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Just Keep Streaming

Tops Tips for Staying Motivated on Cam and Little Tricks to Increase Your Interest and Earnings

Once the excitement of the Christmas holidays and New Year's celebrations are over, the cam scene tends to quiet down as people force themselves back into their work routines, drudge through the miserable weather and wait impatiently for their next payday.

However this does not mean you should give up and slam down the laptop screen yet. Staying active and interesting on the site throughout these times is important to be successful and there is always money to be made. Going through "slow times" at work is simply a part of the job and the key is to make the most of it.

Here are my top tips for staying motivated throughout the slow periods and some little tricks to make you generate more income during these times.

1. Don't stop streaming.

Any successful cam girl will tell you that they are almost always online. Adult work has a massive benefit in comparison to a lot of cam sites and it's that you're not in public free chat working for tips. This means that in between sessions you're not viewable and you have the freedom to do as you please whether thats watching TV, tidying your room, studying, drawing, writing, exercising or a hobby that you enjoy doing. You can also keep your activities in between sessions more in theme with your work and take pictures, film clips, write erotica, sell worn items/custom photos. These are all things you can generate more income from online AND offline. 

2. Lower your prices.

Its never fun when you've got used to making £3 a minute and then you decide to charge 20p/ 50p/ 80p/£1 less, but its better to be making something than nothing. If its slow, its slow but people are still there and lowering your prices for a couple of hours will spike their interest. Take a leaf out of the pubs book and use "happy hour" to your advantage. You can advertise this and get lots of people interested, seeing it as an opportunity. You can also use the special offers for reduced group/private shows and more specific, timed shows of your choice and control. 

3. Research

I strongly recommend researching—this can be on the websites, watching cam girl documentaries/vlogs, reading books, blogs or articles written by sex workers, even watching solo porn. As someone who performs mostly as a domme and who caters to a lot of fetishes, I have to do this quite a lot to ensure I know what I'm doing in areas I'm inexperienced in. I also recommend making a twitter and looking at other sex workers profiles who you may aspire to and give you ideas on how to present yourself, promote yourself and get more customers in.

4. Update and Upload

As mentioned earlier you can generate more income from selling photos, videos, erotica, and opening up a "shop" where you can sell worn clothes, customized photos and more. Set up your own photo shoot and save your most eye-catching photos for your profile pictures and upload the rest into your private gallery. Clips on adult work can be any length of time.So, even if it's only a five second long video you can still sell it. However, keep in mind that the longer the video the more you can raise the price for it. This not only makes you more money, but keeps you active on the site, increases your profile views and encourages more potential customers for cam sessions. Your regulars also love to have the option of browsing through your pictures and videos when they want to cam with you, but you're not online.

Practicing these four points while going through slow times on cam and just in general will benefit the success of your profile and earnings, but also the way you view your work time. It's important to remember that even the top models know what its like to wait around. Don't take it personally if nobody comes. If you regularly struggle with this, then this might not be the job for you.

View your spare time at work as opportunities to further improve in both your personal and work life. Keep streaming, keep researching and keep uploading.

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