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Wait, I might be a nymphomaniac.

My whole body jumps as your fingers titillate my nipple. I can't help it, I'm sensitive. Your hand roams under my shirt as we spoon, NOT watching the movie on your TV. 

"Be nice to me!" I whine. 

You seem to enjoy the spasms you send my body into by casually rubbing my nipple between your fingers. 

"I am nice," I hear you say with a smile. 

You're already stripped down to your underwear for the night. Behind me, I can feel you maneuvering your penis out of the slot in your briefs. Your head pokes into my ass as your hands work my shorts and panties down my legs. You don't even care about taking them off completely, so long as they're out of the way. This was something I hadn't realized until the following day:

For once I was ready before you; gym bag packed, shoes on, and wearing sweats for the work out. You were sleeping in, your body warm and inviting. I was trying to coax you out of bed to get ready, and I thought it was working. Turns out, you had only stepped off the mattress to stand behind me, bend my body over the bed, shimmy my pants and underwear down past my butt, and take me while I was fully clothed. 

No, no I'm not complaining. I will NEVER complain about you dominating me. I will NEVER complain about not being able to see what happens in a movie because we're not paying attention. I CAN make fun of you for it though.
We're in your bedroom, not trying to accomplish a scandalous quickie in public... though I'm not opposed to that either. You are welcomed inside of me anytime, anywhere. You bring out a part of me which is too erotic for everyday occasions, but damn, sometimes I wish that part of me could run rampant. She wants to devour you and keep you in bed with edible body powdered chocolate and handcuffs all day, every day. We can switch which one of us wears the cuffs too, if you like. 

My panties are only halfway down my thighs when I feel your dick begin to slide into me. 

It's hard to describe the sensation I feel when you finally enter me. I can only compare it to the first bite taken of perfectly made filet mignon. You relish it as it rolls around on your tongue and allow the texture and flavor of that juicy, tender steak to engulf your mouth. Yes, I'm comparing you to food, because my carnal side itches to come out when I'm with you.

To say that you feel good would be an insulting understatement. However, I know you're holding back and I wish you wouldn't. Just because you sent my body writhing into violent orgasms when you fingered me with BOTH hands AND with gusto, does NOT mean I can't handle the other talents you have hidden up your crafty sleeves. 


As you hump me, your fingers find my nipple again. This time, you're not so gentle. You pinch and jiggle my areola. At the same time, the hairs on the back of my neck rise when your lips glide along me, kissing. I bring my arm up behind me to feel your face. I love your face; that short, prickly haired beard and full lips. I caress my way to the back of your neck, then up around your head. 

You grab my arm and force it into submission in front of me and onto the mattress. With my legs straight, you roll me onto my stomach and continue thrusting, penetrating deep. 

"I could have sex with you four times a day for the next month," is what you once said to me. I wish you would. Based on how long you're able to last, four times a day would equate to HOURS of euphoria, HOURS of getting ridden by you EVERY DAY.
Oh, what it could be like:


What about friends?
What about them?

You can't just have sex all day!
Au contraire!

"I can have sex in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
I can have sex in a car. And in a tree.
It is so good so good you see!"

Your hand grabs the top of mine, both of us leveraging the other. Your force increases; bringing your entire shaft out, then thrusting hard back into me. My body welcomes you; inner muscles constricting around your penis and arching my back into your chest. You slow your movements and roll us both back onto our sides, spooning. 

No, I'm not done.

My vagina pulsates around your penis, eager for more. 

"I can feel you doing that," is your comment.

Ya don't say?! That's because it's on purpose!!! I know you didn't tease me, but that was still not enough of you. I want your lips, tongue, touch, smile, giggles, moans—all of it. I should be happy just spooning with you and enjoying the moment, but I still remember when you mastered me. So KNOWING that you're holding back just makes my body ache. 

I let out a slight whimper of protest. I can feel your smile in your whole body behind me and hear a little giggle from behind my ear. 

You're such a brat.

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