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I Cheat Because He Asks Me To

An Inside Look at Cuckoldry/Consenting Cheating from a Female Perspective

Most people would agree that cheating in any capacity is a big no-no. I’d typically agree with that statement. However, I find my relationship a special case scenario. My wonderful partner of four years is fully aware when I cheat on him. As a matter of fact, he enjoys it and even asks me to do it.

In the beginning, after about a year of dating and his eventual coming clean about his fetish, I was wary of giving into his request. He wanted to see me sleep with another man (a feat I would later accomplish). I continued to deny him, refusing to even acknowledge the idea of cheating on him. I suppose I was afraid of what could go wrong, and I wasn’t willing to risk losing the man I loved over some sexual fetish.

He never pressured me or pushed the subject, but I knew that it was something he desired that was achievable. There was nothing stopping me except my worries, so I took to the internet to help gain some insight on the topic. I stumbled onto a Tumblr blog dedicated to cheating and cuckolding filled with photos, GIFs, and captions. I expected to see male-driven erotica, but I was shocked to see women involved in the postings and comments, as well. The community that I found opened my eyes and taught me that if it’s mutually consenting and doesn’t cause harm to anyone else, it all comes down to whether your relationship can handle it.

I came to the personal conclusion that my relationship was strong enough, and that’s when I made the decision to give his fantasy a try. I told myself that I didn’t have to do it again if I didn’t like it, and I reassured myself that it wasn’t wrong because my boyfriend knew everything that was going to happen.

At the time, I didn’t understand why he wanted to see me with someone else. Being raised in a southern household, I was taught never to cheat. It didn’t help that cheating helped tear my parents apart. I saw him wanting to share me as taboo and insulting, but I wanted understanding, so I questioned him directly.

In his mind, he’s sharing like a child shares their favorite toy. He would never let someone else have me, but he doesn’t mind letting someone else borrow me. He trusts me to play and then come home to him, and he knows that I love him and wouldn’t betray him. He often refers to it as having his own personal porn star. Some women might take offense to that, but I like pleasing my man. I’ve never been shy sexually, and I was far from innocent when I met him, so cheating on him was just a matter of working out of my comfort zone.

The leap into cuckolding was nothing short of exhilarating. After years of being with one man, you forget the feeling of undressing someone new, overcome with passion, sweating and racing for release. I found myself lucky enough to have that first experience with his best friend. He even allowed me to take home photos and videos to show my boyfriend that I had went through with it.

It was this encounter that told me cuckoldry could be mutually beneficial, with him getting his fantasy and me getting to freely explore my sexuality with no repercussions.

Since then, I’ve had multiple sexual encounters with other men, started running my own popular porn blog, and I recently began the search for a female to experiment with — all with my boyfriend’s permission.

My partner and I still have sex, go on dates, and maintain a very happy and healthy relationship due to the immense amount of trust we have for one another.

Cuckolding isn’t for everyone. It isn’t worth risking your relationship if you aren’t both sure it’s what you want.

Consent is important.

However, if you’ve got a solid foundation of trust and have the urge to experiment with each other, go for it! It can be highly rewarding when both parties of a relationship are thoroughly satisfied.

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I Cheat Because He Asks Me To
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