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Indecent Neighbors

What would you do if your neighbor got you all hot and bothered?

I was exhausted. I had spent two hours practicing the choreography for my next day’s dance lesson and I just felt an urgent need to have a cold shower and get into bed. But as I went to turn off the music to go to the bathroom, I realized that I had not been the only one enjoying my show. I could just see my neighbor staring out of the window across from mine. He thought I couldn’t see him, half hidden behind his curtains. I am neither blind nor stupid so, I had already realized in other occasions that I had caught this guy’s attention. What I didn’t know is that he could be so obvious. I must say that he was not all that bad looking and if he’d made any move I would have gone along with it, but he seemed shy, so for now we were just on “hello and goodbye” terms. I decided it was time to play with him a bit and see where I could get him to.

I took my shirt and trousers off with my back to the window, and I threw them onto the bed, as if I hadn’t noticed anything—just as if I were preparing to go to the shower. But then I started to move to the rhythm still coming from my speakers, this time just in my underwear. My back to the window, I moved my body in slow and sensual waves. I descended against the wall until I reached the floor and then came back up, with my butt sticking out while slowly stroking my legs. I turned around and I gently lowered my hands in between my breasts. I took pleasure in feeling sexy and strong, with such a control over his desire when I was hardly trying. The wall grazed my buttocks. It felt like I was being pleasantly tickled.

When I looked over to his building he had come out of his hiding place behind the curtains. He was reclined over his windowsill, half his body out of the room. I could see the need to be in my room painted on his face.

What will happen when they close the curtains?

However, I felt the exchange was being quite unequal: he was still completely dressed. I gestured with my hands that he should take his T-shirt off. It took him a few seconds to understand what I meant, but finally the T-shirt ended up on the floor. Even though he didn’t seem very impressive when dressed, now that his upper half was naked, I could see all the muscles even at a distance. Without having to ask him, he had also taken his trousers off. This was getting serious.

I undid my bra and let it fall to the floor. I saw him breathe in slowly, his eyes focused on my breasts. He put his hand in his shorts and started moving it. Up, down. I smiled and started to play with my tits, first just touching around them and then fixating on my nipples. His hand kept accelerating and I was getting hotter and hotter. I lowered my hands to my thong and played around with it for a bit, lowering it and pulling it back up from the side, without revealing the treasure inside.

He understood what I wanted, and he took off his underwear, uncovering his erect member. I bit my lips and turned around, opening my legs slightly. I took off my thong slowly, leaning further down as I went. With my index finger I stroked my full lips to open them slowly. A full body shiver shook my body when I got to the clitoris. I introduced my index and middle finger into my vagina while with the other hand I worked on my pleasure button. I felt myself getting increasingly wet, but I needed more visual stimulation to get there. I stood up again and put my foot onto my windowsill, positioning my leg high up, prepared to keep enjoying myself and the views. But I got disappointment instead. There was no one in the room in front of mine.

Feeling stupid, I picked up my clothes from the floor. Then, the doorbell rang. Frustrated by the situation and because I had to answer the door naked, I stormed to the door to answer in a very bad mood.

When I picked up the receiver, however, my anger left as fast as it had arrived. On the other end a masculine and clearly wanting voice said:

"It’s time we stopped playing around, don’t you think?" 

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Indecent Neighbors
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