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I’m a 22-Year-Old Virgin?!

The Virgin Diaries: Part 2

Male 2: Mr Immaculate

Before I met Mr. D, I met Mr. Immaculate. That was actually how I talked to Mr. D initially. He almost played cupid with us two. You’re probably wondering, “Why the name?” Well, Mr. Immaculate was well and truly one of the most tidiest people I knew, it was so weird. A lot of the boys in uni were messy and only cared about going out, having sex with girls and smoking weed. There was no time for tidying but Mr. Immaculate managed to to do all those things I mentioned above, plus, find the time to tidy his room absolutely spotless. He was so clean all around, from his spotless room, all the way down to his appearance, well and truly immaculate. He was classed as the “rich boy” in university because he wasn’t from London in fact the was from Cambridge which was close to where I lived and he had a nice car and worked in a job that paid him well on top of studying business at university. He wasn’t your typical “rich boy” though, he didn’t exactly speak posh, he was just well spoken and he absolutely loved to smoke weed in his pass time. He was very entertaining as well, always up for a drink and always wanted to have fun.

Initially, I wasn’t physically attracted to Mr. Immaculate despite him being very much my type. He was Spanish, English and Italian and he was well off, he was very clean and well presented and he was attractive but he just didn’t tickle my fancy probably because I had a strong feeling that he was a player and I always tried to stay away from those type of guys. Also I guess it could have been because I was still focused on Mr. D and trying to figure him out. From the first time we met though, me and Mr. Immaculate got on very well. We’d always talk and drink up together and we’d play fight often. I liked how “boyish” he was unlike Mr. D; he was more feminine, didn’t like to fight or play around and he’d prefer to snuggle and kiss, etc.

So after the whole “breakup” between me and Mr. D, there wasn’t much else to it. University had finished for the year so I had gone home for the summer holiday. During this time, me and Mr. Immaculate started to talk a lot! I think it started with him asking why things had finished between me and Mr. D and by this time, I hated Mr. D for many reasons, but mainly because things ended really bitter between us. Despite hating Mr. D at this point, I have never been the type to talk bad about anyone so I decided to just tell Mr. Immaculate that it just didn’t work out.

Months had passed and me and Mr. Immaculate grew closer and closer. The more we talked, the more I began to like him. I think it was the fact that everything was so platonic between us; no sexual talk and there was hardly ever any flirty undertones. We just enjoyed speaking to one another. It just showed me that you can really grow to like somebody. We talked for about three months before returning back to university.

The night I returned to my house for university was amazing! Me and my roommates from first year just rented out a big house and we wanted to go out since we hadn’t seen each other in over three months. We began to pre-drink and get ready for the night. This whole time, my roommates had no idea that I was speaking to Mr. Immaculate. I didn’t want to tell them since it was so soon after my break up with his friend, Mr. D. I decided not to tell Mr. Immaculate that I’d be out but I had a feeling I’d see him and Mr. D and that would be such an awakened encounter!

Me and my roommates headed to the student bar which was completely packed with returning and new students. While I was in the bar, me and my roommates were drunk, dancing, just having fun! We were speaking to some new students we met; there were two girls that we got along with like a house on fire and we decided to trade numbers. We went to the the toilet together and when I was walking out, I saw Mr. Immaculate! I gave him a hug and we started conversations right away. I thought it would be awkward at first, considering I kind of found him attractive now and because we hadn’t seen each other in so long, but it wasn’t! I asked him where Mr. D was and he said that he was still at his parents' house in Essex. After we spoke, me and my roommates said bye to Mr. Immaculate and his friends and we started mingling, dancing and drinking again but the night went so quick and I was still hyped. I had so much energy! I didn’t want to just go home and sleep, I wanted to continue partying! That’s when Mr. Immaculate came up to me and asked if me and my other roommate wanted to come to his flat with some of his friends and have an after party, I of course accepted the offer.

We got a taxi back to his flat as his flat was so far out! I had the highest heels on and I wasn’t prepared to walk long distance to anywhere, after-party or not. When we arrive at his flat, he warned me that there was a long flight of stairs we had to go up in order to get to his flat and I asked if there was a lift and he replied “no, but I’ll give you a piggy back.” I accepted that offer as well, I wasn’t prepared to walk up those stairs with my heels and I didn’t want to take off my shoes and walk barefoot on the ground either. As I was on his back, I kept joking with him and told him I was shocked that someone as skinny as him, could pick me up without snapping. Anything I joked around, he’d laugh and squeeze my behind. Usually I’d go crazy if someone touched my behind, but I actually liked how cheeky he was being, plus, I liked him so I really didn’t mind at all, I just kept laughing in shock. I didn’t think he’d be so brave to initiate anything!

We reached the flat and began drinking again. It was nice and chilled, we were all speaking and cooking bacon but ended up burning the bacon because we were all pretty drunk, typical uni students. A short while after, my roommate and Mr. Immaculate’s friend, crashed on the two sofas and took up all the room. Mr. Immaculate said that I could stay in Mr. D’s room but I didn’t want to, considering our situation. So he told me I could sleep in his bed and I did, it wouldn’t have been the first time we’ve shared a bed. We were all friends and all so close, any time we’d have a drink up in our rooms in first year, we’d all crash in someone’s bed. It wasn’t weird or foreign to any of us but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that something could have potentially happened this time around. In fact, I know deep down, I wanted something to happen. My mind kept telling me I wanted to have sex...full blown sex! I had never had that thought before and if it was to happen, I was prepared.

Me and Mr. Immaculate were in bed just talking about how good the night went but as we were talking, he rubbed his hands on my back as if he was giving me some sort of lower back massage; it was really soothing. He then began to rub my hips and then my thighs. I didn’t say anything the whole time, I was just so relaxed not to mention, pretty horny at this point. His hands then slowly reached the front of my inner thighs and it was then when I realised I was slowly becoming aroused. I turned around and faced him and to my amazement, he kissed me. I kissed him back and the next thing you know, I climbed on top of him, still prepared for anything to happen. We started French kissing, something I said I’d never do because I didn’t know how to do it and I didn’t find it too appealing anyway but in this circumstance, anything seemed to go. I wasn’t cringed out at all. He started slapping my behind and then he flipped me over on the bed and began to lift my dress up. As soon as he did that, I realised that I wasn’t ready to have sex. I didn’t want to lose my virginity while I was pretty drunk and to someone who I wasn’t with. I didn’t want my first time to be some insignificant drunken mistake. It wasn’t how I pictured it and before I got too carried away, I told Mr. Immaculate that we couldn’t have sex. It would have been a step too far. He understood and laid next to me. He asked me what I wanted him to do in order to turn me on, other than sex. I knew exactly what I wanted him to do but I was pretty scared to tell him in case he judged me for it. So I said nothing. We kissed some more and we were both still horny and pretty drunk. We just both had an understanding that we couldn’t go as far as sex so instead, we kept our clothes on and dry humped. Soon after, he started to touch my vagina, rubbing it softly. The more he rubbed, the more aroused and wet I got. Then I started to feel it again! That same feeling I felt when Mr. D first made me orgasm; I felt the build up to it and I was really confused. I never knew you could orgasm from someone rubbing your vagina or clit with their hands! It’s just something I was never told or never aware of so when it happened I was so confused. It felt great but I couldn’t comprehend it properly. I guess Mr. Immaculate was really good with his hands, I thought to myself. I took the initiative to touch Mr. Immaculate’s penis. I just rubbed it up and down but I could tell that he wanted me to give him a “hand job” and I had no idea of how to do that. So he grabbed my hand and started to guide me up and down his penis. Even when he guided me, I still couldn’t jerk my hand enough to make him ejaculate so after a while, we just gave up and spooned until we fell asleep.

The next day, I woke up and came to the realisation that I made a mistake. I never wanted it to get this far with Mr. Immaculate and because we both clearly took a liking to each other and because we were both pretty drunk, things happened. I got up and went to the living room and Mr. Immaculate slowly followed. We didn’t speak about what happened the night before and I swore I’d never go back there again. It was just too close to home and I didn’t trust Mr. Immaculate at all. He was a player and my close friends knew I wasn’t the type to have any sort of fling. Usually I’m the girl that’s just “out of bounds.” Me, my roommate and Mr. Immaculate had breakfast and just talked about mundane things. Soon after, we said goodbye to Mr. Immaculate and left to go back to our house.

I wanted to leave it as that, before things got too complicated. I decided to have no more communication with Mr Immaculate. I didn’t want Mr. D to think any of this was intentional and the last thing I needed was for any guys especially Mr. Immaculate, to distract me from my studies so I decided to delete everything Mr. D and Mr. Immaculate related, out of my life for good! I vowed to not get caught up in love triangles ever again. I guess it taught me that yes, having a non sexual connection initially with somebody was ideal but it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to end up in a sexual relationship with that person. Sometimes things are better off staying platonic and this was the case for me and Mr. Immaculate maybe even for me and Mr. D. We probably would have still been friends if we just kept it platonic! Nonetheless, they taught me a lot about myself sexually. I was slowly beginning to know what my body liked and didn’t like, what turned me on and what didn’t. But with this being said, I was still so inexperienced. I struggled to even give a someone a hand job for Christ sake! At the beginning of university, me and my roommates were all fully fledged virgins but by second year, I was the only virgin left. They would always tell me how they had given “hand jobs” or have been “fingered” and how they “squirted.” I experienced none of that yet. I started coming to terms with the fact that I might be a virgin my whole life. I knew I wouldn’t have sex with just anybody and I knew I was too scared to get into an official relationship and I was even scared to try new things sexually so where else did that leave me?! I just decided to stay celibate until after uni and until I found the right guy...but have you ever heard of the saying, “The best things come when you least expect it?”


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I’m a 22-Year-Old Virgin?!
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