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Jingle Bed Rock (Part 1)

The Beginning of One Adult Christmas

Christmas has always brought out the erotic side of me. The cold weather, romantic scenes in Christmas movies and the sensual gift ideas do not make it any better. This is something that Levar knew and understood. With his high sex drive and my sensual prowess being in heat despite the cold temperatures, things were going to be rocking around the Christmas tree, under the mistletoe, and in the bedroom.

Levar and I had spent most of the Christmas Eve day shopping for the perfect gifts for each other at the local mall. I saw a sexy jockstrap and sock set that he would absolutely love. I could imagine him in the outfit being my flirtatious Santa and me as his naughty girl. Needless to say, he was looking for some special toys for me to take our sexual adventures to a higher plane.

Every store that we ventured into together, Levar and I were boldly flirting and displaying affection. He and I were prepared for a night of illicit pre-marital sex that would rival a cheesy skinflick on television. I made the mistake of not wearing any underwear and it was obvious that my dick had become erect. I took no effort to hide it, and Levar mad my horniness less tolerable.

Levar and I returned to our apartment to prepare for Christmas festivities. We popped a bottle of Pinot Noir and began slow dancing. As we danced, Levar sensually caressed my curves with his strong, sinewy arms and smooth, well-manicured hands. I could feel my temperature rising and I began to kiss him on the lips.

I then led Levar to our bedroom, where I had lit red and white, scented candles to enhance the sensual effect in the atmosphere. I lied on the bed and Levar began kissing and tonguing my erogenous zones. My neck, nipples, chest, and love handles tingled as he kissed them working his way down to my private area.

I was hard as a brick. Levar lightly stroked my thickened piece and whispered: "I'm ready for the yuletide log."

I moaned: "Handle it, baby. Make this Christmas memory last."

Levar enveloped me in his mouth and it made me shiver out of pleasure. I had been waiting for this special evening for two weeks.

We had promised ourselves that we would abstain from sex until the night before Christmas. We knew that our interactions with each other would be explosive and earth-shaking.

Levar teased my testicles with his tongue while flipping me on my stomach. With the quickest turn, I felt his tongue in my ass. Each tongue stroke went deeper and deeper, making my sphincter tingle, making me quake and moan. I was breathless, yet curious as to what would happen next.

Levar then inserted his index figure slowly and gently in my hole. He moaned and crooned: "Are you ready for your Christmas present? Someone's been naughty."

"Yes, baby," I whimpered anticipating what was next.

After he lubricated my rectum, Levar teased the outside of my hole with a vibrating prostate massager while he sucked my toes. He then inserted the prostate massager into my anal region and I let a deep growl.

"Yeah. That's it. Moan for, Santa," Levar sexually demanded.

I moaned as the prostate massager stimulated my insides causing me to tremble from the excitement.

I then positioned myself on my back with the massager still in my ass. This turned Levar on. His hard dick was dripping pre-cum like a leaky faucet that needed a plumber.

Levar then stood over me as I began playing with the vibrating prostate massager and put his manhood in my mouth. My throat engulfed his penis and I savored all of his juices.

"Shit, Babe," he yelled as his dick began contracting and throbbing in my mouth. I could tell that he was about to ejaculate. I braced myself as the warm seminal fluid propelled itself into my mouth, coating my throat.

"Oh! Mmmmm. Oh God," Levar yelled out of relief. Two weeks of semen filled my mouth and it tasted so sweet to me.

After he ejaculated, Levar positioned himself so that we'd be in the "69" position. I still had the prostate massager in my butt. He began sucking my excited penis, which had reached maximum hardness. After a few light, oral strokes, Levar held his mouth on my piece and I began to explode.

"I'm about to cum," I uttered.

I began to squirt ropes of cum into his mouth.

"Mmm. Mmmm."

"Oh, shit. Mmmm."

My fourteen-day load exited my body and filled every inch of Levar's mouth. He swallowed every bit of it.

All though we had an explosive session that night, I knew that it wouldn't be the only session that would occur that magical evening.

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Jingle Bed Rock (Part 1)
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