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I'm Still a Virgin

It's not for marriage reasons.

I think about this a lot but I'm slowly giving up on this idea

Yes, that's right, you read that title right. I'm still a virgin, I'm not a 40 year old virgin though and I was pushing for that heavily at first back in high school. Other people thought I was gay because I'm not into sex like everyone else is, the idea of sex was never appealing to me back then. Sure, I touched a breast a few times and got hugs from gals plus I even felt some buttocks. I even have a friend of mine who used to tease me like she'd send pictures of her in a swimsuit or wear a cute skirt around me.

High school was different but college is a different ballgame. The topic of sex is almost like an afterthought when I was in college but in high school, sex was in the air but you can only go in certain areas where the faculty wouldn't be around especially in places where they would be around the least. 

So I'm still a virgin when I get to college and I met a few cute girls. There were even a few cute girls that worked in the cafeteria because high school always has unattractive lunch ladies so I ended up becoming friends with a few cute girls including one that worked in the cafeteria and this happened long after I dated someone for a brief time so while we got to know each other, she knew that I was a virgin and she offered to have sex with me since she likes to teach things.

I actually felt a bit of a spike of confidence but nothing happened between me and her. When that didn't work out, something weird happened to me. When I was a teenager, I never masturbated so I never experienced what it's like to cum. When I was 21, I fell asleep one night and I woke up one morning, my pants were wet and I had to go to the bathroom..... I had white stuff dripping before I had to pee and I was surprised but at the same time, I was proud since I didn't have to do anything.

I've been trying to make sure that doesn't happen these days and it's going well so far but one thing that's been really frustrating to me is that I may be a virgin but I haven't met any gals who are willing to give me that experience. I have had sexual encounters but none of them ended in sex but I'm okay with that.

I have talked with someone that I really liked from ninth grade and the topic of my virginity because she popped her cherry in high school, I did tell her that I'd be willing to give my virginity to her and she even offered to but I had to think about it. I didn't want my closeness with her ruined just because of my inexperience when it comes to getting some action in bed, I said yes but we never did anything since I was so busy with school. We're still good friends and she has a boyfriend now, it's not me but I'm okay with that.

Nowadays, I'm not really worried about losing my virginity because I have better things to worry about but I'm not holding my virginity because of marriage, I'm holding it as one of those things like if it happens, it happens. Also, I'm awfully close to packing it in because I've been bumping into way too many gals that don't do virgins and sometimes I've been thinking about trying to meet gals who are willing to try virgins but at this point, I'm really doubtful so I just threw it to the side and focus on bigger things.

Don Anderson II
Don Anderson II

I write about movies but I write about stuff that happened to me in my life too. Music is involved even though I don't know much about it plus I'll sprinkle some things I love about women. Send some tips if you love what I talk about

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I'm Still a Virgin
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