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Black Erotica

By my estimation, she had climaxed three times already. And still she continued to take the pounding I was dishing out. My rock hard dick repeatedly disappeared into her soaking wet pussy causing our bodies to violently slap against each other rhythmically. It was such a raw and primal sound, and it seemed as if we were magically creating music together. I held her thick thighs firmly against my chest as she lay on her back, her hands holding onto the brass headboard in a death grip. The bed groaned and creaked beneath us at the onslaught. Her size DD breasts pinwheeled in opposing directions as I fucked her mercilessly. The sight of her succulent breasts only added fuel to my already significant arousal.

Then she was arching her back to meet my thrusts, undulating her ample hips to take in every one of my eight inches, girth and all. Her breathing quickened as her moans came again, deep and guttural. She didn’t need to tell me she was coming. Her juicy pussy tightened around me, throbbing again and again. Her legs shook uncontrollably as I continued to hold them against me. I remained inside of her until the sensual vibrations subsided. Only then did I slide out of her and lay her legs gently on the bed.

She gestured at my still erect manhood as I lay down beside her.

“That thing is addictive,” she gasped, trying to catch her breath. “You didn’t cum though.”

I waved off her comment. “This was for you, Love. I’ll get mine later.”

“Well that is happy news,” she laughed. “I definitely want some more of you.”

I, myself, laughed softly. “Sheesh woman. You’re insatiable.”

In response, she cupped her breasts and waggled them at me.

“You know you love it.”

Of course she was correct. Sex with her was always an event. We had at times stayed in bed literally all day making love. I never got enough of her luscious body, the shape of it or the feel of it or the scent of it. Even now my hand was lazily stroking her hip as my shrinking erection rested on her leg.

“Yes, I do. You know you’re my light. I love everything about you.”

“Mmm,” she purred. “Flattery will get you everywhere.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I know,” I replied as I smacked her on her big brown butt. “So what do you have up for today?”

“Not much,” she shrugged. “Maybe I’ll grab some groceries and take Zeke for a walk.”

“Or, he’ll take you for a walk,” I pointed out. “You know that dog is stronger than both of us combined.”

“That he is,” she giggled.

I leaned over and kissed her beautiful mouth. “I’m gonna take a shower. Can you make me some coffee?”

“Coffee?” she queried. “I’d much rather join you in the shower."

One long shower later, we were both downstairs in the kitchen having coffee and toast. I watched her as she sat across from me going over a file from work. Her white robe was open just enough for me to see her ample cleavage and even though we had just had round four or five in the shower, I marveled at her physicality and beauty. Many would say she hit the genetic lottery jackpot and I would not disagree with them. How I ended up with her was beyond my comprehension. I was practically a starving artist and she was an attorney in a very prestigious firm. She had never looked down on me though, never made me feel as if I were insignificant. She always asserted that making her laugh was what did it, but that always seemed entirely too simple to me. But I had seen ugly rock stars literally marry supermodels. Not that I was ugly myself, but like Biggie and Jermaine, I had hit my own personal jackpot when she and I started dating. She took another sip of coffee and glanced up. Catching me looking, she smiled.


“I’m just admiring,” I responded.

“Well I certainly feel suitably admired,” she said.

“Good. I’ll be back later to admire you some more.”

I downed the rest of my coffee and snatched my keys off the table.

“Later, Babe.”

She was asleep when I returned. I stood in the doorway to our bedroom for a few moments watching her chest rise and fall. Silently, I slipped out of my clothes and crawled into bed beside her. She stirred slightly at my presence, murmuring something incoherently, then turned onto her side in a fetal position. I spooned in behind her and put my arm around her. Whether subconsciously aware or just instinctively, she curled into my embrace. I placed my face against the back of her neck and inhaled the sweet fragrance of her hair. I loved doing that. I always told her that I could pick her out of a crowd of people while blindfolded just by here scent. I told her I imagined she smelled like the Garden of Eden.

“Hey Lover,” she said sleepily.

“Hey Lover also,” I replied.

“You’re back to admire me some more?”

“You missed that,” I replied. “I was ogling you from across the room.”


"Pervert?” I asked feigning offense. “I’ll show you a pervert.”

I moved her hair to one side and began to kiss her neck. She moaned softly. I knew she loved that and better yet, it instantly got her aroused. She backed up toward me even more and met my unyielding groin with her rounded ass. I placed my hand on her hip as we simulated sex while I continued to kiss her neck. She reached back between us and her hand wrapped around my erection. Her soft hand felt incredible as she slowly stroked it up and down. I knew if she kept that up for much longer, I would blow my pent up load on her butt. I wanted to be inside her desperately. I reached down and replaced her hand with mine, then guided my hard dick between her cheeks. I swept it back and forth across her vagina lips, feeling her wetness grow with each pass. When I felt she was ready, I pushed the head into her and she gasped in delight. I echoed her gasp. She felt incredible, as always. I wanted more. I grabbed her hip firmly and pushed deeper until I was buried to the hilt. Slowly I withdrew until just the tip was inside of her, then I thrust forward again, then out. Then in. And out. And in. It was a slow steady rhythm this time, nothing urgent. At times, we just wanted to feel each other. I let my hand roam over her body from my spooned position behind her. When I reached her breasts, I cupped the nearest one and squeezed gently while continuing my thrusting. Both of our moans were increasing as our rhythm continued to bring us both the greatest of pleasure. She looked back at me seductively.

“Cum in my pussy, baby,” she whispered.

Her acquiescence sent me over the edge. I grabbed her hip again and thrust into her sex faster and faster, bouncing off of her beautiful soft ass. The velvet feel of her vaginal walls encompassed me like a glove, drawing me closer to coming. And then I did. I could feel the hot jets of cum explode from my dick and coat her walls and it was glorious. She was not one to keep any good thing from me and, as such, she continued to throw her ass back at me until every drop of my cum was inside of her pussy. I lay behind her, breathing heavily until my heart returned to its normal rhythm.

“Baby, I love you,” I said.

“I love you too Mr. Insatiable,” she said with a smirk.

I smacked her lightly on her big black butt.