I’ve Been Fantasizing About You

Here’s what I’m dreaming about...

I’ve been fantasizing about you...

Gently, just your bottom lip then just your top lip. Then both lips but with your bottom lip going between my lips just a little, my tongue will just touch your lip. I'll suck on your bottom lip a bit and maybe nibble. I'll trade for your top lip just parting mine slightly to let yours in... I'll touch your lip with my tongue softly, suck it into my mouth, and nibble softly. I'll coax your tongue into my mouth intertwining it with mine. My kisses will get a bit stronger, a bit deeper, and a bit more needy the more excited I get.

Imagining your touch, lightly on my bare shoulders and running down my back and sides, stopping at my hips. Your cheek nuzzling against my cheek, your lips on my neck. The warmth and energy of your body pressed against mine, skin on skin, my face against your chest, my lips finding your neck, earlobes. My hands running up your back, down your arms, taking your hands in mine. Our fingers intertwining, no space between our bodies as they move back and forth against each other. Our lips as we taste each others lips, tongues, to feel the softness of our lips against each other. Your arms wrapping around me, squeezing me tight.

Setting me on the edge of the bed, you kneel on the floor in front of me, softly kiss my knee. With a hand on one knee and your lips on the other, you slowly inch up my body kissing and caressing, delicately hesitantly as first you taste me, just barely touching me. Flicking your tongue back and forth softly on my clit, sucking it into your mouth, I moan and rock against you, my hands in your hair, eyes locked on yours. You slide your tongue inside me, feeling my soft warm wetness. You feel my muscles pulling on your tongue, begging for more.

You slide your fingers inside me. I moan and arch my back lying back on the bed. I pull your head into me, grinding against your face and fingers as an earth shattering orgasm flows through me from toes to fingertips, making all the hair on my body stand up on end and my nipples harden almost to the point of painful.

Getting off your knees, you work your way up my body, exploring every inch, kissing, touching, nibbling your way up to my chest. Your hands wrap around my breasts and your mouth finds my nipples sucking, nibbling, pulling at them. You kiss up my chest, my neck, my lips. You kiss me softly, sweetly, passionately letting me taste me on your lips and tongue.

You take hold of my arm and slide your leg under mine, flipping me over so I'm face down. You lay on top of me, skin on skin. I love the way your body feels on mine. Moving my hair to the side, you kiss the back of my neck, the back of my shoulders, the top of my back. You work your way down my body, kissing, caressing, exploring every inch, finding all my hidden tattoos, all my secret pleasure spots.

You run your hands down the sides of my body, stopping at my hips. You pull my hips back and up, raising me off the bed until I'm on my knees, ass in the air, face on the bed.

You taste me again before sliding just your tip in. I let out a little moan, arch my back and wiggle my ass at you a little, asking for more. You enter me slowly inch by inch, with a little thrust at the end. I gasp and push back into you, wanting all of you inside me.

Slowly, so you can feel every ripple, every tense of my muscles, so I can feel every detail of you as you slide in and out, you go slowly but deliberately in and out, moving your hips from side to side with each change in direction.

You quicken your pace just a little, moving your hips up and down as you slide in and out of me, wanting to feel every fold, every bend, every detail of me. I rock back against you in rhythm, my pussy squeezing your cock with every thrust.

I reach between my legs, finding your balls and my clit. I gently massage your balls and my clit until we're both gasping and letting out guttural moans as we inch closer to the edge together. You thrust faster, harder, bottoming out with each plunge.

You feel my pussy swelling around your cock, grabbing it, pulsing as I come closer and closer to the edge. I feel your cock swelling inside me, pulsing. "Oh God, fuck me harder." As you slam into me, I feel your cock jump and warm sticky cum fill me up.

It's more than I can take, my body shakes, overfilling with pleasure which comes pouring out of me all over you as we collapse on the bed, you still inside of me, your chest on my back. Your cheek against my cheek, I turn my head and we kiss. Softly. Little kisses. First just the top lip, then just the bottom, then both...

Jen’s Curious
Jen’s Curious

I’m a closet nympho who works out her built up sexual aggression by writing erotica short stories & collections about fantasies. Let me tickle your mind for a minute. 

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I’ve Been Fantasizing About You