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'I'm Just So Lonely'

Beverly spins a sob story for her boyfriend's son in this kinky escapade...

You should always listen to your Dad's hot girlfriend.

Naughty America have upped their game in recent years with the quality of pornography scenes. If you look at some of their earlier material with the grainy pictures and the bad editing it's clear their budget is bigger now. If you look at series like 'My First Sex Teacher' and 'My Friend's Hot Mom' it's clear the direction they were headed. Although production costs were low, the sex was high quality which allowed them to deliver the now popular 'My Dad's Hot Girlfriend' series. There's a good mixture of female models in this series; both young and mature all with the similar scenario of cheating with their boyfriend's son. One might compare it to Brazzer's scenes and dispute that there isn't enough variety but it's certainly kept me coming back for more. This particular episode stars the busty Beverly Hills; a brunette stunner who could charm the pants off a celibate priest. The 34D-24-32 honey from San Luis Obispo, California is awkwardly named which makes her content hard to find online. I first saw her in the 'Big Bang XXX Parody' where she gets double teamed by two guys. Absolutely great footage and she has a filthy mouth when she has sex that's bound to please viewers. She began her career in 2007 and is renown for her anal and squirting performances.

"Beverly Hills... That's where I want to beeeee!"

Rocco checks out his Dad's girlfriend's backside.

Beverly's co-star in this particular scene is the buff Rocco Reed who's a competent performer and does a good job acting here. Rocco was that good at picking up girls in college he was given the nickname "Mr Pants" because the girls use to drop them as soon as he appeared. Slightly jealous of the man at this point as he gets his clutches on the gorgeous Bev here but I can't judge a man who's good at his craft.

The improvisation is good in this scene as the two use their own backgrounds to act for the camera. Rocco is visiting his father in California (where Beverly lives) and Rocco tells Beverly about where he is from in Columbia, South Carolina.

The action is helped by the pair's clear mutual attraction to each other. When Rocco compliments how gorgeous Beverley, thinking his Dad was exaggerating; Beverly giggles embarrassed throughout the remainder of the acting. She explains that she thought Rocco might be the cowboy type who rides horses but this is dispelled when Rocco states the main thing they do in South Carolina is eat.

Be my guest...

Beverly is putting a lot of hints out there to Rocco.

It's a good play on a fantasy, a gorgeous brunette being your host as you stay away from your regular settings. The scenario is given that erotic twist as this host is your Dad's girlfriend and your father is hardly ever home. Beverly is pretty "catty" about Rocco's father stating he is never home and she's so lonely. Her intentions become clearer when she offers to take Rocco for a walk on the beach or for alcohol in his father's Jacuzzi. An accidental stroke of hands on the bed leads to a full on snog from Beverly. Rocco regrets it and Beverly explains she won't tell if he won't stating he's pretty handsome. Beverley takes control telling Rocco to take off his pants; Rocco is in shock as he didn't think they would go that far. Beverly excuses her behaviour as she is just so lonely on her own all the time as Rocco's father is always at work. Beverly turns from a sweet giggling girlfriend of a sibling to a possessed whore intent on her own satisfaction. It's fantastic stuff and Beverley works the smooching pretty well while jerking Rocco's cock.


Beverley is enough to make your lips jerk.

When she gets naked Beverly has a "chunky but funky" type vibe to her which is stunning. She orders Rocco around as she gobbles on his large cock and balls then demanding Rocco returns the favour. Beverly tells Rocco just how she likes it, ordering him to put his fingers in her pussy. You can see the attraction at this point as Beverly is soaking wet; you can see a smear of damp on her backside when they change position. Rocco fucks her in the bullet position while Beverley talks dirty to him saying to "Fuck her like the little slut she is!"

It's filthy and it's great, personally I want to see more of this girl. Rocco does a fine performance here to keeping up with the keen California girl. The shot of her side boob in the doggy position looks hot and her screaming "Fuck me like the whore I am" adds to the filthiness of the scene. 

"Oooooo here she comes... Watch out boy, she'll chew you up!"

Evident from her dirty talk, it's clear that Beverly likes taking it off.

The best shot of the scene for me though has to be the cowgirl position; getting a good look at Beverly's rump as she rides Rocco like a kangaroo in modern life. This is a great scene, hard to find online unless you're willing to pay for it on the Naughty America site. I have to give this scene 5 out of 5; great acting, genuine sex and an excellent kinky sex behind closed door scenario.

5 out of 5

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'I'm Just So Lonely'
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