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I Tried ZALO’s Queen Massager, and It Totally Ruled!

Could it be? A royally good looking massager that has heating technology, PulseWaveTM tech, and multiple vibration settings? It’s legit, and I have the scoop on it.

If there’s one thing about sex I’ve come to learn, it’s that I love feeling like a queen in the bedroom. Good sex is decadent sex. It allows you to explore every inch of you and your partner. Sex toys make it possible to get that deep exploration, but for the longest time, their visually jarring appearances made it hard to stay in the mood.

That’s exactly what turned me on to the ZALO’s line of toys. ZALO is a new adult toy company that turns luxury sex toys into works of art. Every sex toy they make is artfully designed and features its own unique theme, and like a true maverick company, they’re known for creating highly innovative, effective toys.

ZALO’s newest Queen line is based on a theme involving ancient Egyptian royalty, and its beautiful appearance piqued my interest. I needed to try it out. Here’s what happened…

Here’s how I found out about ZALO.

I’m a sex positive person, and so are most of my female friends.We make an effort to read up on the latest and greatest sex toys to hit the market. Recently, ZALO came up on our radar as one of the newest noteworthy sex toy companies to hit the market—and for good reason.

The new company recently made news by winning the 2018 XBIZ Europa Award for “Luxury Pleasure Product of the Year.” The product in question was the ZALO Queen vibrator, and when I read its rave reviews, I realized I needed to have it.

Truth be told, I was actually the first out of my friends to give ZALO a try. Between the XBIZ recommendation and the tech it involved, I felt like it’d be an investment worth making. 

Let’s talk about the ZALO Queen vibrator.

The Queen vibrator is ZALO’s newest toy, and it’s not your average G-spot vibrator! This vibe is unique in the sense that it combines three major tech perks into one very slick, very awesome package. At a total of 8.5 inches long, with around 6 inches being insertable, it’s the perfect size for most women—including women who have G-spots that are very deep inside them, such as myself.

The most obvious perk of the Queen was the fact that it had a clitoral sleeve that turned the G-spot vibrator into a clitoral massager instantly. For people who enjoy serious clit stimulation and can only really orgasm through it, ZALO’s Queen might be the only G-spot massager you’d want to buy.

Then, there was the heating technology, which lets you heat the toy up to a maximum of 107 degrees. This is great for people who live in cold areas, for people who love outdoor play, or for folks who just love the sensation of (literally) hot sex.

What I really loved trying out was the PulseWaveTM technology. As the name suggests, PulseWave is a specialized type of motor that literally gives you a “waving vibration” sensation. This gives you a more unique sensation that hits areas regular vibrations wouldn’t, without it being too heavy-handed to be pleasurable. 

I was impressed at first glance.

When I finally got the package, it was hard to ignore how beautiful the box was. The ZALO Queen’s box showed a black and gold drawing of an Egyptian queen, and had the vibrator elegantly displayed inside. Holding that box honestly felt like I had just given myself a gift!

The Queen vibrator itself was equally pretty, and had a shape very similar to a pharaoh’s hat. A gorgeous gold accent divided the toy’s two buttons, then artfully snaked downwards, ending in a beautiful crystal point. Simply put, it is now officially the prettiest sex toy I’ve had.

Functionally speaking, it was fairly easy to figure out where everything was. The buttons were tucked inside the two bends of the golden snake. On the back of the toy, there were two little metal bumps where the charger would connect. When the ZALO was plugged in and turned on, the buttons would glow.

The toy itself was also super soft, almost velvety to the touch. For the most part, the Queen was very firm, but there was one spot that was a little different. The tip of the toy had a very touchable “pulsor” that was covered by silicone. You could feel a little dent where the designers gave the toy leeway for movement. 

So, I read through the manual while I charged it and found another surprise.

Before I could use the toy, I needed to charge it up. So, I plugged in the USB charger and connected the magnetic points to the charger. While waiting, I decided to read up on my new toy. It was then I discovered that the ZALO Queen has an app that allows you to control the toy’s vibes through a phone.

After I charged the toy, I downloaded the app and connected the toy within minutes. 

I started off by using the clitoris attachment for some teasing.

Like most other women, clitoral action is what really tends to warm me up. The suction action uses a small air gap mixed with the motor of the toy to create a moderate sucking sensation right on the tip of your clitoris.

The sucker add-on was impressively powerful. If you add a little lube, and place the extension right on the tip of your clit, you’ll wonder how you ever went without ZALO’s Queen. 

Now for the main event…

I was super excited to try out the ZALO Queen, and it did not disappoint in any sense of the word. Size-wise, it filled me up very well and offered up some satisfying fullness most other G-spot massagers don’t give.

The curve of the massager also helped me find my G-spot almost instantly—and that’s where the real fun began. I tried rubbing it up against my G-spot and loved the way the tip’s pulsator felt as it brushed against me. So I gave each of the seven vibrations a whirl, and found that I was a huge fan of the pulsing function.

The pulsing function literally stroked my G-spot, something that I attributed to PulseWaveTM technology. That being said, if you’re not a fan of pulsing, don’t worry. It doesn’t take very long to find out which settings work for you. 

The heat function made things feel ten times better right from the get-go.

If you have ever gone to a gyno visit, you already know how bad the first moments with anything cold down there can be. Truth be told, I actually get very skittish about sex toys on colder days specifically because I can’t stand having cold things “down there.” It’s not a pleasant feeling, especially if you want to enjoy some penetration.

Heating up the ZALO was easy as could be. All you need to do is press the bottom button, and give it about a minute to heat. The toy heats up fairly rapidly, but its heat is never overwhelmingly hot. It’s just perfect.

ZALO’s app helped turn the Queen into a couples’ toy worth writing home about.

I’m a huge fan of couples’ play with vibrators, but the problem I usually deal with is the fact that there’s only so much your partner can do while holding a vibrator. ZALO’s app allowed my partner and I to explore new territory by controlling the vibe with a phone.

It didn’t take too long to convince me that hands-free was the way to be, and it made a number of awesome sex scenarios I’ve always fantasized about possible. If you’re a fan of bondage, tease and denial, or anything similar, you’ll love ZALO’s Queen.

My partner also got to have fun teasing me using my phone, too. The app turned what normally is a single-person sex toy into a couple’s toy, and I was really impressed by that.

Finally, it was time for cleanup and storage.

It’s worth pointing out that the ZALO Queen is not fully waterproof. It’s splash-proof, but not waterproof. So, when you’re cleaning it, it’s best not to submerge it in water. Rather, spraying it with some water and wiping it down is recommended.

The ZALO came with a really pretty silk pouch that you can use to store it after playtime. Personally, I liked the box so much, I preferred to keep it in there. Either way, it was a cinch to play with, a cakewalk to clean, and easy enough to store. 

Overall, the Queen definitely reigns supreme as a quality sex toy.

I didn’t really think that it’d be possible to find a toy that “does it all” while remaining elegant, but here we are. ZALO’s Queen is an all-purpose sex toy that works well, looks incredible, and actually went so far as to exceed my expectations. This is one of the only toys that will give you the pleasure you want, no matter what kind of pleasure you’re looking to get.

If you have to pick one sex toy to buy this upcoming year, make sure that it’s ZALO’s new Queen. It’s a royally good design that never fails to give you toe-curling pleasure time after time. 

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I Tried ZALO’s Queen Massager, and It Totally Ruled!
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