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Hunter Pt. 3


I feel Dominic freeze, and I know that he’s seen them. My scars. They crisscross my hips and thighs. Long, jagged, raised, pink lines that stand out in stark contrast to my naturally honey toned skin. I quickly attempt to pull away, but Dominic holds me still, large hand pressing gently on my hips. I can see him studying me. Little does he know that if he’d remove my shirt, he’d see a host of other scars. We were drunk last night, and he didn’t notice, but I don’t have that saving grace today.

“What happened?” he eventually asks. 

I sigh. I hate this conversation. I’d really rather never have it again.

“It’s a long story. I was attacked. I don’t want to talk about it.” 

He growls lightly under his breath before leaning down to gently kiss my scars.

“Who hurt you?” he demands, and I see his eyes flash gold. 

I bolt away from him and sit up, quickly covering my body from his eyes.

“You’re a wolf?!” I exclaim.

“Yes,” he answers calmly.

“Are you a rogue?!” I ask, preparing myself to attack if necessary.

“No. I have a pack. I’m the liaison of my pack. So I don’t spend much time on pack territory, but I’m far from a rogue.”

“I can’t do this.” I scramble up off of the bed and reach for my pants.

“Hold on a second. What do you have against wolves anyway?”

“I’m a fucking hunter, Dominic! And these scars, a rogue nearly killed me when I was 16! Look, I leave your people alone unless they cause trouble. I follow the code.” 

Dominic’s eyes widen.

“A wolf did that to you? Who was it?” He reaches out to grasp my shoulders. I yank away.

“I don’t know. An elder killed him. It doesn’t matter anyway. He took my respect from the community with him. I’m a laughing stock.” I roughly push my hair from my face. Frustrated tears threaten to spill over, but I will not cry in front of him. I refuse.

“I hope he died slowly,” he growls.

“Why do you care?!” I demand, slapping the mattress hard.

“Because I like you! Because I feel this connection with you! Because you almost died, and the only family you’ve ever known turned their backs on you! You were a child!” he sounds righteously indignant. My head hangs.

“I was supposed to know better. I was supposed to be better.”

Dominic stands quickly and pulls me into his chest. He tucks my face into the crook of his neck and cups the back of my head. He begins to sway slightly, and for a time, I feel more at peace than I ever have. I’ve never had someone to care about me. I’ve only ever had people treat me like a weapon. And having someone to hold me close and comfort me feels better than I’ll ever admit.

“It’s ok. You’re safe now. Come on, let’s get you a hot bath and snuggled into bed.” Without waiting for permission, he scoops me up and carries me to the en suite bathroom. He gently sets me on my feet beside the tub as he turns the taps.

“You need to take the rest of your clothes off, sweetheart,” he says in a gentle whisper. I furiously shake my head. I do not want to do that. I don’t want him to see the rest of my scars. He shakes his head and stands up to come face to face with me.

“Let me take care of you. Come on.” He reaches for the bottom of my shirt, peeling it off of me slowly. My arms cross over my body involuntarily. He tsks before drawing them back down to my sides and giving them a little squeeze. I can see him looking more closely at my body. The scars run deep into my skin under my left breast, across my shoulder, the back of my neck and my right forearm. Without my shirt, he can see the scars on my hip more too, with no fabric as my salvation and mask. He says nothing as he removes my bra and lets it drift to the floor. Finally, he gives me a soft smile.

“Ok, baby. Let’s get in now, yeah?” He takes my arm and helps me step into the tub before crouching down beside it, which is definitely a sight; a huge guy hunkered down in this small ass bathroom. The water is nice, and he used the hotel shampoo to make bubbles, and now they swirl around my naked hips and legs.

“Can…” I begin shyly, stopping myself and looking down at the water.

“Can what, baby?” he asks sweetly, stroking a piece of hair behind my ear. I shake my head and swirl my fingers through the soapy water.

“Ridley, tell me, love. What do you need?” He turns my face to him, thumb and forefinger gripping my chin.

“Can you get in too?” I finally manage, not meeting his eyes.

“Of course.” He stands and strips before sliding into the small tub behind me. This bathtub is definitely not made for two, but having him pressed against me is nice. I let myself be comfortable for the first time in longer than I can remember.


I wake up in the middle of the night with Dominic curled snugly around me. His hard cock is pressed against my ass. And I’m struck with inspiration. He made me feel so much better last night. I’d like to repay the favor. I slowly slide out from underneath him, slip his shirt off of my body, tossing it to the floor, and straddle him, my lace panties still on. I maneuver his boxers down his hips carefully, and he stirs, so I still. When I’m confident he’s back asleep, I push my panties to the side and slide down his hard cock. His eyes fly open as I bottom out.

“Fuck, Rid!” he hisses. 

I grin evilly and begin to rock my hips against him.

“Feel good, Daddy?” I tease, lifting up before sinking back down.

“So good, baby. Fuck, doll. You like riding my cock, angel?”

“Mmhmm. Feels so good in me.”

“Good, baby, so good,” he grunts, wrapping his hands around my hips. He looks up at me with lust drunk eyes, small sighs falling from his lips. And then, without warning, he grips my hips and flips positions, throwing me onto the mattress, pulling my panties to the side, and thrusting in hard enough to move me up the bed. The sudden change of position makes my back arch, and I dig my fingernails into his back.

“I want you to squirt for me, Ridley. Can you do that? Can you come that hard from my cock?” he growls, gripping my thighs tighter. 

How the hell did he know I was a squirter? I’ve only done it twice in my life. And both times, it freaked the guys out, so this is outta left field. It does nothing to sate my lust, though.

“Ridley, answer me, baby. Can you squirt for me?”

“Yeah, ah, ah, just, fuck, just keep going,” I pant, writhing under him.

“Trust me, babydoll, I don’t plan on stopping.” 

I can feel the pressure building behind my clit, and I know that I actually am going to be able to squirt. If he keeps hitting my g-spot, that is. Tilting my hips a little, my eyes cross as his cock hits my spot dead center.

“FUUUUUCK,” I growl, my back bowing, my eyes rolling, and my fingers nearly ripping holes in the hotel sheets.

“Come, Rid! Come now, baby!” he orders, and I do. 

I gush around him, feeling as if my spine will snap in half from being so taunt. He curses, thrusts sloppily a few more times; and comes, pumping his hips for several seconds after he empties himself. I fall to the bed, exhausted, but fucked out better than I ever have been. He flops beside me, chuckles, kisses my temple, and lets out a hard breath.

“Well, shit, darlin’,” he says, wiping the sweat from his forehead. “You wanna wake me up like that every morning?” 

Smiling sleepily, I press close to him and pass out.

Dee Wolfe
Dee Wolfe

I’m a 3 times published author, as well as a blogger and podcaster. I have a bachelors in Criminal Justice. I’m a newlywed, so I’m still trying to grasp the whole married thing. Animal lover. Creative. Reader.

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