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Johnny's GILF Girlfriend

Also His Fetish

One day the phone rang, it was Johnny calling his mother to check in on things and to let her know that he had found himself a girlfriend. His mother was so happy for him and definitely wanted to meet her, so she invited them to dinner the following night. Johnny was happy that his mother was happy for him and couldn’t wait for them to meet his girlfriend.

The next night, Johnny and his girlfriend showed up at his parent’s house and when they walked into the kitchen where his mother was, mom turned around and dropped the dish she was holding because Johnny’s girlfriend was older than her.

He introduced his mom to Mattie, which was short for Matilda, and his mother just stood there staring at Mattie. Mattie stuck her hand out to shake his mother’s hand and all his mother could do was look down at a hand that was so wrinkled and frail looking, but she came back to reality and found her manners and said “hello” to Mattie shaking her hand. She then gave her son who was only 28 a huge hug and said that it was nice to see him.

Johnny’s mother announced that dinner would be ready in a few minutes so everyone go wash your hands and find your place at the dinner table. Johnny took Mattie in to introduce her to his dad who was also shocked to see someone on his son’s arm that looked like she could be his great grandmother. He kept his manners and said hello to her and then they found their seats at the table.

Dinner was somewhat quiet, and Johnny could see everyone staring at each other, so he caused a distraction by telling his parents how him and Mattie met each other. It made for a good conversation. He told them that he met Mattie at a diner in town where he lives. She is a waitress there and it was love at first sight. They began talking every time he came in to the restaurant and ended up going on a date and have been together ever since.

His mother turned to Mattie and asked how she felt about dating a man so much younger than herself? Mattie just came out and stated that the sex is awesome and that is when everyone got quiet and ate their dinner. Once dinner was done and dessert served, Mattie turned it down because she was watching her figure and that she was a vegetarian and desserts were also off her list.

Johnny’s mother apologized because Johnny didn’t mention it or she would have made something different, but Mattie stated that it was okay and sat quietly as Johnny finished his dessert. Johnny looked at Mattie and told her that she would get her dessert when they get home. “Home?” Johnny’s mother asked. “You guys live together?” Johnny told them that Mattie owns her own home, so he moved in with her.

His parents were and acted concerned, but their son was old enough to make his own decisions and they had to respect that even if her makes bad decisions. They have always supported their son, but in their mind, they were appalled by this one, but kept those thoughts and feelings to themselves.

When dessert was finished, it was time to go, so Johnny gave each of his parents a hug and Mattie shook each hand stating that dinner was lovely, and it was so nice to meet them. They shook their heads yes and walked them both to the door and said their goodbyes as they watched Johnny and Mattie walk arm in arm down to his car.

Once Johnny and Mattie got home, they did their usual checking around the house and listening to their voicemail before heading to the bedroom. It was time for some play time between the two. Johnny loved the fact that his girlfriend was so much older because he has always had a fascination for GILFs. he grew up thinking of only older women and has never dated anyone his own age.

They get ready for bed which Mattie always wears some silky nightgown where Johnny can see her rather large nipples showing through them. Her breasts point down since she had children and with age. He loves them anyway. He climbs into bed with nothing on but boxers and immediately rolls towards Mattie caressing the side of her face.

He loves to trace her wrinkles with his fingers along her face. Feeling her wrinkled naked body against his is so arousing to him. While she lay there in her silky nightgown, Johnny begins caressing all her body from her neck on down. Fondling her sagging breasts and sucking her nipples through her nightgown making two wet spots.

He slipped his hand down under the sheets and pulled her nightgown up exposing those beautiful breasts with large brownish nipples and a bald vagina which Johnny has a fetish for. He knows that as women age and get older that their vaginas lose their hair and become permanently bald. He simply adores Mattie’s hairless vagina and loves feeling the wrinkly skin there as well.

He takes his finger and plays with her large stretched clitoris making her gyrate and moan. He can feel her bald vagina start to juice up and he hears its juicy sounds while he plays. She reaches down and slips her hands into his boxers feeling his hard shaft and swollen head. She wraps her hand around it and strokes it masturbating his young penis.

Johnny is feeling so good with her hand around his penis that he wants to taste her and treat her to an orgasm, so he slides down her body and gets between her saggy thighs opening them to expose her wrinkled bald vagina. He takes his mouth and kisses all around her baldness before teasing her clitoris with his tongue. She hasn’t felt this good in a very long time and Johnny is so gentle with her that her orgasms become so intense.

He grabs her clitoris with lips and sucks it into his mouth which drives her crazy that she reaches down and grabs his head holding him there to pleasure her. He doesn’t want to give her an orgasm this way, so he stops and climbs up over her pulling his penis out of his boxers and pushing it inside her. His movements are so slow and gentle while he feels her juices soak his shaft.

She lifts one of her breasts to his mouth for him to suckle on while penetrating her older vagina. She is his special GILF that he has feelings for. Johnny starts to feel her get real juicy and the pulsing of her vagina which tells him that she is about to have an orgasm, so he pumps a little faster and when she begins her orgasm, Johnny starts to ejaculate with her.

Her orgasm becomes more intense feeling his young penis throb with each ejaculation. He pushes deeper inside her and his juice is pumped from his penis. He feels the vibrations of her vagina as it becomes even more wet and he is loving it. Once they are both done, he remains inside her as he lays on top of her and she wraps her arms around him kissing his head and they take a moment to enjoy the feeling.

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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