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I Touch Myself!

A Dirty Confessions Deluxe!

Do you touch yourself? Of course you do! We all do. It's one of the greatest feelings you can have all by yourself because you know exactly what you want, you know how you want it and you know to get it off when needed. For me, masturbation started as a way to take the edge off in order to go longer when I was being orally pleased. My first boyfriend used to get very upset with me when I came too quickly. I started pushing him away from my sensitive area in order not to have a push and shove moment when I had an orgasm, I would kind of 'starter up' down there so she was ready for the fierce tongue lashing. Right before we had sex, I would rub my clit not to that point but just enough that it would take longer to get there. He was pleased and I was in heaven; it worked out. Then one day, I was sitting in my room with a long length mirror and I was taking a closer look at my pussy. Every time I looked at her, there would always be a certain curiosity like....there was always something that made me say....'WOW', okay....I wanted to know about every detail and check out every nook. It is the most interesting part of my body as far as I'm concerned so it was easy to get lost while exploring her. This day in particular though, my exploration involved a lot of touching and rubbing. Because I was no where near my boyfriend, I was completely alone in my room, my mind insisted that I stop immediately. It kept telling me there was no need for this as I had no dick or tongue to sit on anywhere around me but loins insisted that I go on, that I continue on this journey and find out where it will take me. I rubbed my clitoris, I swayed my waist in circles and I stared at my sweetness in the mirror as it spilled my juices all over my hands. When I was done, the sense of a thrilled release made me laugh out loud then I wondered to myself...why hadn't I tried that before? Certainly seemed like a fun thing to do!

BUT HOLD ON WAIT! What was the point of this conversation Kai?

                                  BE PATIENT I'm getting to that!

Why do you masturbate? I feel like this...if you've read my blogs you're definitely not afraid of sex or sex talk so...share with I have to say please?!

Yes, I know of the obvious reasons to masturbate are to relieve stress, if you're not dating/involved or you could be dating/involved and your significant other just doesn't feel like it therefore you have to 'handle' yourself but what about just because? What about the times where you just have a chance, you see an opportunity and you decide to take it in the best way?! You need an example, huh? Yes well, my dirty mind has one just for your taste buds!

'SHE was on a NYC Metro North train headed to a small hick town on a early afternoon. There were no other passengers other than her in her car and when the doors opened at the following stop, a cool breeze blew up her skirt as she sat quietly. SHE looked around and saw no one on the platform and no one got on the train. Her mind calculated that the next stop was at least seven to ten minutes away so there was no time to waste. She lifted her skirt, slid her already wet thong panties to the left and dipped her finger into her wetness. The splash squishing sound that her pussy made had her moaning loudly, her strokes were on point and the orgasm was fiercely intense. By the time she reached the next stop, she had already licked her fingers clean with the sweetest, most devilish smile.'

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I Touch Myself!
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