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Interview with Model and Actress Alissa Bourne 

Alissa Bourne discusses 'Till Human Voices Wake Us' and her modeling and acting career. 

Before her days in Hollywood, Alissa Bourne attended the University of Maryland on a soccer scholarship and received a double degree in finance and accounting. Today, she is a world-wide recognized model and actress.

Although she has a Marilyn Monroe vibe about her with her red lips and blonde hair, she describes herself as a “model, bibliophile, minimalist.” She has maintained her youthful glow by appreciating the smaller things in life and busying herself with her new found love of cosplay. 

Most recently, Bourne worked with Lindsay Lohan in the short film Till Human Voices Wake Us. Filthy had the opportunity to sit down with Bourne and chat about social media, her ideal project, and working on Indrani's film alongside Lohan.

Filthy: You first got in touch with Indrani through Facebook; would you recommend people using social media for work?

Alissa Bourne: I would highly recommend using social media for work. Back in the day, there were so many barriers to entry into the entertainment industry. You had these gatekeepers who decided who could pass go. The Internet has dissolved all that. I know plenty of people who make a living or acquire clients through Instagram or Twitter monetization. Even if you don’t want to live your life on the Internet, it’s still a tool. I was familiar with Indrani after attending her NYFW premiere of The Legend of Lady Whitesnake with Daphne Guinness, so I started to follow her social media accounts. You have to stay informed to stay relevant and use these tools to capitalize.

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

I most enjoyed shooting the carousel scene. First of all, I’m very fond of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Also, there was so much authenticity in the performance because I was genuinely having a good time with fun people, and there was sheer terror when I was being chased (laughs).

How was working with Lindsay Lohan?

It was great working with Lindsay. I took it as an opportunity to really watch her and see what I could glean from her on-set experience. Just based on the questions she asked and her delivery, I could tell she’s a real pro.

What other types of modeling and acting do you do?

I do a lot of lifestyle print and commercials. This calendar year, I’ve done work for brands such as Just For Men, Slimfast, KISS Instawave, Rimmel London, Porcelana, Boscov’s, LG and Longevity —just to name a few. Additionally, I do on-air beauty modeling at QVC for vendors such a Calista Tools, Alterna, James Read Tan, and Mally Beauty.

What would be your ideal project?

I would love to host a TV show or star in a Sofia Coppola movie.

What do you think the message of 'Till Human Voices Wake Us' is?

Though prettily packaged in the form of a romantic tragedy, Till Human Voices Wake Us asks us to question our exploitations: of nature/animals, resources, people. The original myth is about a man stealing the selkie’s skin and making her his wife even though she belongs in the sea. We take for our own benefit with blind disregard of the repercussions.

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Interview with Model and Actress Alissa Bourne 
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