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JOI: The Basics and Beyond

JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) is a common kink within the cam and sex worker community. Here are some basics on how to cater to it and how to make it your own.

JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) tends to be a dominant activity as it involves taking control and instructing however this doesn't mean that it can't be done in a submissive way or that your customer wants you to humiliate them.

The most important thing I'd advise is don't be afraid to ask your customer what they want so that you can personalise it and make it enjoyable for them. There is nothing wrong with asking a few questions about their desires in order to give them the best experience, if anything they will appreciate it. The thing is with JOI is it can be combined with a huge number of other dominant activities, some might want to connect it with other kinks, fantasies and fetishes, some might want to be humiliated and some might not want to be humiliated or dominated at all.  Here are a list of kinks I've seen commonly combined with JOI;

SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)—It says it all in the title; laugh at it, make jokes about it, show your disgust and tell them how disappointing it is.
CEI (Cum Eating Instructions)—Yes, make them eat their own cum, feel free to get creative with this and make them drink it out of shot glasses, their hands or a bowl of the floor (bring in some pet play and further humiliation).
Edging—Bring him to the edge of orgasm over and over and over but don't let him cum, not yet at least, soon... maybe, if they behave themselves and do as instructed.
GFE (Girlfriend Experience)—For the less dominant customers and models this is a good go to when it comes to JOI it doesn't necessarily have to be a full girlfriend experience but make the scene more of a "come and relax and let me help you pleasure yourself" then your typical dominant JOI scene.

As I said the amount of kinks, role plays and activities that can be combined with JOI are endless and I won't go into them all here however it is important to note that this is what makes it such a vital activity to be comfortable with because you can perform it alongside so many other fantasies. 

When it comes down to your standard dominant JOI performance there are a few things you should remember.

- Be confident, don't ask— tell, this seems rather obvious in domination however being unsure of something can be a real turn off for someone who wants to be told what to do. However, this is what makes it all that more important to discuss kinks and limits so that you can be confident in your demands without risking an unpleasurable or unpleasant experience for your customer.

  • Be in control this is still relevant even for your less dominant JOI as Jerk Off Instructions suggest control, tell them what to do, tell them what to touch and not to touch, how fast or slow to go, when to stop and when to start, tell them to grab their balls at the same time or even bring other body parts into it. Feel free to get more creative with this as you go because customers love it when you put your own twist on things.
  • Cum countdown, almost every customer that likes a dominant JOI session loves it when you count down from ten with the goal being they climax at one.
  • Tease and talk, tease them but don't give too much too quick, or give them lots to test their endurance even further, I find this method works better if you can see them and tell them not to touch it at all. Most of your talking throughout the session should be instructing your customer what to do. However, you should add some story and conversation into it, these talking points will change depending on what other kinks might be involved, if there are no other kinks specified I tend to discuss how they need to be taught how to wank correctly and how to not cum too quickly.

A sneaky little tip to remember for JOI when you're in a cam session is since you are in control, you can use this to your advantage and keep them in your session longer, don't rush it and see if you can keep the excitement going, keep those minutes ticking over and the money coming in.

If your customer doesn't want a dominant JOI or you'd prefer to make it a more submissive session then you should still take a good level of control and tell them what to do but don't shy away from asking if they're enjoying it and most importantly, ensure you do not humiliate them in anyway. Instead offer them kindness, comfort and an escape from their day to day routine; play the long distance girlfriend who misses them, the girl next door with a devilish streak or maybe even the naughty school girl. In this way, camming is very similar to acting, as you're most often playing a character and putting on a performance, think about the roles you'd like to play and then connect and embrace them within your sessions.

Try writing a script for a JOI and get an understanding of what feels right to say and do, this way if it props up in a cam session you already have an idea of how it's going to play out and hopefully feel a lot more confident with it. This script writing is not only helpful for cam, text and phone sessions but it gives you the option to create a clip or erotica from it and  then profit from that as well. Once you've performed JOI a few times you will  have your own experiences and perspectives as well as having your favourite go-to statements to not only perform an incredible JOI experience but to make it your own.