looked over to see Anna already asleep. Kadie smiled and immediately went to hang the letter on her door. Anna had attached an adhesive on the back, and Kadie left the letter hanging before heading to the kitchen again. She walked in, beaming, and picked up a chicken leg before she heard someone walk in. She had only just bit into the leg before she heard her name.

"Kadie, you're needed for your mental exam. Dr. Cavenaugh ordered it this morning?" Kadie did a double-take.

"Who the hell is Dr. Cavenaugh?" she asked herself out loud.

"Will," the woman answered. She smiled and motioned to come with her, and Kadie held up her chicken leg. "You can bring it," she said.

They both began walking, and Kadie felt a relief in her stomach, and she finished the leg and disposed of the bone. "So," she began, licking her fingers. "I thought Will said the mental thingy therapy was tomorrow," she said, wiping her hands on her jeans.

"Well, therapy will start tomorrow, but today we're doing an exam. Psychological. This will tell us whether you need any medication or just therapy." The woman kept walking and Kadie frowned.

"I'd like to keep off the drugs, please. I swore off 'em the last time I almost overdosed," Katie said.

The exams lasted a long time. Kadie handled it pretty well, but there were four exams, each one an hour long. Thankfully, when she got hungry, they brought her food and kept going. She ate dinner there and finished with them before being let out.

"So," the doctor finalized. It was another woman. Her name was Katherine, and she smelled like strawberries. She was a nice, older woman. "It seems that with the change in environment, your mental state will change within the next few days. Believe it or not, this is a safe place, a happy one. Getting off the streets will give you all sorts of problems that you'll be forced to deal with now that you're safe: depression, anxiety, even post-traumatic stress disorder. We'll put you on medication once we are sure that it's set in, but, for now, you look okay."

Kadie's questions made everything longer because she had so many. "Why would I be depressed if I'm safe? Shouldn't I be happy 'cause I'm off the streets? I've never been depressed before. Why would it show up when I'm in a so-called 'happy place.'" The doctor was patient, though, and answered them all.

"Well, have you ever heard stories of soldiers coming back from the war?" Kadie nodded. "Overseas, in the battle, they seem okay. When they're home, safe, their mental states are forced to readjust, and with that comes these things that haunt you from the past. It's hard for them, and they develop these disorders, and they have to live with them. That's what might happen to you. It's been described as silence consuming you and making you crazy. But you seem strong. We won't let anything happen."

"How come Damien has to have one of you guys?"

The doctor chuckled. "Damien is a very... sexual being, but he also cares. He rescues women off the streets. Takes them in and helps them. Well, in exchange for satisfaction. He only ever takes them if they want help, though." Kadie nodded.

"Well, I guess that's all I need? Thanks, doc." Kadie stood and held her hand out. Katherine shook her hand and grinned.

"You can call me Kat." She smiled and Kadie did, too, walking out, feeling... safe. 

Jasmin Rivas
Jasmin Rivas

I write a variety of articles as a journalist and I write books in my free time. Currently, I'm working to better my erotic fiction. Please leave a tip! If more tips are left with suggestions, that would be appreciated. 

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